The Illusion Of Glamour?

“The night is dark and full of terrors” is the chant she used as she held service to Stannis and his men. 

The night was certainly full of terrors in the first episode of the new Game Of Thrones last night. 

The character Melisandre is revealed to be an ancient hag using her magic to appear like a beautiful woman. 

An interesting article below on last nights final scene.    The article asks is this not what all women do with their make-up and treatments to appear younger than they are?

Melisandre is obviously an extreme case,  but the sight of a naked old lady on tv was both shocking and sad. The look in her eye as she revealed herself standing naked before the camera, empty breasts and stomach drooping,  her once thick glossy hair now thin and white. 

The illusion of glamour. 

It reminded me of someone that I used to know!

I’m not being deliberately unkind,  fake tan, botox, droopy tits in a good bra,  the works.  

She was a good looking girl, at surface level and definitely a stunner when she was younger. 

I wondered if her desperation to look younger was directly proportionate to how attractive she was in her younger day?

That because she had once been beautiful, she wanted to claw it back as much as possible. 

It took a long time to see her naked and the first time I did, she cried, revealing herself hadn’t been easy for her. 

As a guy, we are expected to accept our women as they are, yet simultaneously appreciate them putting on their public face, hair, makeup. 

It only leads to these moments of self inflicted trauma such as these when you get to see below the mask. 

I have no idea why women feel like they have to make this huge effort to look younger or more glamorous. 

Not that I don’t appreciate it. 

What I do know, is that this illusion is skin deep and shallow.  

A new guy will often be disappointed when after initial dating, his girl reveals herself.   

Make up is one thing, but the wonderbra and spandex have a lot to answer for. 

It’s the hook of keeping the guy interested long enough to buy into a deal that he won’t run away from when he sees what’s really on the table. 

That by that time he likes her for her personality not just her looks. 

Might happen for a while, but the truth has a habit of catching up with us.  

Thing is,  most guys of a certain age are realistic in their expectations,  we appreciate the effort but don’t expect perfection. 

Here’s a thing guys learn as they get older ..  that they aren’t perfect either. 

It gives a perspective we didn’t have in our younger day, a willingness to accept less than perfect because we aren’t perfect ourselves. 

But there’s truth,  there’s limits,   You either find someone physically attractive or you don’t.    

You can’t force attraction. 

She gets up in the morning and goes to the bathroom,  as she walks round the bed,  you open sleepy eyes and watch her move,  her breasts jiggle, you subconsciously appreciate her hip to waist ratio even if she is carrying a few extra pounds. 

Who wants a skinny chick anyway?

While she’s in the bathroom you awake,  you’re cock rising to the occasion,  you casually stroke it, feeling the pulse of blood pumping in that thick blue vein. 

You’re waiting on her coming back to bed,  ready to make love or fuck her brains out quickly between now and the alarm going off. 

That either works or it doesn’t. 

If it works for you then great,  you’re lucky to be in a relationship where you’re appreciated by your man regardless of how you might feel about yourself. 

So enjoy it. 

The say that time is a great healer but time can be cruel too. 

If you happen to be a 40+ year old woman with the body of a girl half your age then you’re very lucky and a very rare exception to the rule. 

The article mentioned above.

Work Stories – Having Faith? 


It’s 5pm and I’m leaving work. 

As i get up to put on my jacket, I notice that unusually everyone else is too, not just in my team but it seems that the full office is leaving. 

As I get to the central stairs, they are crowded when they are normally empty and it seems that the full building is leaving. 

Hmmm … I’m noticing a pattern. 

I ask one of my colleagues who is also leaving what’s going on?

It seems that there was a call within the management for voluntary redundancies three months ago and the people selected were told last week. 

Today all of the staff were emailed to attend a mandatory meeting with one of the U.K. Group directors later this week. 

Seems that there is a restructure and job losses on the horizon. 

I’m pleased to see that people are rightly voting with their feet, 5pm and we are outta here. 

Me, I’m self employed, I lost any delusions of loyalty to a company many many years ago. 

Work pays the wages, affords a lifestyle, but keep it in perspective and remember your real life is much more important. 

As I mentioned to my colleague,   If you get offered redundancy take it,  it’s not often that ordinary working class people get the chance to grab a lump sum and stash it in the bank.  

Don’t worry about being out of work,  there is lots of opportunity out there for anyone with sellable skills or determination 

Just get your CV updated and on the jobsites and the phone will ring. 

Have faith in yourself. 

Once the new job arrives spend half the redundancy on a holiday with the family or do something you always wanted. 

It’s only money.  Use it to buy time. 

4am and I’m wired to the moon. 

It’s cause and effect you see,   Early night Sunday,  up early yesterday,  out like a light last night and my awake switch flicked on at 3am today.  

I should sleep or I’ll probably be knackered  tomorrow but can’t. 

Better not turn the tv on!

Game Of Thrones Returns!


After much anticipation and speculation, Game Of Thrones returns to tv in the UK this evening. 

Actually it returned at 2am this morning, simultaneously broadcast with the first screening in the USA. 

But what kinda saddo stays up for that on a school night?

Not me!

But I did think about it for a nanosecond. 

I was up bright and breezy at 630 and watched before I went to work. 

