Groove Is In The Heart – Titanium!!

So …….

Where did that go ….

Another fantastic weekend .. No gigs .. All family but kind of better really!

I love being part of a big family, it definitely keeps you grounded.

I absolutely love being able to talk about or be reminded about daft things we did as kids which are lost in the mist of memory until a cousin or brother reminds you .. Usually to wind me up or bring me down to size. .. I love that .. its such a great laugh even at my expense.

That’s the thing with family, there’s no hiding, it’s warts and all, but you’re there for each other in good times or bad.

Anyhoo .. Back to the wedding. .. Check out the pic of my wee auntie Nan and her 8 kids, all lovely people and great cousins . .. Can you feel the love in that pic?? 8 kids brought up in a 2 bedroom council place in a really rough part of the city, even rougher than Govan where I was brought up .. But there is an obvious closeness there.

That’s what families are about and you can’t buy that love.

As predicted, I was on the floor most of the night. The moment that the band played Bryan Ferrys Let’s Stick Together .. there she was looking for me .. The very beautiful cousin Kathleen. ., Eyes across the dance floor and for a few minutes … more like hours … we were back in the Savoy around 1984.

Yeah I know that song was originally out in the 70s, but if that doesn’t make you want to dance .. Or Superstition by Stevie Wonder .., Groove Me by Fern Kinney .. Laid by James .. Groove is in the heart .. Then you are truly dead already!!

Groove is indeed in the heart and age is only a number as long as you make it that way!!

That’s your choice .. You get on the floor and live .. Or grow old watching.

It was such fun, a great mix of all the oldies and The Killers, Paulo Nutini and David Guetta etc. I just love Titanium …. Cos that’s what I am … It’s an attitude to life.

The rest of the weekend.. Family meal in Saturday, friends birthday lunch on Sunday.

Do you ever feel blessed? 🙂


Feeling Good – Lost In Music – Whoops!

Well ….

Its Friday and I’m feeeling gooooood ….

( Give me the Muse version over Buble’s anyday.  )

No particular reason for feeling good except the joy of being alive.

Woke up with Salt and Pepa playing in my head.

Oooooh-Baby-baby  … B-b-b-baby!

Then the bass part playing as I skipped up the stairs into the office,  walked along the open plan corridor giving it


A few random looks .. but do I care .. not a jot!!  🙂
Random thoughts rushing through my head .. Looking forward to my family wedding this evening.

My old auntie Nan will be there,  mother of the bride and 8 other children .. what a life she’s had,  but reaping the benefits now.

She’s never had money in her life,  but given a whole load of love.

Giving love – Its like an investment,  what you give you get back later with interest.

As long as you don’t invest in bankers or w@nkers.

I’m ooking forward to a bit of dancing, no doubts my cousin Kathleen and I will hit the floor as usual .. there are certain songs that once they start we look for each other across the room .. cos we know we both love them .. we did the same when we were younger and people thought we were going out together.

Kathleen’s man is a grump .. a boar .. a negative controlling drunken oaf .. but thats love sometimes.

There is no chance of him getting up off his fat ass and hitting the floor .. so its great to have cousins to have fun with.

I love dancing,  I love losing myself in the music,  you have to learn to relax into it, its a bit more difficult if you are self conscious type .. fortunately thats not really me .. I lose myself,  but also aware of my partner and love when you interact and feed off each other.

I actually really enjoy weddings and the warmth of family around me.

But got to confess that I detest … ( never use the H word !!)  .. that Loch Lomond big circle palava at the end,  its cringeabley predictable,  but well if everyone else is doing it,  I’ll sing and clap along with the rest.

Actually,  when you think about it .. You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road .. more than a bit inappropriate for two people in love and just starting their new life together!  🙂

Anyways – minor panic – just realised that I’ve came into work with no money or bank cards!!

Whoops!!    🙂

Glaswegian Beauty – Appreciating The Journey!

They say that “its the beauty in the person that lasts” ..

I can totally relate to that.

There are so few people who are capable of being altruistic,  thinking of the greater good and putting the other person first even when it is to their own disadvantage.   There are just so many selfish people out there.

I love the film American Beauty .. in what seems like a previous life .. I was Lester Burnham .. I used to be able to recite the opening lines by heart .. and have picked the following out ..

I can still relate to these passages big style .. the first was where I was at the time .. and the second is kind of where I am now .. less stressed and more appreciative of the beauty that is all around us if we open our eyes to see it.

Opening lines
Lester Burnham: My name is Lester Burnham. This is my neighborhood; this is my street; this is my life. I am 42 years old; in less than a year I will be dead. Of course I don’t know that yet, and in a way, I am dead already

Closing lines
I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me… but it’s hard to stay mad, when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst… And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life

Isn’t that beautiful?

Whatever you are doing, stop for a minute and smell the roses. hug your kids or friends and if you are lucky then tell that special someone that you love them.

Life is too short not to appreciate the journey and if you’re really lucky then you’ll find someone to appreciate it with you and who loves you for what you are.



Music When The Lights Go Out – Is it cruel or kind?

Is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind

And to lie to you,  rather than hurt you?

