Blind-Sided – Part 4

Ellen Barkin
“Her hair is hollow gold, her lips a sweet surprise …”

20 minutes later and we are parked on the street outside her driveway.

She lives 20 minutes from the city centre, just a bit further out than my place, it seemed the right thing to do offering her a run home as she is only 5 minutes drive away.

The right thing to do?

Or wanting more of those kisses?

The song continued on the radio ..

“And she’ll tease, she’ll unease you, all the better just to please you .. ”

Would you believe me when I tell you that there were no kisses on the drive and I wondered if the moment had passed?

We spoke of life, history, why she was out with these friends she barely knows, why her husband was an ex.

Even when I parked, there was no contact, she took over her seat belt and I thought she was getting ready to go.

But she turned to face me, leaning back against the door looking at me but saying nothing.

“She’s precious and she knows just what it takes to make a girl blush .. ”

It’s another moment of truth, a decision point where polite chat about enjoying the night and it was good to meet you possibly becomes something else

I’m playing it cool, going through the niceties, waiting for her to decide.

Don’t you know that its always the girl that decides?

A guy should never ask unless he’s absolutely sure .. and when she’s given him a green light in some other non-verbal way.

You now the kinda thing ..

Sticking her tongue down you’re throat or putting her hand on your groin might be a good hint that you can ask to come in for a “coffee”.

But that wasn’t happening tonight, this girl has far too much class to be as …What?



If the situation was reversed and a guy was full on with a girl he wanted would you think any less of him or is that to be expected?

So why would you think any less of a girl doing the same thing?

“She’s precious and she knows just what it takes to make a girl blush .. ”

I can feel the nervous tension of anticipation, I’ve been here before, sometimes you drive home smiling, some times you don’t.

I grin as I turn to face forward, head moving in time with the music ..

“She’ll let you take her home, to whet her appetite ..”

Sounds about right.

She leans forward and kisses me on the cheek “Thanks for driving me home, it was lovely to meet you”

But she doesn’t lean back, her face is 6 inches from mine, I can feel her presence on my cheek, her heady perfume like walking through the perfume area in an upmarket department store. She must have put some fresh on when she went to the loo before leaving the club.

What do you do?

Agree that it was lovely to meet her too .. and keep your distance?

Or pull her face towards mine and get back on track with those passionate kisses?

Playing it cool is one thing, but there’s a limit, a time where you have to make your move or go home kicking yourself for doing nothing.

I slowly move my left hand on the back of her head and gently pull her face towards mine, kissing her full on the lips,, her mouth slightly open as it meets mine.

“She’s ferocious and she knows just what it takes to make a boy blush …”

The next 5 minutes, kissing on her driveway without breathing, her eyes occasionally opening and meeting mine.

She pulls away and pauses, biting her lip, I can see her mind working, questioning herself and if she’s doing the right thing ..

“Would you like to come in for a coffee?”

There was only one answer.

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