An Unhealthy Rivalry? #Football #Celtic /#Rangers

Are you a fan of a particular team whether that is football, rugby or whatever at a national or international level?

As a fan, you probably have a rivalry with your nearest competitors at whatever level they play at?

Manchester City vs Manchester United
Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Liverpool vs Everton
Scotland vs England
Pakistan vs India
Celtic vs Rangers

That rivalry may be because the two teams are the biggest in their particular league and are direct competition for every trophy.

Or it may be amore local rivalry with two teams that rarely win anything yet love seeing the other team lose as it enhances their own bragging rights.

But I wonder does that ever become unhealthy verging on obsession?

As a Celtic fan, I want my club to do well, to improve their standing in European football .. even if we are nowhere near what we used to be, being in the Champions League last 16 or later is my measure of success.

The flip-side of that is I want by closest rivals to fail regardless of who that is .. I dare say that its the same for most fans who have a rivalry with another team.
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These Arms Of Mine …

Browsing Spotify, playing some old fashioned soul, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding .. all of the music in the world at your fingertips.

Came across this gem, there’s just something very sexy about it ..

It makes the back of my neck shiver ..

This scene from Dirty Dancing .. sizzle!

Actually thats an overdub .. this is the proper scene .. still as good.

If you have never seen the Musical, I can’t recommend it enough .. just go if you love the movie and even if you don’t.

How Life Would Be? … #poetry #humour #relationships

Do you ever wonder?
Where we would be
If we had met when we were 23?

Do you ever wonder?
How life would be?
If you’d dumped him and married me?

Do you have dreams
Or make up schemes
Where we will always be together?

If that was true
Then I promise you
Your kids wouldn’t be so fucking ugly! 🙂

How cheesy is this forgotten gem from the 80s?

I heard it in the car today .. inspirational!!

Incredibly, the Kid is still touring with a bevy of beauties .. good for him!

Work Stories – Superstar? :-)

Long ago ..and oh so far away …

Well about 5 years ago, I started working with a company out in the India Of Inchinnan building, it’s gorgeously restored Art Deco design which famously was used to build airships, a million years ago.

I’d worked with this company on a separate occasion a few years previously, but left to work in the bank I’m currently with. 

 Todays story occurred on my first few days when I was back for the second time.
By this time, they had been taken over by a much bigger company and integrated into the centre of their open plan offices and the small group on my team was surrounded by people from the various other companies that were part of the group.

Anyway .. I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself, back in Glasgow working for better money, the new M74 was in place and my journey time was great .. A big difference from driving to Edinburgh as I was at the time.

On this particular day, the sun was shining, I had the top down in the car and feeling pretty good listening to the radio and was just arriving at the office when Superstar by The Carpenters came on ..

Now I have to confess to being a secret Carpenters fan and think Karen had a terrific voice ..

Yeah I know .. I’m blushing already. but not as much as I will be in a minute.

So I arrive at the office, park up, bounce up to my desk saying hello to everyone and full of the joys.

Plug the laptop in and make a cup of tea.

Now its an open plan office and I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, including a few particularly attractive women.

But the noise level was pretty high, so I thought, I’ll get my headphones on and listen to some music while I work.

Aaah I thought, I’ll play that Carpenters song, the one that didn’t finish on the way in.

So I’m sitting there, working away, oblivious to the world, humming to myself

“Don’t you remember you told me you loved me baby …”

When the guy next to me taps me on the shoulder, I pull off my headphones and he says

“You do know that you are playing that out loud don’t you?”

I looked up and everyone was looking at me face is red now thinking about it and I felt like a complete plonker ..

Not only for putting my headphones in the microphone slot .. But now my choice of music was public.

My secret Santa gift that year was Carpenters Gold .. Which I obviously had already but someone was sending me a nice wee reminder!

The Proposal?  …. #poetry #humour #romance

You think you’re special
You think you’re hot
Shaking every thing
that you’ve got.
And what you’ve got is the lot
To me

You think you’re special
But you’ve lost the plot
Cos you come from a time
That fashion forgot
But that matters not a jot
To me

I love the way you choose to dress
Retro hair in a tousled mess
But when we dance
You’re at your best
With me

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Once is once too many …

Did you happenn to read this article?
It’s an indication of whats going wrong with the world particularly where violence towards women is concerned. 

First of all the offender, already convicted and served a sentence for offences against children then carries out a sequence of crimes against three separate women over a number of years .. And he only gets an 8 year conviiction which means he’ll serve 4 and be supervised after release for another 2 years.

Completely inadequate sentencing when this guy is clearly a danger to women.

But what caught me eye is that there are a couiple of surprising details in the case, firstly that one of the women says she was raped on different occasions and locations?

Why wasn’t he arrested after the first occasion and if released on bail a condition or restraining order placed preventing further contact?

Why was this guy allowed to carry on his catalogue of offences when clearly he was a danger to women?

What I’m struggling to understand is why would the women retain contact with the guy for it to happen a second time?

But what surprised me most that he was also convicted of abduction against separate women, locking them in his flat on repeated occasions over a period of years. 

Seriously .. How many times does that have to happen before the women say enough and the police are involved?

Scenario .. You’ve locked me in your house .. And I’m sitting here cold wondering where you are and when you’ll be back.

Aye right .. I’m right on the phone or breaking a window.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for locking up these offenderrs and for supporting the women involved.

Nothing justifies the treatment these women received and society should be protected from these scumbags. 

But the old adage .. Fool me once shame on you, feel me twice shame on me .. Comes to mind. 

Once is one time too many. 

Not only is the punishment wrong,  but the support networks are failing if women are tolerating animals like this in their life’s.