The Future Belongs To Hope! #IndyRef

A “friend” of mine .. no not that kind of friend .. put a post on his Facebook page yesterday.

The gist of it was,   now that Scotland has had a demographic vote and decided NO,  can all the YES voters please shut up and accept everything as it is.

Actually no Joe,  that just isn’t happening.

Even as part of the UK,  we will not be silent.

Not because you want it,  because you’re a crabbit faced old bastard and you are scared of your pension and the value of the pound in your pocket.

Not because you’re actually English and arguably shouldn’t have had a vote in the first place.

Not just because you’d prefer us YES voters to go away like the subservient race you’d like to think we are.

Not because we are intimidated by the misguided Anglicised Thugs that believe they are Northern English rather than Scottish.

The No voters did win .. this time .. but there’s a momentum now,  independence will happen at some point in the future.

Take a look at the demographics below.

 The young and the poor were more likely to vote YES because they feel disenfranchised from the UK.

Time changes everything,   the older generation who voted NO will die off,  the young will lead the way.

The future belongs to Hope.


Polls And Demographics On Why Scotland Voted No