Part 11.2 – Moondancing!

All the night’s magic seems to whisper and hush

And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Van Morrison – Moondance

The Blue Dog was open until 2,   but we didn’t stay that late.   I had other things on my mind.

So we waved good-bye to the piano man as we made our way to the door.  It must have been near the end of his shift as he was playing that old Soft Cell Classic Say Hello Wave Good-bye.   A bit cheesy and predictable,  but who cares,  certainly no-one in this upmarket bar filled with couples over 30 who could afford the inflated cocktail prices.

For a change, we decided to give the dancing a miss.   We’d been there on few occasions recently, pushing our way on to a floor that was far too small for the number of people trying to shake their ass. Which was just about all you could do once the place had filled up.

These days that was usually after 1am, when the pubs emptied and the guys moved from the surrounding bars to the clubs.  It would be another hour before they’d had a couple if quick shots and their fill of ogling the groups of girls in their little dresses and Lady Ga-Ga shoes who had been on the floor since 11pm having fun but waiting on the boys to arrive.

It was part of the mating game,   guys standing at the side, watching the girls,  going heavy on the shots and egging each other on to make a move.   It seemed a new thing that some guys would be dancing with each other hoping that somehow their moves might attract a mate.

Personally I don’t get that.   Call me Old Skool .. but I just don’t.

If I’m going to dance,  it will be with a girl .. or on my own .. dance with another guy?

Fuck off!

I love dancing,  I always have,  I love to lose myself in the music, get a bit stupid and have some interaction with a dance partner who feels the same and enjoys the madness.    It’s always worked for me, I’ve never been a great chat-up merchant,  I can’t stand those corny one liners and often find them insulting or derogatory.  But if someone dances with me,  makes the effort to copy my ,moves then the deal is sealed.  No talking required.  Done.

That’s part of the reason that I like her so much,  we connect at that level, she gets it.   Although to be fair, the fist time that we were dancing I probably showed a bit too much of my dazzling dance skills a little too soon,  or maybe that was the Peroni,  Prosecco and apple sours taking their toll?   But I know I pushed the line a little.

Either way, I’ve railed it in bit since then, most of the time .. there have been a few exceptions.   I might tell you them about sometime.

But I love watching her move.   Once we were in Edinburgh on separate night outs,  We’d been in contact via texts and I knew she was in the club waiting for me to arrive,  I couldn’t see her in the crowd,  so my mate John and I went upstairs and there she was on the far side of the floor.

John had spotted her too and started  to move away from the banister, heading for the stairs down to the club below,  but I held him back.  There was no hurry mate.

Sometimes I just like watching her move,  this tall shapely blonde,  standing shaking her ass,  clingy dress showing just a bit of cleavage and cut just above her knee.   There was no rush she would still be there in a few minutes,

But tonight, we had already had our fun, okay so the concert was a bit of a let-down,  but who cares and we’d had lots of fun since.  Sitting at the end of the bar, kissing, laughing and  asking the piano man to play another song.

Maybe it was because I had stuck to the coke and was completely sober,  but I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of pushing past the crowds to get on the floor or standing three deep at the bar hoping the student on minimum wage actually gave a fuck about who was next in line.

Okay,  so If I’m honest,  part of me was desperate to see the alternatives which she had on offer,  Another part of me was just desperate!   It had been a long week and I hadn’t saw her since Tuesday so I was feeling pretty horny and all the kissing,  touching and sex talk tonight had only made me hungrier to scratch that itch.

A different part of me was just wanting to be with her alone,  a cuddle, some time lying together in the darkness,  talking about life,  music and what our plans where for the coming months.  Possibly a weekend away if she could convince her mum to look after the boys for a few days rather than an overnight.

Naah ..fuck it. .. I totally lied there .. I just really wanted to get her naked and quickly.

A cuddle afterwards would be nice though.

A cuddle,  some chat,  laughs, hugs,  a glass of juice and enough time for me to get ready for round 2 before I had to take her home.

But tonight her time of the month had arrived,  a bit of a bummer really .. and no dirty little pun intended.

So we had a choice,  back to mine and I’d need to run her home in the morning or run her home tonight,  stop off somewhere along the road for a bit of fun and investigate those alternatives.

We walked back to the car,  parked a few blocks away on Bath Street.  Well I walked, she did too but I could tell the alcohol was talking an effect.

She blamed it on her heels .. Yeah yeah whatever!

I actually like it when she gets a little drunk and giggly.  She forgets all her worries and lets her girlie side come out,  its like going out with a loved up teenager and she wants to kiss and hug me all the time.   It can be a bit of a pain in the ass when you’re sober,  but not tonight,  tonight I can’t get enough of her sweet kisses.

