Hoping Nostalgia Is What It Used To Be!

You may remember back in February this year that I got back in touch with my best mate Jim from childhood.

We used to play together, eat together, occasionally get in fights together, started going to the dancing together .. You get the idea!

Jim was a Rangers fan and I was a Celtic fan, we still are, something’s change but your team remains your team forever.

Did it make any difference when we were growing up and some bigger boys tried to steal our ball?

Did it heck!

We ran away just like everyone else!!

Anyhoo Jim and I lost touch when we were about 20, life just seemed to get in the way and back then we didn’t have mobile phones or Facebook.

When I contacted him I was going to see The Stranglers who were the first band we saw as kids.


I wondered if he was going, but as it turned out he was going camping with his brother Tommy up to Tighnabruich were we used to go as kids, cycling from Dunoon on a 30 mile journey along a few mountain roads and around the hilly coastline that would challenge the Tour De France with our fishing rods on the bar and our tents and gear on our backs, including a load of canned food that my mum packed for me.

The thought of it!! 🙂

I can remember listening to The Stranglers and The Sex Pistols, pogo-ing round the campfire on the beach and slagging Tommy for his love of Elton John.

Back in Feb, Jim said that I’d be welcome to come along another time.

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The Platform Lovers – Curves!

The bye-bye email didn’t come as a surprise.

Graeme knew it was coming, knew that Mari was already having doubts, so when things had gone quiet, he knew that she had lost her enthusiasm and her thoughts were elsewhere. Her comment about her ex Mark, told him that she wasn’t over him and ready to move on to a new relationship.

He’d had fun while it lasted, she’d boosted his confidence and made him feel alive.

It made him realise that there was life after Jacqueline and that there were attractive woman out there who might like him, maybe next time he’d find a keeper rather than someone who was still hanging on to her past.

Mari was gone and he was surprised that he wasn’t actually grieving for, he’d already done enough grieving in his life.

Fiona, his PA, saw right through him,, she knew him too well to miss the signs, no longer bouncing into the office, wearing casual clothes and smiling all day.

He was a good boss but had his crosses to bear since Jacqueline passed away and looking after the kids on his own. But the past few months he’d had a new lease of life and it was all down to the fun he had with Mari. Fiona had never met Mari, but she looked lovely in the pics that Graeme had showed her on his phone.

It was great to see him enjoy life, even if it hadn’t lasted that long, she was pleased to see him smiling again.

Fiona was genuinely surprised when Graeme told her that Mari had ended their relationship, they chatted about it over coffee with the office door closed.

Fiona asked him how he felt and if he’d miss her.

“Fine” he said, “I’m absolutely fine and it was fun while it lasted, but if someone’s not right for you, or in this case I wasn’t right for them, then it’s better to be honest with each other and move on to someone who is right for you and isn’t still holding on to their past.”


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Debbie Does Glasgow!!

Once I had Love .. And it was a gas!!

I love that song, even used it as the title of a previous blog for the Dirty Harry Blondie Tribute act.


But tonight, it’s the real thing,

Debbie and the band are playing The ABC, Sauchiehall Street Glasgow.

A slightly strange choice of venue as the last time I saw them in July 2013 was at The Clyde auditorium, which can handle a lot more bums on seats .. and there we have the problem .. seated for a Blondie gig .. why would you?

Look at that Setlist from last time .. all the hits .. and even a surprise version of Relax, the old Frankie Goes To Hollywood hit.

What is missing on that Setlist is the Glasgow crowd singing Happy Birthday to her, I’m sure that she was quite touched even although she played it down.

When I was a kid, Debbie was part of my growing up and becoming sexually aware, I remember seeing the video for Denis back around 1977, she was stunning, Marylyn Munro-esque in her glamour and femininity .. and this boy fancied her rotten although I didn’t have a clue at the time.

Something I really like about Debbie is that in their heyday, when her partner and Blondie Guitarist Christ Stein took ill, she didn’t take off and stood by her man, despite his illness.

I like that, it tells me that she has depth, despite her beauty, there is someone real there that supported her partner taking the more difficult path when an easier way was available.

I’m looking forward to the show, just a shame that it’s a school night.

The Platform Lovers – Choices?

Carol Ann was browsing profiles, largely looking at the pics online and deciding if they were interesting or not.

She wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for, strangely it seemed easier to know what she wasn’t looking for and then dismiss the profiles which were obviously unsuitable.

Men dressed in football tops, particularly guys who looked as if they hadn’t ever ran for a bus never mind played football.

Men showing their bodies, she wasn’t impressed by muscles, physical attraction was important but she was hoping for more of a meeting of minds.

