The Unheard Voice … 

It’s General Election Day in the U.K.     

This one has been called pretty soon after the previous one when David Cameron won in May 2015. 

Because the current prime minister Theresa May didn’t have an overall majority and was riding high in the polls so called the election to increase her number of seats. 

But here’s my issue ..

Who would you vote for?

Personally none of them,   It pains me to support any of these weak conniving agenda driven loathsome parties. 

Maybe we should look at each party’s manifesto and choose the one most aligned with our own viewpoint.  

But what happens when none of them do? 

For example,  Labour seem strong on social justice but are weak on immigration and will continue to allow the country to be flooded with people on the take without a proper immigration policy.  

Conservative … ha .. liars, weak,  say one thing and do another.  Ruined communities all over the UK. 

SNP … agenda driven manipulatiors.  Only want independence even although Scotland can’t afford it. 

Lib Dem … who?  

Minor parties … might as well not bother. 

So you understand my apathy.    

But I’m not alone.   Have a look at the following stats.

The Conservatives won the last election with only 24% of the people registered to vote,  Labour were second with 20%. 

But look at the non-voters like me,  34% of people who are registered to vote choose not to. 

We choose not to be part of party politics because they don’t represent us. 

You might say that’s weak,  that wasting our vote allows the winning party to ride roughshod over us. 

And you’d be half right,   It does allow people we find disdainful to run the country.  But it isn’t weak. 

Compare these stats with high number of people who voted for single decision votes like BREXIT or Scottish Independence. 

On those the voting turnout was high.    

 The people including those apathetic to party politics turned out in high volumes and voiced their opinion. 

Now imagine you could harness that vote,  capture that unheard voice and let it speak on the issues,  not the parties. 

Why not?

We all have unique National Insurance numbers and Passport numbers,   We have internet access. 

So why not let the people vote on all of the big issues directly not let these be decided by the parties. 

Let the existing parties present their agenda based arguments but let the people decide,  not the MPs controlled by the whips and your individual vote is lost.     
This isn’t democracy.  It’s an illusion of it.    

It’s a choice between a poke in the eye or a kick in the balls and I refuse to take part in their game. 

Let’s kill off agenda driven party politics and deal with the issues. 

You might say I’m a dreamer,  but I’m not the only one. 

Mind Games?

10pm and she’s on the phone.

I can tell she’s moody but have no idea why.

So I ask …

( I’m that kinda guy )

She says that she has something that she wants to talk to me about,   But she wants to do it face to face.

So I’m perplexed and bamboozled .. even more than usual when it comes to dealing with members of the fairer sex.

I ask her what it is,  give me a clue,  the bullet points,  but she refuses.  Continue reading “Mind Games?”

For the people, by the people?



What a week eh?

Trump elected as President of the USA, despite receiving slightly less actual votes than Clinton.

Seems that he won not on the Popular Vote, but on the Electoral Colleges, picking up wins in the swing states.

I’m neither a Trump or a Clinton fan, as far as I’m concerned most politicians are corrupt to one degree or another and these two are right up at the top of the food chain.

Seems to me though, that I’d be pissed off if I was Clinton and won the peoples vote yet lost out because of the electoral colleges.

Government for the people by the people?

Nah .. didn’t think so.

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Bye, Bye Europe!

So “we” voted to stay in the UK and out of Europe

The predictable moans on tv, much finger pointing and blame being passed round. Scotland voted to Remain .. Blah blah. 

Well here it is … Scotland voted to remain in the UK and the UK voted out of Europe. 

Not happy with that?  

Get over yourself. 

That’s democracy for you. 

Personally I didn’t vote,  I like Europe,  I as a socialist like the protection offered to  ordinary working people.  

But don’t want my country flooded with migrants even more than it is.   That is EU and nonEU migrants. 

I don’t trust anything said by any political party.     

But the people have spoken.   That has to be accepted. 

Hopefully Cameron resigns but I fear the new boss would be the same or worse than the old boss. 

The Politics and People of Wrath .. 

Did you know there was a general election soon?

You may have guessed as the tv is full of various politicians kissing babies, meeting with pensioners, promising that they will look after the NHS and our pension funds. 

It’s all lies, false promises that they can’t or won’t deliver. 

But you know that already. 