We get to the car and I hold the door open for her, letting her get seated then jump in the drivers side.  She hasn’t pulled her belt on and reaches over to kiss me across the armrest.   A long slow kiss,  tongues searching and my right hand moving from her waist to her breast, cupping it in my palm and gently squeezing.

I can feel myself stiffen and starting to throb anticipating the delights yet to come.

“My place or yours?” I ask, smiling at the corny line,  knowing full well that we can’t go back to hers.    Not with her mum watching the kids,   I expect that the boys would be in bed, but it would be wrong to meet her mum at 1am after a night out and rushing away too quickly.

I had waved to her mum a few times as I’d dropped her off, usually at 3am when we were coming home from a nightclub or a show.   Maybe we’d meet soon.  Maybe.

“I’m sorry honey, but I really should start heading for home,   its 1am,  so if we go to yours,  then by the time I get home I won’t be able to get up to run Max to his football in the morning”

I had feared that might happen, too much having fun in the cocktail bar was burning the time we had available until the practicalities would kick in.     She lived a 30 minute drive from Glasgow in a similar direction to me, but much further out and it would take me 25 minutes to get back home.

“How about I take you home and we have a bit of a snog along the way,  then I drop you off and I’ll head back west”    I fought hard to hide my disappointment, but wasn’t sure if done a good job.  I’ve never been good at hiding my feelings particularly when I feel let down.

“That would be great honey,  I really appreciate that”  She kisses me hard,  her hand slipping down to my groin,  running her hand along my jeans and feeling the bulge of my cock pushing against my thigh and the Levis.

“No problem honey,  I know you’ve got lots of running around to do tomorrow”   I did appreciate that.  Was it selfish of me to want to fuck her brains out,   knowing full well that she was a responsible mum and would do everything she needed to do for her kids?    I get that,  I do,  but I have needs too and I had been looking forward to tonight.

She seemed to sense my disappointment,   sitting upright in her seat and pulling on her seatbelt. Her hand now resting in her lap,  I’d hope that she’d put it back on my thigh but it wasn’t to be.

I started the engine,  the lights came on automatically,  checked my blind-spot on her side and pull out into the empty street.  Maybe I over accelerated a little, showing a little frustration,  I could feel her stare burning into the side of my face.

I glanced over and smiled  “Sorry, I didn’t really mean that”,  it was an arsey thing to do.

The tune on the CD changed,   “Forbidden Colours” by David Sylvain and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Such a cool but haunting song,  it was a chill-out mix I’d made up for the car,  Something to keep me chilled,  stop the rash manoeuvres.  I love driving, particularly driving fast and its true what they say that music affects you.   Chilled out music, take your time.  You’ll get there.

We sat silently for a few minutes, the melody and the vocal so haunting.  Some invisible god-like DJ selecting lyrics to suit the mood.

“Here am I, a lifetime away from you,   the blood o Christ or a beat of my heart”

I never really understood the meaning of that song,  but it was one that we both agreed that we loved.   I’d bought the tickets to see David at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall a few weeks ago but he had cancelled due to illness, shame, I hope the man is well and it wasn’t cancelled due to the lack of bums on seats.

The song changed as we passed Glasgow Mercedes,  heading up to the M8,  “Il Giorno by Ludovico Einaudi”,  More haunting piano, by this Italian genius,  featured in so many advertisements on tv but so little known by the public at large.

I glanced over at the shiny new cars on the forecourt,  “I bought my car from there” .. such an inane comment really .. a nothing .. but it helped relief the tension.   She reached over and put her hand on my thigh,  safe territory,  but it was all I needed to know and I was smiling again.

“He is an amazing pianist”  she says,  knowing full well that he’s my favourite classical pianist.

“If I could only play half as good as him then I’d be twice as good as I am now!”   I grin.

She laughs,   kisses me on the side of the cheek then moves closer,  her head on my shoulder and her hand back I where I want it to be,  squeezing my cock through the denim.

By the time the song had finished, we were on the M8 and leaving the city.

By the time we were passing the Showcase cinema complex, with another 20 minutes of driving ahead of us,   her hand had been doing its work and my cock was bursting out of my jeans, demanding to be touched.  She was pulling at the zip trying to get it down but the seatbelt was getting in the way.

That and my shirt and jacket .. Fuck.

Why do practicalities often get in the way of romance?

I take the seatbelt off and push the seat back, as far as I can but still able to reach the pedal.  Pushing my jeans down to my knees,  giving her enough room to work her magic.

She has my shirt opened,  pulling my cock from my boxers,  gently now, gently!!!

No complaints from me .. I need to help her with that,  she’s a bit on the rough side and I’m feeling exceptionally sensitive at the moment.

