Blind-sided – Part 3

Ellen Barkin

Five minutes later she joins me back standing at the bar with Alex, we’ve exchanged names and possibly bodily fluids.

Passionate kisses with a stranger in the middle of a dance floor ..


Or are you jealous?

Maybe you’ve been there yourself?

Maybe you were much younger?

Is age a viable excuse?

At 40+ years of age I’d go with tasteless.

I can’t even blame the beer as I was sober at the time, but what else can you do when a good looking gal wants to suck your face off at some hour after midnight?

Say no?

Run away?

It’s not going to happen is it?

Of course when I say that I was sober, what I mean is that I’d had a couple earlier in the evening.

Meet at 8, two beers and you’re slightly over the limit, but by home time you’ll be okay.

That was before they changed the drink driving laws and you can’t even have one “unit” these days.

Road safety they tell us.

For the sake of discussion … I’m going to be controversial and say who gives a fuck?

People keep blabbing on about fate, destiny, karma ..

Yeah yeah .. All that positive thinking bullshit.

Well how about this .. There’s a flip side to all that good stuff.

Maybe when bad stuff happens, like road traffic accidents involving drink-drivers. Then maybe it’s just your turn to take a hit?

Maybe its your fate or destiny or some fucker was praying to their Ju-Ju beans that’s resulted in life not turning out the way you wanted it?

“What’s for you won’t go by you”. they say.

So maybe when someone is involved in a sudden bad accident then it was just their turn?

Is that a good enough argument for drinking what you like then driving home?

Because what’s going to happen is going to happen anyway whether you have that extra beer or not?

Nope I didn’t think so.

No one is going to win any arguments with that deluded self-serving approach.

So let’s agree right now that there is no such thing as fate, destiny, karma. ..

Because you can’t have it both ways, good or bad things are either predestined or their not.

Personally, I think if someone has wronged you then saying that karma will even things up is a sign of weakness.

“Oh karma will get them”

“What goes round cones round”

Aye fucking right!

If someone has wronged me or mine personally, then I’m going to personally make sure that I get even with them … personally.

That’s the rules.

Take this girl tonight, telling me her life story and sucking my face off, Her ex cheated on her then beat her up when she told him she wanted a divorce.

Now she’s out with a group of acquaintances that she doesn’t really like and picking up strangers in a bar.

Where’s the karma in that?

Who gives a fuck!

Karma is for fools and the weak.

Me, I’m going to snog the face off this girl then drive her home.

I’m glad I only had a couple.

Unlike Alex, sitting beside me who is looking bleary eyed and fading out the conversation.

Time he was home.

Here’s the lesson .. In life you make your own luck.

Love this scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street


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