Was it worth the wait?


Did it answer any big questions? Is Jon Snow alive or dead?

No, it answered nothing and kept us guessing, but isn’t that what part one was always going to do?

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but be prepared for a few surprises. 

One of them reminded me of a scene from The Shining.  

You’ll know it when you see it. 

Work Stories – Perspective?

It’s 530pm on Friday night, I’m sitting at my desk in the offices of the bank that I’m currently working as a consultant. 

I’ve been bought in because the project I’m working on is already a year late and 5 million over budget. 

Having worked on many projects at various banks, its just typical really.   

Management who think they know but don’t.  

They rely on undereducated wannabes who talk a good game but can’t really cut the mustard when it comes right down to making it work. 

I’ve been here two months, brought in at the last minute to sort it out. 

I’m putting together a Plan B as Plan A didn’t work and have been working my wee socks off, extra hours and even worked last Sunday. 

We are getting there, but there are still data migration and reporting issues. 

These need to be fixed asap so that the new system can go live as there are regulatory changes within the new system which haven’t been implemented in the old, because it was meant to be live by now. 

But at 530pm, I pull the headlines off,  look up and around and I’m the only one left, none of the staff, not one of the management who are telling us how critical this project is. 

So I fuck off home. 

The sun is shining in Glasgow and I’d  much rather be on a beach. 

Life’s been good so far … 

Nothing Compares 2 #Prince

Shocked by the sudden death of Prince the other day.

I’m a big fan,  he was fantastic at The Glasgow Hydro in 2014 and I had been hoping to see his Guitar and Piano gig at the Royal Concert Hall before it was cancelled citing issues with ticket touts.

Anyway,  heres my tribute,  a combination of Purple Rain and Nothing Compares 2 U,  which he also wrote although made famous by Sinead O’Conner.

An 8 bar intro,  two loops of G, Em7, Dmsus4, Cadd9 then a verse and chorus of Purple Rain followed by Nothing Compares 2 U.

The chord progressions on both these tunes are quite similar ..  F, C/E, Dm7, Gm/C .. in that they are both descending progressions,  starting with a major, passing through minor and ending in a flattened chord.

The man may have passed but his music lives on.

It’s been seven hours and 15 days ..

Train Stories – Battles?


So .. I’m on my usual 1707 from Argyll street to Cambuslang.  

A ten minute journey and the trains packed. 

There’s one seat left, rear facing and I grab it. But as I do, I notice the guy sitting in the adjacent seat is playing the territory game.  

He’s not the tallest guy but he’s broad. His shoulders take up the full seat, but it’s his elbow and knee position that are positioned to prevent anyone sitting in the seat next to him. 

His legs are wide and his elbows are out, infringing on the space of the adjacent seat .. ie mine. 

Now convention, manners, common courtesy dictate that you at least try to accommodate your fellow passenger, making some effort to pull your legs in, at least letting your them take the space that’s theirs. 

But not this guy!

Not even when I caught his eye as I sat down and said excuse me, that seemed to make him all the more determined to stand his ground.  

So I’ve sat down and typed this, ignoring him completely. 

Well as completely as you can with an elbow protruding towards your chest!  

My elbow is on top of his protecting myself. I’m sure he can feel the pressure as much as I can.  

A battle of wills ensues in a silent war of attrition. 

I love it. 

Now he is using the wall of the carriage to push against me.  

I’m not really pushing against him just making a point of sitting within my space. 

I’m still typing, headphones on, head slightly nodding with the music, a smile on my face. 

But its fake, purely for show, the look of I’m not bothered, I haven’t noticed you pushing me .. Honest!

But I’m ready to go to battle ..  

Or I would be if I was that bothered about it, I’m just enjoying the battle of wills. 

This guy is a dick, all he had to do was pull his knees and elbows in and avoid any conflict. 

It’s my stop in a few minutes ..

I wonder if the guy will get off at the same stop. 

If a more physical battle will ensue?

Will I leave without saying a word?

Maybe give him a knowing smile?

Or should I accidentally on purpose stand on his toes then apologise profusely?

Just home from work,  as I open the door,  the talking heads are blasting.  

My daughter making dinner,  a cup of tea ready for me.  

I wonder what she wants?  🙂

Train Stories – Double Ds?


Or maybe in this case … Buy the bra! 

When is it wrong to stare at a women’s breasts?

Or should I ask … When is it right?

She is sitting directly in front of me now on the 1707 from Argyll Street.   She’s early 50s, round face, functionally cut, home-dyed hair, size 20. 

She’d probably describe herself as curvy.


From the logo on her tight polo shirt, I can see that she’s works in retail at one of the bottom-end clothing stores. 

I’m trying not to look, but you know that way that you just can’t help but notice somethings, then once you do then you can’t stop staring, or at least stealing a furtive glance asking yourself are those for real? 

I’d guess that she has size Double D breasts, not that large for a woman of her size. 

But what caught my eye is that her bra must be a size C at most and half of her boobs are spilling over the top as the material struggles to hold her in.  

She must have bought this bra many years ago or has recently gained a lot of weight and not updated her underwear drawer. 

Now like every other red-blooded male on this train I like breasts, we are programmed to look and appreciate. 

But somethings are just wrong! 🙂