The #Glasgow Melting Pot!

If you go in to a pub in Glasgow and see an item at the foot of the menu saying A Glasgow Salad.

Do not for one moment think this is a beautiful concoction of fruit and veg lovingly dressed and prepared for healthy consumption.

Glasgow working class tradition, dictates that we don’t do salad.

Our diet is historically influenced by tough working conditions and terrible weather, giving the need to eat carbs for energy or stay warm.

Salad?   No chance!

A Glasgow Salad is a plate of chips .. Or as you may know them fries .. not to be confused with crisps, which come from bags in the supermarket.

We really are an unhealthy lot, heart attack capital of the world, but it’s changing, we are improving, it takes time, generations for the old to die out to be replaced by a more educated youth.

As a bhoy in Glasgow, we were poor .. Not going to blab on about it, but 5 boys, mum and dad all living in one bedroom apartment with no indoor toilet facilities is barbaric by today’s standards.

Food was mainly the Scottish traditions of mince and tatties, stovies, or in the summer, chips and corn beef.


We didn’t need no stinking salad!

Well occasionally, my dad would have salad, Lettuce, tomato, onions, carrots and maybe some ham or a boiled egg .. And no dressing in sight.

Definitely not exciting in a gastronomic sense!

But things change .. Not only do our tastes change, but the availability of food from other parts of the world, influenced by people who have migrated to our city has improved the choice significantly.

Take today lunch .. Pictured above .. A delicious combination of Moroccan chickpeas, noodles, sweet potato and coleslaw.

We would never had that when I was a kid, it wasn’t even available then and is so much more nutritious than the traditional working mans lunch of a fish supper from the chippy.

I spent lunch with a Sikh colleague of mine, just the two of us, so I took the opportunity to ask about the traditional Sikh five articles of faith and if had any difficulties getting his Kirpan through airport security on his weekly commute from London.

Like us Scot’s he still holds to his Punjabi traditions but embraces the culture he lives with, loves a beer and wants to go to see Celtic play in The Champions League.

I love that, celebrating the old and embracing the new.

Like my lunch, Glasgow really is a great big melting pot.

The Gift Of Giving? …. #humour #perspective

You know,  life is often hard,  sometimes cruel.

Do you ever feel that when bad things happen,  they never seem to come on their own and it’s as if a wave hits you ..  you bump your car, a few days later it breaks unfixable, car gone, bills for this,  that,  the next thing.

I’m just using a small personal example,  it’s only a car,  but an expensive fuck-up nonetheless.

I’m sure you like most people have your own,  maybe struggling to find a job,  while there are bills piling up at the door.

Maybe you put the brave face on it,  not wanting to show vulnerability,  as if thats a weakness.

Is being vulnerable a weakness?

It is certainly perceived as a weakness when people already have their own issues and society has expectations that we look after ourselves and no-one wants to hear someone moaning about their own unfortunate situation.

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Love Is A Battlefield!

Just read an interesting article on the New York Times website on ‘ghosting”,  a term thaat I hadn’t heard of previoiusly.

But just because its a term  that I haven’t heard of doesn’t mean that I haven’t did it or been on the recieving end of a “ghosting”.

Basically ghosting is when someone drifts off from their partner/boyfriend/date with no goodbye,  no formal termination of the relationship,  regardless of it length and the ghoster blocks all contact  with or at least no longer corresponds with the attempts by the ghostee to retain contact or find out what happened to them.

For the ghostee on the recieving end of this treatment,  it can be confusing seeing the ghoster on social media wondering what went wrong,  if they had said or done the wrong thing and why no explanation was forthcoming.

Have i been the ghoster or ghostee,  left wondering what happened to the person?

Yes, to both,  but only in those case were a fledgling relationship has never really got off the ground,  perhaps were either or both parties realise that its going nowhere or not what they want and take the easy way out disappearing without a difficult goodbye .. or because there is nothing else to say.

Not really nice to be on the recieving end,  particularly if you are taken by surprise.

But thats life in the big ciity,  where todays technology makes finding new relationships like picking something from Amazon.