And alarm bells ring when you say your hear still sings

When you’re with me,  won’t you please forgive me ..

But I no longer hear the music!

So … Mister Doherty ran true to form, predictably unpredictable.
We should have known better.  We should have expected the unexpected.   Standing in the small crowd outside the ABC and the gig is cancelled at 7:20pm.

No reason given.
Disappointing and somewhat sad, not just for the man himself but also for the younger student types who dragged themselves into Glasgow on public transport in a god awful miserable night to see this flawed genius.

For me,  all dressed down and nowhere to go. … Never .. theres always a way.

We took the lateral route and detoured to Blackfriars for a night of Rockabilly with The Shiverin Sheikhs.

Fantastic, hard working wee band and well worth the look if you get the chance.

Being a DancingBhoy. their brand of rock .. and I hate 50s rock and roll .. made me want to dance but it didn’t feel quite right in a half empty pub of Tuesday night ale drinkers.

Maybe their weekend spot at the Grosvenor would be more appropriate.

Personal Jesus in a Rockabilly style … Magic!

So Mister canny control yourself. Mister self indulgent let everybody else down Doherty.

You sad beautiful tragedy waiting to happen,  I hope that you find your own Personal Jesus,  “Someone who cares, someone who’s there”

God knows that you need it more than most.

Like Amy before you,  I’d still love to hear your music.


PS-  Watch this live video with Kirsty Wark til the end and his reaction to her final comment!!    Very human and what wee boy doesn’t really want to please his mum?

For Lovers?

I’m running away with you
That’s all we ever do
That’s all we ever mean
And I’ll forgive you

Meet me in the railroad bar
About 7 o’clock
We’ll talk while the sun goes down
Watch the lovers
Leaving town

This is for lovers
Running away
This is for lovers
Running away
Just for today

I love that song,  it moves me,  takes me to another place and time.  It appeals to my romantic soul.

Pete Doherty,  love him or loathe him, call him an arse and you would be right.

But the boy obviously has talent,  has a wonderful desperate voice and writes beautiful soulful lyrics.

How can someone that writes such poetry as For Lovers or I No Longer Hear The Music be all bad?

No one so thoughtful and human is all bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing him later this evening at the Glasgow ABC.

Living For The Weekend!

And what a weekend that was ….

Van Morrison on Friday
David Bowie tribute band on Saturday
Marc Almond in Sunday

All different, so who was best?

Got to say I enjoyed Van, the musicianship was superb. But he was only on for 80 minutes. Didn’t even play Moondance and no encore.

so despite enjoying the show in Edinburgh last time,  I think thats me and Van finito.

In fact,  hate to say it but the audience was comatose .. not a good sign!

Marc Almond. What a guy. Pop Troubadour indeed, started slow with formulaic album songs I’d never heard before but his fans including my gay pals enjoyed them and were singing along.

However, the last 45 minutes were bang bang bang with all the hits. A rocky version of Bedsitter,  Days Of Pearly Spender, you know the rest and finished with Tainted Love.

Of course he was going to come back for an encore. Say Hello Wave Goodbye as good as ever with the full crowd singing along. Then really finished with his tribute to his idol Marc Bolan. Hot Love … Fantastic!!

Got to say Marc is not really my cup if tea but what a showman and its hard to criticise something that makes you feel so good.   I’d defintely go and see him again next time he is here.

Given the choice .. Marc over Van anytime.

As for the Bowie tribute? We were ten foot from the stage in Oran Mor and sang every word. John the main man is obviously a huge fan and living the dream.    He has the voice bang on,  plays the part and his switch from Wild Eyed Boy From Free Cloud to All The Young Dudes was perfect.

That was my favourite nght of the three,  it did it for me, even although I was totally sober.


Weak Days on Week Days – Then the Night Fever kicked in!

So .. its Friday again .. and weekend’s are for living.

Weekdays too,  if you’re lucky.

I was a bit down earlier in the week,  it happens  ..
Weak days on weekdays  … living for the weekend I guess.

I heard a song on the radio,  cheered me up and got me dancing again … pure cheesiness,  but part of growing up and I love it.

And that sweet city woman,  moves through the night
touching my mind and my soul
and when you reach out for me girl and the feeling is right
I get that Night Fever,  Night fever ..

Go on .. sing .. you know you want to!!  🙂

This weekend,  Van Morrison and Marc Almond,  so different but looking forward to both .. I like diversity.

I saw Van again earlier this year in Edinburgh and he was in a good mood for a change,  was totally amazed by his talents,  piano, guitar, saxophone and what a voice.    Personal favourites are Gloria,  Moondance and Someone Like You.

Sunday is Marc Almond at the ABC .. fantastic voice and such an understated artist,  did you know that he has sold 30 million recorrds .. thats pretty incredible,  I’ve not saw him since the last Soft Cell tour around 2000,  I hope that he does his version of The Night by Frankie Valli.

Meeting with my gay friends,   should be a good laugh … but tis a school night so no doubts that I’ll be the taxi driver.

What ever you are up to,  I hope you enjoy yourself,  drop me a line to say hello.