More Partners, More Sex, Less Cancer?

Did you happen to notice the rather interesting article in yesterday’s news linking the number of sexual partners that a man has with their possibility of developing prostate cancer?

It made interesting reading for various reasons ..

Cause Of Cancer

First of all .. the researchers indicated that the cause of the prostate cancer is due to the concentration of cancer-causing substances in seminal fluid.

Does that sound right to you?

How can something which is inherently natural and part of our most basic processes i.e procreation be inherently toxic?

I don’t actually believe that,   particularly as prostate cancer only really becomes prevalent in men over 50 and particularly when they are over 70.

i.e When their years of sexual reproduction are behind them and their body doesn’t function the way it used to.

I’d be open to the idea that age is a factor but I simply cannot believe that something that is so natural is cancer-causing.

The Good News

Apparently there is good news for the Casanovas out there who have slept with more than 20 women in their lives who have 20% less chance of developing the disease.

The article indicates that this reduction is due to the increased amount of sex they will have because they have an increased amount of partners .. obviously going through the lustful honeymoon period on a more frequent basis.

The article misses the possibility of a guy being with one partner or a small number of partners over his lifetime that he actually likes/loves/fancies and with whom he has lots of sex on a frequent basis?

Something wrong in that possibility?

I don’t think so!

Or what about us single guys out there who masturbate frequently?

Does that not get rid of that nasty semen?

The Bad News

Would you believe that men who have never had sex are almost twice as likely to develop the disease.

But it’s worse for the gay guys out there who have slept with more than 20 men in their life’s and are twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disease.

The article falls down at this part,  because it cannot actually determine if this rate increase is due to that bad cancer-causing seminal fluid or the possibility of other damage due to other homosexual practices.

What about the gay guys who give rather than take?


What a lot of sensationalist nonsense,  designed to draw attention to the statistical research without any definite medical conclusions and with gaps as wide as …

(  insert suitable wide thing  )


Heard this on the radio this morning .. still a fantastically sexy song.

Train Stories – Exercise?

She sits diagonally opposite me on the train,  this 60 year old woman,  grey cropped hair, small round features.

Not unpleasant but she does look her age.

She’s tall,  at least 5’10,  not fat but big-boned.  Size 16 and proportionate.

Her face is lined, her make-up obvious,  she’s making the effort today.

Her business clothes are wrapped in her expensive off-white Macintosh raincoat.  It’s classically cut and wasn’t bought yesterday but is stylish without being trendy.

She places her small black portfolio folder in front of her,  I can still smell that fresh leather newness.

She’s looks as if she going somewhere for the day,  an important business meeting perhaps?

She opens the folder,  half pulls out a document,  considering whether she should read it over,  then pushes it inside again.

She’s probably read this over a hundred times already.

I imagine that she’s going over the contents in her head,  practicing for the presentation ahead.

The ticket-person arrives and she asks for a return from Bellshill to Haymarket.

Her accent is undoubtedly posh,  educated,  there’s old money in there somewhere.

I’d guess that she’s a former teacher,  business person or civil servant?

The ticket-man tells her the price and she asks if this is the cheap day return.  Which it won’t be as these reduced rates don’t kick in until after the morning peak and its well before that time.

He explains that these aren’t available yet and she replies saying that it doesn’t matter as she’ll pay with her card and claim it back form The Scottish Executive.

Good for her I think,   playing her part,  taking her experience to whatever quango is looking for her viewpoint.

Part of me wishes that they’d ask more ordinary folk though.

At the same time I’m perplexed that this “posh” lady asked for a cheap day return,  money is clearly an issue for her.

The clothes,  the look,  the classiness of her attire,  it’s all a mask really,

I do think she is a classy lady, educated,  intelligent.   That doesn’t change.

But somewhere underneath that mask,  she is money conscious,  perhaps the pension isn’t paying what she thought?

I turn over the paper and there’s Rene Russo in some full page blurb for her new movie Nightcrawler.

A few pics of her looking particularly gorgeous and particularly when you consider that she has just turned sixty,  apparently she keeps her healthy look through exercise and living well.

Do you remember how she sizzled in The Thomas Crown Affair,  particularly that dance scene with Pierce Brosnan?

That was 1999, 15 years ago,  she’d be 45 and HOT.

In the pics today she’s still HOT.

But I can’t help but wonder, comparing these two sixty year old women,  is the difference in their appearance based on lifestyle choices or the finances that each has available?

Fact is,  you can live well cheaply,   it costs much more to party and live the Life Of Reilly.

So the difference .. apart from genetics .. is exercise.

Then I notice she’s had some laser work on her facial skin too,  hardly intrusive and she looks great.