It looks like there will be no clear majority and another coalition,  possibly an extension of the current conservator / liberal coalition or a Labour win with a possible coalition with the SNP so they have the seats to get their policies in place.    

Even the conservatives may have to collude with the SNP as the liberals are quite frankly fucked after they sold out to the Tories for the current coalition and will probably lose their seats so a second coalition is unviable. 

It’s an interesting situation,  the Labour  and Conservative Parties both trying to argue against and court the SNP.    Wee Nicola arguing against them, pushing her case for more power to the Scottish Parliament but knowing that more SNP seats in Westminster and a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives will give her the extra bargaining power to get more powers including taxation devoted to the Scottish Parliament. 

Here’s the thing …  

We live in a so called democracy?  

But do you trust any of these fuckers ..  Sorry professional liars. 

Our democracy is a choice between a poke in the eye or a kick in the balls. 

Where no matter how you use your vote it gets lost in party politics where the person you voted for dare not go against the party whips. 

You’re individual vote is so diluted that It’s utterly pointless.  

We need to remove party politics and professional politicians who have never lived or worked in the real world and have government by the people for the people where we use our unique passport or NI numbers and the Internet to vote on the major issues and let the policians be administrators for the will of the people dealing with the smaller issues in support of the main issues. 

Big rocks first, small rocks later etc.  

With the courting of the SNP by the labour/ Conservative party I’m reminded of the last lines of John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes Of Wrath where the family leader and matriarch Ma Joad puts the struggle and politics of the time in perspective. 

[last lines]
Ma Joad: Rich fellas come up an’ they die, an’ their kids ain’t no good an’ they die out. But we keep a’comin’. We’re the people that live. They can’t wipe us out; they can’t lick us. We’ll go on forever, Pa, ’cause we’re the people.

Something’s never change. 


That Ma Joad quote above could equally apply to the situation with Rangers over the past few years as they’ve have all sorts of charlatans come and go including David Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green,  Mike Ashley and now the convicted tax fraudster David Cunningham King. 

I have many friends who are Rangers fans,  it’s became boring winding them up about the fiasco that their club has become.  Some of my friends can’t actually discuss football because it hurts too much. 

I get that,  I’d feel the same.   

The problem is and the difference with the Ma Joad situation is that were Ma accepted that her family’s poverty and struggle was inevitable.   My friendly Rangers fans have a deluded superiority complex and believe that they should be at the top table and because they’re not it’s everyone else’s fault. 

That’s what happens when you expect perceived sugar daddies to own your club and you expect them to bankroll you instead of living within your means. 

Nothing changed there either. 

Meanwhile the famous Glasgow Celtic go onto another league title …   It’s getting boring now!   🙂

The Future Belongs To Hope! #IndyRef

A “friend” of mine .. no not that kind of friend .. put a post on his Facebook page yesterday.

The gist of it was,   now that Scotland has had a demographic vote and decided NO,  can all the YES voters please shut up and accept everything as it is.

Actually no Joe,  that just isn’t happening.

Even as part of the UK,  we will not be silent.

Not because you want it,  because you’re a crabbit faced old bastard and you are scared of your pension and the value of the pound in your pocket.

Not because you’re actually English and arguably shouldn’t have had a vote in the first place.

Not just because you’d prefer us YES voters to go away like the subservient race you’d like to think we are.

Not because we are intimidated by the misguided Anglicised Thugs that believe they are Northern English rather than Scottish.

The No voters did win .. this time .. but there’s a momentum now,  independence will happen at some point in the future.

Take a look at the demographics below.

 The young and the poor were more likely to vote YES because they feel disenfranchised from the UK.

Time changes everything,   the older generation who voted NO will die off,  the young will lead the way.

The future belongs to Hope.


Polls And Demographics On Why Scotland Voted No

Beauty Speaking? #IndyRef

Last night on the train home from Edinburgh,  I sat in a 4 seat booth facing backwards and diagonally opposite probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

As I stood,  taking my jacket off,  I took a moment to drink her in.

Late 20s,  long blonde hair carefully cut,  Black fitted dress showing her shapely figure, just the top of her breasts showing over the high sweetheart cut,  very tasteful, feminine yet discreet.

As I sat diagonally opposite her .. well it would have been weird to sit beside her and invasive to sit directly in front of her.

Don’t you know the unspoken rules of train seating etiquette?

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