The downside being that beig a ghostee can have an impact on someone’s self esteem unless they are a strong person,  if thats the case,  probably best not to play the game.

iIn my experience,  what goes ruound comes round,  karma is a fair umpire and we all break even in the end.

We just didn’t have “formal” terms for it before .. so its good of the NYT to keep us up to date!!  🙂

Not heard this song by Pat Benatar for ages – Love Is a Battlefield.

Just noticed that the choreography on this from 3:15 looks remarkably like Michael Jacksons Thriller video.

No real surprise when a little wiki-research shows that they were both choreographed by Michael Peters.

Do you really want to Uptown Funk?

Give me time to realize my crime 

Let me love and steal.
I have danced inside your eyes 
How can I be real.

Do you really want to hurt me 
Do you really want to make me cry
Precious kisses words that burn me 
Lovers never ask you why.
In my heart the fire is burning
Choose my color find a star
Precious people always tell me
That’s a step a step too far.

Got to confess to secretly loving that song when I was a kid although was too cool for school to admit it .. 
ie ..  I was an arse at the time!
What’s changed some might say!!  🙂
Always loved the bass part in the middle. 
Great set with Mark Ronson on Glastonbury last,  good to see George,  still got a great tone to his voice even if the powers not the same. 
Give it a watch,  great versions of Valerie and Uptown Funk.  Personally I’d skip forward to 39:30.   If you don’t get iPlayer in your area,  set up a VPN as being in the UK,  pretty easy just takes a few minutes. 

Train Stories – Fat Arse?

Okay I’m going say it ..  

Not popular or controversial as it may be. 

I hate fat people. 

There you are,  it’s right out there now. 

Can I take it back?

Do I want to?


Fuck you fatty. 


Because your big fat arse is taking up two seats on a packed train leaving lots of people standing including the pregnant woman next to me. 

You look up and you see her,  but do you make an offer, no you don’t, you lazy arrogant good for fuck all fat wanker. 

Thankfully the young woman across from you gets up and does the right thing. 

Fat bastard. 

Do I really hate fat people?

Not at all, that would be stupid, blinkered, judgemental when you or I don’t know their personal circumstances and none of us are perfect. 

But despite all that,  I find this individual disdainful,  not because their fat, but because they looked up and looked away when the right thing to do was make the offer. 

Aah, but I’m kidding, were you not listening?

Stop being so fucking judgemental,  you don’t know this persons individual circumstances so  don’t judge them. 

So now I’m standing and their taking up two seats,  should they pay double the price?

If it was your business and they were taking up two seats preventing you from selling a ticket to another paying customer would you double charge them?

Should the airlines?

I don’t think so. 

That’s just unfair for people who are probably having hard enough time making a living and keeping their health without ripping them off any further than necessary. 

Maybe the airlines and rail companies should think about making the seats bigger and giving us all a wee bit more room. 

Anyway,  who are you to talk?

Who am I?

Two weeks ago I was at my heaviest ever, I felt like shit,  carrying an extra half stone affects you,  can’t imagine what it would be like with more. 

Or worse the amount this person is carrying. 

A few extra pounds and you’re shirt or waistbands tight.  

A few extra stones and its a new wardrobe. 

Or like this person you’re wearing slouchie sports wear because that’s all that fits you.    

Today, I’m down half a stone, doesn’t take much, bit of exercise, cut the sugars

I’m lucky,  maybe you are too. 

So next time you see a fat person on the train, maybe count yourself lucky that your journey isn’t as difficult as theirs.

Dealing With The Curve Ball?

Sometimes, don’t you find that life just throws you a curve ball?

Out of nowhere, unplanned, didn’t see that coming?

I crashed my car on Tuesday night, first time I’ve had any kind of bump in almost 30 years since I passed my test.

So the “didn’t see that coming” part is pretty literal!

Problem being is that I should have seen it coming!

I rear ended the person in front of me as they had slammed on their brakes because the person in front of them … because ..

No excuses .. Hands up .. My fault .. No argument.

The good thing is that it’s really only minor damage and no-one was hurt, it’s just a car right?

But the damage might be enough that the insurance company write the car off.

Now that would be a bummer .. Because although the bonnet is a bit twisted and there’s a few scrapes at the front, the car still drives fine.