Makes note to self ..  more exercise required.

But then it’s difficult to maintain an exercise routine working 9 hours a day and travelling for 3.

Something has to change!!

Just had a subtle hint dropped in my ear about not wearing jeans to the office except on Fridays.

I am so outta here.

About The Penis?

Do you know the plural of penis?

Penises? Peni? Penes?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary ( Dick-tionary? – Ed ). the correct usage is the first and third terms above.

Hardly the kind of subject that comes up in every day conversation .. Well for most people anyway !

What kind of job would you have when you regularly use the word penises or penes?

I can’t really imagine nurses or doctors using these plurals when they would normally be referring to patients in the singular.

So what then .. pornstars?

I suppose that they often have the occasion but penises is hardly the right kind of expression used when you’re being spit-roasted.

The irony of being a straight male is that I only really know one penis.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty over the years, usually in communal showers after football or karate.

But that’s only the odd fleeting glance.

You never really look!

And never ready for action!

Not once!

So you gals will know more about the erect penis generally than us guys who know a lot about one specifically.

And dare I say that cuts both ways. If the guy actually pays attention!

There has been the odd occasion when one of the lads decides to make a show of himself.

For example when Neil explained that the reason he was completely bald and looking like a skinned chicken was that when he and his wife were having a bit of fun on Saturday they decided to trim each other and well one thing led to another and ..

Or Jim, the man with the smallest penis in the world insists on demonstrating this fact frequently.


So now you’re wondering .. Just how small is small?

How about an inch of shaft and then his bell end?

Does that sound small to you?

Can you beat that?

And does size actually matter?

Yeah yeah .. Here we go .. A couple of standard answers to that one

A – it’s not the length it’s the girth

B – it’s not the size it’s what you do with it that counts.

Personally .. Well personally is absolutely none of your business! 🙂

I’m just letting my brain dump on this boring train journey back to tedium.

Well okay .. Personally I think there’s truth in both of the above.

But in my experience all girls like to feel filled and particularly a gal who only orgasms through internal stimulation.

Although I might change that as the old coital alignment of the missionary position needs a bit of length for clitoral stimulation with the shaft whilst penetrating.

So yes I’d say that size matters.

On the flip side – can a guy be too big?

Hhhhmmmm ….

Almost in Edinburgh I’ll safe that for another day!

I wonder what the attractive lady sitting opposite thinks I’ve been writing about with the beaming smile on my face!

#Homeland – Achilles Heel

Saul is sitting on the couch at Elizabeth’s party alone while the party is in full chat mode around him.

Elizabeth: What are you thinking about?

Saul: I’m thinking about all the little things that happen in people’s life’s. Pull them together, split them apart, a million little events, coincidences, outside forces.

Elizabeth: Myra leaves tomorrow right? I know what it looks like, feels like. If you ever need to talk then I’m a good listener.

One small moment in a subplot half way through seasons 1 that demonstrates the quality of the writing

Great to be home, sleeping early, woke up on sofa and watching Netflix.

Old habits!

My Youthful Desire?

I love the bits
Upon her hips
I hold them when we make fire

We bump and grind
And then unwind
However it may transpire

She’ll then unfold
About her body old
In hope that I will inspire

For time’s unkind
But love is blind
And with my love I will conspire

To hold her tight
All through the night
The assurance she may require

For it’s her caress
And all the rest
That ignite my youthful desire


Considered swapping ageing for youthful , but like the idea that she makes him feel young.

And vice versa obviously!

My Temptress Of The Night?

I feel her touch in the night
So soft
So delicate
So sharp
I turn to face her passion
But she’s gone

I hear her move in the darkness
So Insistent
So invasive
So hungry
I turn the light on quickly
But she’s gone

I can’t sleep thinking about her
My senses feel like fire
I imagine her touch my body
On parts she may desire

I can stand the tension no longer
And jump up in the night
And dance a demented fandango
With my temptress of the night

She moves so fast around me
And rests upon the wall
I smash her body with anger
No remorse or feeling small

I feel her touch in the night
So soft
So delicate
So sharp
I wonder if it’s her sister
Or an angry Mosquito ghost?

True story at 3am this morning.

Little angry fuckers!

All Of Me? – Lanzarote

Chilling by the pool.

Lovely day yesterday at the volcanoes in Timanfaya National Park.

Blue skies all around us, cool beer in hand , listening to music in random mode.

Sometimes you like a song but don’t really appreciate it until you have time to properly listen.

Just listening to John Legends All Of Me such a lovely love song but never really appreciated it until today.

If you have that then hold on to it as you are truly blessed.