Men with tattoos, something small and discreet she could live with, but it seemed that people were OCD about having full arm or body tattoos. Each to their own and she was certain that someone else would appreciate and enjoy their body-art.

Men with beer bellies, looking as if they had lived a single life of curry, pizza and beer for too long were still adolescents, used to living a boys-life and nowhere near ready for a proper grown-up relationship.

Men who looked as if they hadn’t visited a dentist in years and there were lots of them.

That same criteria of lack of personal maintenance and grooming was prevalent throughout the website. She wondered if that’s how it is for people over 40? Some guys said they were in their late 40s but their pics showed them wearing clothes and hairstyles from 10 years ago.

Carol Ann might be a newbie, but she wasn’t stupid, If a guy said he was in his late 40s but looked older then he probably was but trying to stay under the over-50 bracket so that he was picked up in younger females selection criteria at least then he would have a chance rather than be dismissed.

Yes dating is ageist, racist, by definition homophobic and quite possibly sectarian if you are the type of out-dated relic whose religion is so important that you’ll only be with someone who is a member of the same church rather than just another decent human being.

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Staying True To Yourself ….

Insecurities .. dealing with other peoples is just the worst.

You care, so you pander to them, massage their feelings and manage their expectations, perhaps changing what you are to make them happy.

A little bit of change is okay, but it can drain you, cause internal resentment and ultimately destroy you.

It starts of small, they want to see you more than you have been, so you think okay. That might be good, the relationship is developing and I’d like to see you more too.

So you change your schedule, fitting them in, keeping them happy, this means being a bigger part of their lives, having dinner with their friends, spending time with their kids, watching the mind-numbingly crap tv that they like ..

Do you see where I’m coming from?

It’s all about them.

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On A Knifes Edge!

She says that she needs a little time .. that she wants to do some thinking.

Hmmmm … I think .. either you’re in or you’re out.

Besides, does she think that she’s the only one who wants to do some thinking?

“Well that’s up to you” I find myself saying “But that doesn’t really work for me”

She pauses, silence on the mobile, I’m wondering if she’s still there, it’s not like her to hang up the phone, well not unless she’s angry and that seems to happen a lot recently.

I’m looking round the half light of the room, the tv is still on from last night where I fell asleep on the sofa, but the media player timed out so a silent message is telling me that there no video being received.

Light is starting to come through the trees in the back garden and the birds are singing, it must be 4am.

The silence seems to last an interminable amount until quietly she says “two weeks, I need two weeks to get my head straight”

I’ve never been in that situation, but I’ve heard the song, you have too, you know the full situation and if you could look back from some point in the near future then you’d know that its fecked really.

The harsh reality is, although you love them, you can’t be bother playing games, you’ve already told them how you feel, let them know how important they are to you and you’ve been pandering to their insecurities, simultaneously wondering why you put yourself through this sh1t.

You’ve told your mates about the situation and they’ve asked, why the feck do you put yourself through this sh1t?

And you know that they are right, but you do, because you’re crazy about them.

That old heart and head dilemma. You’re head saying go and you’re heart saying stay.

When they are out of sync it just messes you up. Losing sleep, losing weight because you’re constantly anxious and can’t eat.

“I don’t want to be out of a relationship, so if you’re taking time, does that mean we are on or off”

The relationship hangs on a knifes edge.

“Off” she says, picking the knife up and sticking it where it hurts.

At the back of your mind Sting is telling you that if you love someone set them free,

Fuck off Sting.

Why don’t you stick to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, or the do-do-do da-da-das?

But you know it’s gone, so you tell yourself to have some dignity, stop fighting it, you’re only prolonging the torture, trying to hang on when you should be letting go.

“That’s okay” you say adding in a petulant “But that works two ways”

The phone goes dead and she is gone.

That could have been better says a little voice in the corner of your head.

This time last week she called me honey.

This time last week she called me honey.

Not even a week, just a never-ending weekend and a couple of days.

It just goes to show you what can happen in such a short time.

One day, you’re in, the next you’re out, a whirlwind of what the feck happened there?

A stupid fallout, a nothing, a misunderstanding, not even a difference of opinion.

She says that she is feeling taken for granted, when the opposite is true.

But now she’s gone and you wonder why she thought that way?

Were you so blind not to notice?

Were you complacent to a fault?

A weekend of self-righteousness and refusing to pander to her insecurities.

Then a few days of self-doubt, because she’s gone and no matter who’s to blame, you miss her.

No matter the circumstances, it’s stupid, you know it is.

You hope that she knows it too and you don’t want to lose her.

So you send an olive branch, a friendly message telling her how much she matters to you.

But it comes back sharpened like a spear and stabs you in the heart.

This time last week she called me honey.