Game Of Thrones Returns!


After much anticipation and speculation, Game Of Thrones returns to tv in the UK this evening. 

Actually it returned at 2am this morning, simultaneously broadcast with the first screening in the USA. 

But what kinda saddo stays up for that on a school night?

Not me!

But I did think about it for a nanosecond. 

I was up bright and breezy at 630 and watched before I went to work. 

Was it worth the wait?


Did it answer any big questions? Is Jon Snow alive or dead?

No, it answered nothing and kept us guessing, but isn’t that what part one was always going to do?

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but be prepared for a few surprises. 

One of them reminded me of a scene from The Shining.  

You’ll know it when you see it. 


Not Nightswimming!

I am the smile on your face
And the sparkle in your eyes
I am that tingle down below

I am the whisper in the darkness
And the warmth in the night
I am the one who makes it slow

You are the passion in my thrust
And the pleasure on my lips
As we snuggle in the afterglow

You are the fire in my breast
And the pride in my chest
And where you are, I will surely go


Deserves a quiet night.

Love this tune ..