Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea?


Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea?

Alternatively titled ..  Dead Man Walking .. or should that be Dead Man Wanking?

Why wanking?    Read on ..

It’s been a while since I wrote any of my nonsense,   I’ve been busy,   working too hard over the past year and not even had a week off since the Easter furlough back in April 2018,  when for one reason or another I didn’t get off on holiday anywhere.

Even at Christmas and New Year,  I only had 2 days and 1 day off work respectively.

That’s pretty unhealthy really.

There’s been reasons,  a big project consuming my time,   it went live in April and if you use the global companies services in the UK,  then you’’ll most likely be processed by it.    I’m quite proud of it.

Add on top of the 10 hour day an extra 2 hours for commuting,   It’s way too long,  for far too long.

But that’s about to change,

I’m a contractor,  self-employed,  I love working myself,  but the powers that be here want to reduce their budget and have employed a couple of staff replacements.     They guy who is my direct replacement is a complete prick,   loud-mouthed,  thinks he’s clever,  tries too hard to impress,  talks when he should be listening and sticks his foot in it big time.

Now I’m a dead man walking,  my contract is up in 2 weeks’ time and I’m not being fed any new work,  just handing over to big-mouth.

Or is that dead man wanking,   as all I’m doing now is fucking about and trying to keep myself looking busy.

The good thing about this job is I’ve banked a few quid,  well I had until a few weeks ago when I paid the mortgage off.

A 6 figure mortgage is a  £700pm payment  vs 6 figures in the bank and £40pm interest.

A no brainer really,  why pay the bank when they don’t pay you?

No mortgage ..  Free at last,  free at last,  thank The Lord almighty,  I’m free at last!.

Well I ‘m mortgage free,  still got a few quid in the bank and it will be fantastic to have a break for a while.

I might even take off the full summer,  I think I deserve it.


PS – Weren’t the Celtic shit at the weekend .. getting well beat by the new team in blue that plays out of Ibrox.

A clear out is required.,  drop the dead-wood,   the has-beens and the never-beens.

On the plus side, we have the money in the bank to make the changes,   but is there the will?



Age, Attitude and Acceptance!

Do you know the definition of being middle-aged?

It’s not when a woman gets to a certain age and her body changes and she either tries to dress younger or lets herself go.

it’s not when a guy buys a sports car,  and starts chasing younger women or gives up on that and lets himself go.

With that letting go,  both genders are accepting the aging process,  not trying to be something they are not.

But in letting go of themselves, people do themselves a dis-service.

Why not try and make the most of yourself,  keep fit,  wear clothes that you like,  but nothing too trendy or you look ridiculous.

I don’t believe that bullshit that age is just a number and attitude is everything.

Age comes whether you try to hold it off or not,  it’s going to happen,  so get used to the idea but don’t give up.

I’m quite fit,  I try to eat reasonably healthy,  but I can’t play football the way I used to.  I’m nowhere near as fit or as fast as in my 20s.

You can’t lie to yourself about that.

It happens … accept it ..  deal with it .. and don’t give up .. that’s when the attitude comes in.

Attitude to face the facts of life and get on with it.

But that’s only the mental and physical side.

Let me tell you the real definition of being middle-aged.

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