The Platform Lovers – Savages?

Charles was showing Alistair his phone.

A photograph of Monica dressed in red,  more than a little cleavage on display.

Her red glossy lipstick in contrast with her lightly tanned skin and jet black hair.

“Niiiiccce” .. Alistair hissed a rather lame description of this particularly attractive vibrant woman as he sipped on his beer.

“Nice?   You are wrong there my friend,  She is fucking gorgeous .. I  just wouldn’t get fed up fucking the brains out of that.”

Don’t you hate how some men refer to women as “that”?

The objectification of women .. you’ve read the blurb from all the usual suppliers,  Women’s Lib,  Anti-Porn Campaigners.

Here’s the thing that they miss.
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The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The labour unit was not decorated in the pleasant pastel colours of the maternity ward two floors above.

The harsh green walls and stark fluorescent lighting  gave a sense of practicality,  of purposefulness,  that they had seen their share of action over the years.

John, knew exactly why the walls and the surgeons uniforms were the same dull green colour.   it showed the blood as a dull stain but muted the scarily glaring redness.

No point in scaring the clientele off when they were nervous enough anyway.

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The Platform Lovers – Miracles?

Aileen spent the next few hours in a combination of wanting to lie down,  or get up and walk,  whatever helped relieve the increasing waves of pain at that particular moment.

The mid-wife said that walking would help,  letting gravity play its part in helping the baby’s head work its way into place.

Her contractions were getting closer,  hourly, every 30 minutes, every 20,  but her dilation hadn’t changed at the same rate.

The nurses came through and pulled the curtains around the bed in the 4-bed dormitory every 30 minutes and checked on how Aileen was feeling.   Then they’d have a visible check,  2cm was now 5cm,  but they wanted her to be at 10cm dilation before they’d take her down to the private wards in the labour suite.

Aileen would smile and say she was fine,   then squeeze John’s hand so hard that he thought she would break it,   but he could’t really complain given the circumstances .. could he? Continue reading “The Platform Lovers – Miracles?”

The Platform Lovers – Waters

John woke up with the phone ringing on Aileen’s side of the bed.

At first it was a distant echo in his instantly forgotten dream of work, castles, football and large jiggling breasts.

A strange combination but who knows how dreams work?

The call persisted as he rose through the foggy haze to reality,  but he ignored it,  thinking that Aileen would answer and who the fuck is calling at this time of night anyway?

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The Platform Lovers – Parts.

Aileen’s waters broke at 2am,  she nudged John in the back to tell him but he just grunted and rolled over.

“Useless prick”  she muttered under her breath as she climbed out of bed heading for the bathroom.

John wasn’t exactly the most excited father-to-be,   But he had done his duty and attended all of the Pre-Natal classes.

He’d held Aileen’s hand and told her to breath,  even although he complained that he just felt stupid kneeling on the floor with a bunch of other dads all looking at each other wondering if this was it?   Is al this all they had to do,  hold their partners hands and offer encouragement?

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The Platform Lovers – Records

Charles booked the hotel with his credit card,  the one with the paperless billing.

Good old modern communications he thought,  no paper, no bills,  no traceability and what you do is between you and your banker and no-one else’s business.

Perfect for the married man who likes a bit on the side and likes to keep it discreet.

There was no point in upsetting the Michelle by flaunting his misdeeds under her nose,  then she’d spoil his fun and his escape route.

But if only Charles appreciated that everything left a trace.

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The Platform Lovers – Shoes?

Charles had positioned the mirrors deliberately,  one to the front and one to the side,  from the cameras hidden away in the corners of his room he could see the action from the front, side and the alternate angles in the respective reflections.

He had a routine that he liked,   it was his thing,  what worked for him,  it seemed to work for the ladies too so why change it?

There’s just something about watching yourself have sex in a mirror,   like watching your own private movie as it happens.

Carla,  liked to be dirty,  she loved looking at herself,  as he fucked her from behind or as she pushed her breasts in his face while she sat astride him in the chair.

Even the prim and proper Geraldine enjoyed watching herself making love,  although she always felt self-conscious until the passion was in full flow and all inhibitions were abandoned.

Carla had just sent a text saying that her mum had arrived and was watching the kids for a few hours and that she’d be at his in 10 minutes.

He sent her a kiss in response and poured two glasses of Prosecco in readiness.

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The Platform Lovers – Raspberry Toast!

Carol Ann had enjoyed a fantastic night with Graeme. He had been the complete gentleman, insisting that he paid for dinner, the cocktails before and the drinks in the club after.

It was fortunate that they lived close to each other and he dropped her off in the taxi on his way home.

They’d had a very hot snog in the back of the cab, kisses leading to tongues, his hand reaching across to pull her towards him, then staying there, moving up her side almost cupping her breast, but stopping short, staying away from the bikini zone.

She could tell that he was thinking about it, that all he needed was the slightest encouragement from her.

She was thinking about it too, well it had been a while.
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The Platform Lovers – Charade!

Geraldine, loved the affect Charles had on her.  Yes she knew that he was married but he had promised that he would leave Michelle for her and they would be together.

It took her a long time to believe that.  She had been single for the past few years and had met enough men to be able to spot a player when she met one.

Geraldine knew that she was an attractive woman and was never short of male attention.   She’d long since given up on finding a man who didn’t cheat on her at some level or other.   Either they were married or they compartmentalised, parallel dating a few woman at a time, not telling one about the other.

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