A Thank You!

Hello you,

thank you so much for reading my blog..  I hope that you enjoy reading about my outlook on life,  its very me.

Its started off as a few creative writing stories on the romance I hoped that I would find.

Now its more about thoughts on life and an onlne diary .. with a few stories chucked in along the way.

I’m enjoying opening my mind and putting my thoughts on paper.

I hope that you enjoy reading it too.


4 thoughts on “A Thank You!

  1. I just read your mature version of Fifty Shades of grey…..

    I was laughing hysterically throughout.


    Thank you,


  2. Hey M,

    Found some printouts of your stories and thought I’d look up your blog to see what you’ve been up to.
    Too much to read through in one sitting but just thought I’d say “Hi” anyway.



    PS…great photo! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rona,

      Nice to hear from you.

      Funny enough I had been thinking about you recently.

      Hope all going well in your world.


      Ps – Glad you like the pic, I do too.

  3. Ha ha….hope it wasn’t all bad! lol.

    Things are good here.

    Gallery still ticking away and a few trips planned to visit friends down south, Rewind Festival and Blackpool….all in July!!!! Typical!

    Hope your job, family and friends are all keeping you out of mischief and the concerts and festivals you’ll be going to tick all the boxes.

    R x

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