Blind-Sided – Part 6

Ellen Barkin
Kisses, long and passionate. 

Wet and wild?

No .. I think that you’re taking that a bit too too far!

They’ve only just met for heavens sake!

You know how it goes ..

Boy meets girl
Boy likes girl
Girl likes boy
Girl takes boy home
Boy kisses girl 
Girl kisses boy
Boy tries second base
Girl knocks him back
Boy tries second base
Girl knocks him back
Boy tries second base
Girl doesn’t knock him back

Its the same old story
All love and glory
It’s a pantomime 

Sometimes I wonder why do people play these games instead of just saying straight out what they want?

But would you?

With a stranger?


No I didn’t think so, only the very damaged and the very desperate fall into bed with a stranger without offering any resistance. 

That doesn’t mean people don’t.  

Good decent, honest, hard-working people like you and me. 

They just like to play a little hard to get!  

Come on, you know it!

You’re morality doesn’t let you just jump into bed with someone that you’ve just met, maybe not even on the third date or the fifth .. or .. or now you’re taking that morality a bit too far!  

But you know how it is, sometimes the occasion presents itself and you’re thinking well I like this person and it’s hopefully not a one-off so why not?

Don’t you think one-night-stands are kinda sad?

All that lust and affection with someone you find attractive then never see them again. 

What’s the point in that?

Apart from when you’re kissing a younger, intelligent, gorgeous girl, who’s breast you now have cupped in your hand and you wonder if she can feel your growing erection pressing against her tummy?

But wait … It’s only a bit of tit. 

Just because you’re holding a girls breast, doesn’t mean that you’re going to fuck her .. Right?

Oh wait, there’s the tongue! 🙂

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