Blind-Sided – 11 – Choices?

Ellen Barkin

“Let’s go to bed” She said

And you’re wondering what’s going on?

One minute it’s all systems go, then there’s a straight red because of her time of month.. Now she wants to go to bed with you?

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Blind-Sided – 10 – Red?


She said, pulling your hand away, preventing it from entering her underwear in less time than it took me to write the last chapter!

She bites her lip .. “I’m having my period”. Just to emphasise the matter. 

You let her pull your hand away, holding her eyes for a moment trying to figure if she’s challenging you or waiting for you to challenge her decision. 

You don’t. 

Why would you?

The girls already said stop and now you have a clear red flag, to push ahead would be wrong never mind messy. 

You kiss her on the cheek then tuck her breast back into her bra, pull up the strap on her dress, then step back to lean on the opposite kitchen worktop. 

Admiring the view. 

She’s looking at you her face almost expressionless, she says nothing to give her thoughts away.

She’s hard to read, she almost looks disappointed. 

But is that for you or her?

You’ve been there before, the time of the month putting its red flag on proceedings. 

But there are alternatives. 

You just don’t know if she’d be up for them?

What alternatives are you thinking about?

A hand-job?



Hmmm .. that’s really up to you. 

The alternative that you chose first only really exists in your head, the rest is imaginary. 

That’s the thing about sex, one mans perversion is another’s reality. 

Something that one woman abhors is another woman’s preference. 

Is that apostrophe right? 🙂  

Time of the month .. It used to be a clear red flag, is it still the same?     

Have a look at, its the most popular pornsite in the world, It has everything you would most likely choose to view apart from the obvious illegal and immoral exceptions. 


Can you define that please?

Check out those most popular categories. Straight vanilla sex isn’t one of them. 
Does that indicate the death of plain good old love making?   

Or is there a gulf between what most of us do with a partner and what we watch on our own? 

Maybe a bit of both?   

We don’t expect pornstar performances every time, but the missionary position is dull. 

Or is it?

Personally I’ve found that it gets results as long as you’re doing it right!   

Coital alignment has the desired effect and much better than slavishly banging in and out with little results.  

Haven’t you learned anything? 

She takes two steps forward, her face close to yours, she puts her arms around your neck pulling your face to hers and kisses you hard on the mouth.  

A long lingering kisses,  your faces turning sideways, mouths open, hungry for each other. 

You’re pleased but slightly confused that after the red flag she’s still as full on. 

She pulls back,  your foreheads touching, her eyes holding yours. 

“Let’s go to bed”. She says. 

Blind-Sided – 9 – Amber?

Ellen Barkin


What’s that about?

She picked you up in a club, let you drive her home,  you’ve gone through all the pretences and platitudes of politeness and probity, drinking tea and getting to know each other better.

When all the time you both known what you’re really here for.

She lets her suck her tits, in fact she enjoys you sucking her tits, but then just when you go for third base she says “Stop!”?

What is that all about?

No is no … Right?

Or is it?

Does NO sometimes mean ..

A – Not now?
B – Maybe later?
C – I’m not ready yet?
D – All of the above?

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Blind-Sided – 8 – Green?

Ellen Barkin
It’s green for go and you move your hand from her breast, keeping her nipple gently but firmly locked between tongue and tooth.

Like some lust-crazed bull-terrier, She’d need to hit your head with a blunt instrument to pull it away now!

But that’s not going to happen.

You’re left hand is at the small of her back just in case.

She’s moaning as you squeeze her breast putting pressure against the C4 nerve that transmits sensory pressure from her nipple to the pleasure centre of her brain.

All girls are different, nipples and breasts are certainly different, like cars, built to a general framework, but some are bigger or smaller than others, more responsive, dynamic, highly performing or just plain dull.

Did I really say that?

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Blind-Sided – 7 – Amygdala

Ellen Barkin

It’s hard to talk with a tongue in your mouth. 

Don’t you think? 

So let’s cut to the chase, you already have your hand cupping her breast through her dress. 

Her giving you the tongue is a clear green light just in case you hadn’t noticed already. 

Personally, I’m not a fan of tongue play, particularly when some stranger tries to stick theirs down your throat.  

It’s invasive, unnecessary, when all she really has to say is 

“Let’s go to bed” 

Or sone other indirect euphemism for hitting the sack, ripping the sheets, getting naked, down and dirty or whatever. 

Of course, girls very rarely ask so directly. 

As if they need to ask at all!

It’s usually indirectly, particularly on your first time together and their inner morality learned in childhood, that good girls don’t, prevents them from coming straight out and asking …

“Do you want to have sex?”

Or more directly

“Do you want to fuck?”

Stupid question really … What guy doesn’t?  

Errrr … No you’re okay, I’m not like that … Oh well .. Okay then … Since its you!  

As the guy tries to pretend the girl is special and he’s not just a horny fucker like every other guy on the planet.  