That’s much better, I can feel the rush of blood as I’m freed,  hard and pointing skyward.

Did I ever tell you about my worst ever blowjob?

It was fan-fucking-tastic!!

She’s stoking me,  long slow strokes,  she knows how I like it.

I’m enjoying it, but it’s not enough.

She seems to sense it,  or maybe because my left hand reaching for her head and pulling it towards my lap was a bit of an obvious hint?

Subtlety sometimes isn’t a strong point!

She’s leaning across the armrest, her head taking me in her mouth.  Just a few inches then pulling her mouth away and running her tongue around the end.  It feels so good that it hurts. An aching combination of pleasure and pain creating a desperate need to relieve the tension.

But it’s not really comfortable, not for her leaning over in this awkward position or for me with her elbow sticking into my stomach.

Clever girl that she is, she feels it too, pulling herself up and then dropping to her knees in the passenger foot-well, turning round to face me, that’s much easier.   I tell her to undo her zip and let me see her breasts, just looking at them turns me on and I want to suck her nipples but can only reach over and squeeze them for now.

I’m trying to keep my eyes on the road, wondering if the any of the lorries can see us?  Even if they do look over as we pass them I’m sure they can’t see much in the darkness and even then it’s only for a few moments.

But now she’s taking me in her mouth again,  just the first few inches,  just enough to let her tongue work on the head.  She is squeezing me harder with each stroke of her hand. her tongue flicking on my head.   Her other hand is cupping my balls, gently squeezing them in time with her hand and her head.

I’ve got the car in cruise control.  A steady 60, even although it’s a 70 limit, there’s no point in bringing on a disaster.  But I can feel every pot-hole and bump in the road.   I’m hoping that we don’t go over a massive hole at the wrong moment.

Can you just imagine what we’d look like if we crashed now?

I’m so hard and throbbing and love the feeling as she teases me, pushing me further,  She’s looking up at me for reaction,  the white of her eyes bright in the darkness.  I’m in another place my breathing is changing,  getting deeper but my eyes are locked on the road,  I glance down to see her and I know I’m smiling but I’m sure my face is focussed elsewhere.

I’m sure she can tell the effect she’s having and recognises that faraway look. as she closes her eyes and pushes my cock further down her throat,  holding it,  sucking it,   then fucking me with her mouth.  Her head bouncing up and down as I hold her hair making sure she doesn’t break contact.  Don’t break contact now, I am so close.

Somehow, in my heightened senses, I’m vaguely aware that the fucking seat belt warning is starting to bleep louder and is getting annoying,  but I don’t really give a fuck right now.

I turn the music up,   “Pink Floyd‘s Great Gig In The Sky”.    The wonderfully sensual vocals of the gorgeous Clare Torry wailing in ecstasy or is that just me?

I’m getting closer,   pushing her head further down than it can practically manage as I come in her mouth.  My hips pushing off the seat trying to push in further than it’s possible and she pulls her head back a little as it just can’t go any further.

But fuck is she good,  after those initial few thrusts,  my senses are still on fire, but the girl just keeps on it,  sucking me,  actually sucking me,  licking round the head of my cock and sucking every drop as my cock relaxes and empties into her mouth.

Wow!  Just Wow!

She’s still sucking me as I start to go soft,   I can feel myself relax and my heart and breathing starting to slow.

I’m spent, breathless even although I was sitting still in a car travelling at one mile per minute.

I gently lift her head,  just an inch and she stops,  knowing that the job was done.

“That was fantastic” I say, “Absolutely fucking amazing”.

She smiles and licks her lips,  “I’m glad you enjoyed it, I told you that I had an alternative”

( For info – Dear reader,  I’m currently sitting at my work writing this with a massive hard-on )

“Baby,  that was the best blow-job that I’ve ever had,  no doubts about it”

She smiles and climbs up back into her seat and leans across on to my shoulder,  she’s kissing me and I turn my face to kiss her,  trying to keep my eyes on the road as there are a few bends ahead.

“Did I ever tell you about my worst ever blowjob?””

She shakes her head,  obviously not wanting wanting to go there.

“It was fan-fucking-tastic!!”  I laugh.

But she shaking her head “That is rubbish” she insists.

Hard to argue,  but I thought it was funny when I was about 25,  many moons ago.

It’s getting near her turn exit and we drive without speaking,  feeling relaxed,  listening to the music.   The uplifting extract from “The Marriage OF Figaro” as featured in the movie Shawshank Redemption where Andy defies the warden and plays the music through the prison tannoy system causing all of the prisoners to stop and listen in awe and earning himself a beating and a month in “the hole” in the process.   What a fantastic scene that is.

But now it’s almost 1:30am and we’re nearly at hers. It’s too early to say good-bye.   I don’t really want the night to end so soon. I want to chat to her, have a few more laughs and a lot more kisses.