I’ve had this car since new in 2006, it’s a great car, Mercedes, smooth, black, top of the range sports saloon at the time.

I’d be sorry to see it go.

But there’s a positive side .. Of course there’s a positive ..

These curve balls come at us now and then and it’s how you deal with them that’s important.

I’ve been holding onto the car longer that I normally would, partly because it’s a great car but also because I’ve been paying hefty school fees for my daughter.

Coincidentally, with Claire just finishing school, I have no more school fees .. Yaaay!

Doesn’t exactly mean I’m off the hook though. .. Does it?  🙂

So either, I buy her a small car for her 18th and teach her to drive in that.

Meantime, I use that as a run-around, cos I’ve still got my TT for fun and it’s time I started driving it more.

Or I think feck it and go after that Audi A5 Quattro, 3 litre diesel that I’ve been gawping at!

Or that more practical Honda SUV that I kinda like.

Or ..

The point being, I didn’t really want to change my car, but its kind looking that way, I can either sit moaning about it, or be pragmatic and get on with it.

When life throws you a curve ball, take a deep breathe, adjust your position and belt it right out the park.


Tonight,  Toni Visconti and Woody Woodmansey of David Bowies Band The Spiders From Mars play Glasgows ABC. 

It’s basically the same show as last year featuring The Man Who Sold The World album in its entirety then various other Bowie hits

Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 takes the Bowie role with Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet on sax and guitar. 

It was fab last year and looking forward to tonight’s performance.  My review from last year is on here somewhere. 

Happily Divorced?

Divorce is a nasty business, I can’t really say I’ve ever heard of one that has been truly amicable.

Sometimes people put a brave face on it, maybe they were out of love anyway, it’s easier to move on without children when there’s no lasting future contact.

But with kids, its often nasty with kids being used as emotional pawns for financial blackmail .. sorry bargaining!!

I’ve been there, for most people, divorce means moving house, spending time on your own, financial worries, family issues with access to children, then at some future point all that goes with looking for a new relationship.

It’s stressful, lying awake at night, going through all the scenarios in your head, what-ifs and wondering if you could have done anything better or differently.

Dealing with the events itself is hard enough, but the uncertainty of our future creates anxiety, impacting on our health, lack of sleep, losing or gaining weight.

The good news, is that in my experience, these life events are transient.  

They only last for the period it takes for the changes to occur, for the financial settlements to take place, but what takes longer to deal with is the emotional impact.

I don’t think that we ever really get over the emotional impact, that if we cared, we are scarred and it never goes away completely.

But what we can do is realise that in the event of a divorce or separation, if we put the emotional impact to the side, it’s really just a business transaction that can be dealt with without letting our hearts rule our heads and looking after ourselves and our children first and foremost.

My advice to you, if you happen to be in that situation, is if the relationship is over, sepearate the emotional and financial side and get the financial side out the way as quickly as possible. Be nice, be fair, but don’t let yourself be bullied by a partner .. now ex-partner … who is unreasonable and unwilling to compromise.

The one thing I’ve learned is that its impossible to be reasonable with someone that is unreasonable, who’s reasoning is skewed because they want to hurt you financially or use your children to effect you emotionally.

If dealing with someone like that, let it go, let the lawyers deal with it and try not to let it effect you personally.

If it comes to this stage, it’s now noly a business transaction, a process that needs to be completed, like buying a house, try to keep emotion out of it, try not to let their hostile attitude get to you.

Stay strong, don’t let it get to you.

If you let it get to you emotionally, that’s when the scarring occurs and impacts your future.

Eventually when you reach the other side, you’ll be glad its all over and happy standing on your own two feet.

The thing that matters is your future, your past has to be dealt with, boxed up and put away, the last thing you need is to be damaged by it.

Bit of a serious subject there .. Don’t know where that came from!

Hindight is a wonderful thing, If I knew back then in the dark days of 2002/3 what I know now then that period wouuld have been much less traumatic.

The good thing is, it’s transient, life moves on, you move with it or get left behind clinging to the debris of something long broken that no-one else cares about.

I’m now happily divorced .. Does that make sense?

Life is what you make it, it’s not perfect, but you make the best of it.