Cos he’s different!

Did you fall for that?

How many times before you wised up?

But you know now right?

Maybe I’m being harsh …

Of course there are good guys out there,   as well as some not so good guys and some out and out rats. 

But there are very few guys who aren’t going to take up the offer of sex when it’s put on a plate. 

Particularly with a good looking woman, that would be going against a gazillion years of history and genetic programming. 

But what if the girl isn’t that attractive?

The guy has more of a dilemma, an internal cost-benefit decision where he’s already thinking past her and the only thing pushing him towards saying yes is the pressure building in his pants. 

Why fuck a girl that you’re not attracted to?

Why have a one night stand with a girl that you are attracted to?

Answers don’t and don’t. 

The first because it’s wrong for a host of reasons, It’s not fair, morally vacant and apart from a moment of physical relief it’s completely pointless.  

Unless you’re the kind of childish prick who thinks its cool to fuck women that you don’t find attractive, build up their hopes then fuck off to the next girl unfortunate to have your company whilst boasting to your mates about  your exploits?

The second because if you like the girl, find her attractive, want to get naked with her then why not stay and see what develops?

But it’s 3am, you’ve slid the straps of her dress and bra to the side and you’re now kissing and sucking her nipple feeling it stiffen in your mouth.  

Those decisions of physical morality have already been subconsciously made. 

Somewhere deep in your limbic system, the amygdala is kicking down a gear, accelerating the production of testosterone, controlling penile function, blood being directed to your growing erection. 

It’s too late to turn back now. 

Been awake since 5am, would you believe I’ve finally watched 50 shades of Grey .. or rather had it on in the background. 

He really is a damaged individual. 

She must be stupid or at least naive to put up with him.  

All that control and contract nonsense. 

Any woman with any dignity would tell him to fuck right off. 

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m all for a bit of fun,  a bit of tease,  game playing but contracts and pain? 

Can I stop you right there Christian! 

I was bored with the book and only read a few chapters before giving up. 

The film was cringeable, an exercise in style over substance. 

It’s left open for part 2, which I’m sure will arrive as its low production cost will generate high revenue from the masses stimulated by a little erotica. 

Blind-Sided – Part 6

Ellen Barkin
Kisses, long and passionate. 

Wet and wild?

No .. I think that you’re taking that a bit too too far!

They’ve only just met for heavens sake!

You know how it goes ..

Boy meets girl
Boy likes girl
Girl likes boy
Girl takes boy home
Boy kisses girl 
Girl kisses boy
Boy tries second base
Girl knocks him back
Boy tries second base
Girl knocks him back
Boy tries second base
Girl doesn’t knock him back

Its the same old story
All love and glory
It’s a pantomime 

Sometimes I wonder why do people play these games instead of just saying straight out what they want?

But would you?

With a stranger?


No I didn’t think so, only the very damaged and the very desperate fall into bed with a stranger without offering any resistance. 

That doesn’t mean people don’t.  

Good decent, honest, hard-working people like you and me. 

They just like to play a little hard to get!  

Come on, you know it!

You’re morality doesn’t let you just jump into bed with someone that you’ve just met, maybe not even on the third date or the fifth .. or .. or now you’re taking that morality a bit too far!  

But you know how it is, sometimes the occasion presents itself and you’re thinking well I like this person and it’s hopefully not a one-off so why not?

Don’t you think one-night-stands are kinda sad?

All that lust and affection with someone you find attractive then never see them again. 

What’s the point in that?

Apart from when you’re kissing a younger, intelligent, gorgeous girl, who’s breast you now have cupped in your hand and you wonder if she can feel your growing erection pressing against her tummy?

But wait … It’s only a bit of tit. 

Just because you’re holding a girls breast, doesn’t mean that you’re going to fuck her .. Right?

Oh wait, there’s the tongue! 🙂

Blind-Sided – Part 4

Ellen Barkin
“Her hair is hollow gold, her lips a sweet surprise …”

20 minutes later and we are parked on the street outside her driveway.

She lives 20 minutes from the city centre, just a bit further out than my place, it seemed the right thing to do offering her a run home as she is only 5 minutes drive away.

The right thing to do?

Or wanting more of those kisses?

The song continued on the radio ..

“And she’ll tease, she’ll unease you, all the better just to please you .. ”

Would you believe me when I tell you that there were no kisses on the drive and I wondered if the moment had passed?

We spoke of life, history, why she was out with these friends she barely knows, why her husband was an ex.

Even when I parked, there was no contact, she took over her seat belt and I thought she was getting ready to go.

But she turned to face me, leaning back against the door looking at me but saying nothing.

“She’s precious and she knows just what it takes to make a girl blush .. ”

It’s another moment of truth, a decision point where polite chat about enjoying the night and it was good to meet you possibly becomes something else

I’m playing it cool, going through the niceties, waiting for her to decide.

Don’t you know that its always the girl that decides?

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