There’s a country lane close to her house, a modernised farmhouse on the edge of a village.  There are no streetlights but there are a few houses,  200 hundred yards further up.  I kill the lights and drive up the lane and park in our usual spot using only the moonlight for guidance.

We’ve parked here a few times before,  that was a while ago, in the early days when we had just started seeing each other and we hadn’t crossed any lines.   We would stop off for a snog, usually a long hot snog and I’d often be warned for pushing my luck, but someone has to make the moves or nothing develops

I left the engine running to keep some heat in the car,  she often gets cold,   particularly wearing those strappy dresses of hers.    It was a cold clear night,  the moon shining across the field beside the car.   I have no idea what was growing there,  barley,  maize?   I’m a city boy and I haven’t got a clue,  but I enjoyed watching the ripples of the window blue through it like a wave.

Very chilled,  cuddling in the car,  watching the waves move in the moonlight.   Maybe my recent experience had helped relieve the tension too, I did feel so chilled.

It will soon be time for her to head indoors,  but she’s here now and we’re kissing and enjoying the rest of the time we have together.

I know its her time of the month,  I don’t actually want to fuck her,  not right now,  not in the car,  not with ToM just started.   No.

But I want her,  I want to pay her back a little for the joy that she’s just given me and she’s not the only one with alternatives.

I’m kissing her neck, sucking it, a slight nibble but no marks allowed.  My hand is working on the zip at the back of her dress,  then pulling it down,  further than she had earlier,  I want her breasts in my face.  I know how much she loves me sucking her nipples.  She has often told me that she feels that she could almost orgasm from that.

We’ve both been parked here before, we’ve done this, had a hot snog in the car,  but not crossed the line which through practicalities won’t be crossed tonight either.

She reaches for the switch and starts putting her seat back,   I push my switch too.  My turn to lean across the armrest,  pulling myself closer to her so that I can suck her breasts,   push them together and try and get both of her nipples in my mouth at the same time.

I love the effect that this has on her and I love pleasing her.  She’s moaning softly, pushing my head against her breasts.  I love feeling them in my mouth, hard and erect, it must be primeval or something there’s no logic to this feeling it just feels so good.

My right hand is between her legs,  running the flat of my palm up and down her thighs,  then moving to her panties,   I’ve no idea what she’s wearing .. it could be “big pants and a towel” .. in that case business is closed for the night.

But it’s not,  I can feel her through her thong,  She must be wearing a tampon,  good news as I want to make her cum and I don’t actually care if ToM is here.  Just as long as it’s not messy.

I’m cupping her in my palm,   my fingers on the outside of her thong,  I’m testing the water,  I want to know if she wants me to continue.    She clearly does as she presses my hand a little harder, a little closer to her.

I’m stroking her through the material,  making sure that I’m just at the top of her,  I don’t really want to go to far below.   She’s breathing harder now,   as I slip my hand inside her thong,  slowly edging down to her vulva and teasing her to open slightly so that I can stimulate her clit with my fingers.

I can feel myself starting to get hard again,  I take her hand place it against my cock,  she get the message instantly and starts to unzip my jeans.   Holding me in her hand and stroking me harder.  Harder than I would myself,  but I’m enjoying it.

We’re both getting close.  I’m telling her that I want to fuck her even although I actually don’t.

I’m sure she feels the same, but she can’t speak, her breathing is changing, short sharp gasps and her eyes are focussed somewhere in the distance.

Her left hand is pulling my hand harder as I stroke her clit.  Is stroke the right word?   I’m rubbing it with two fingers as fast as I can move, “Don’t stop” she says,  I’m going to cum”

“I’m getting there too” I can feel myself getting closer and I do want to fuck her now.  I want to feel myself inside her and fuck her brains out until we both collapse in ecstasy.

She’s moaning louder now,  reaching up to me,  pulling me closer,  her hands round my neck pulling me towards her,  I’m almost lying on top of her now, my hand is still stroking her as she starts to shudder,  pushing her thighs together and her tummy has those little sharp jerks that she can’t control.

I’m still touching her, but I slow down, letting her relax, letting her breathing ease back to normal.

But I’m still hard and horny,  kneeling above her,  pulling myself harder,  I can feel myself almost there.  She looks up at me and takes over as I come over her breasts.

Soon we are lying together,  cuddling,  my eyes have become accustomed to the darkness and in the moonlight, I can see that soft blush on her neck and chest,  her skin glowing slightly,   I have no doubts that this is what Van was writing about.

Can I just have one more Moondance with you?   My love!

Mondays – All Your Gold!

Hello you!

Monday .. Weekend over .. Back to the grind .. well pretending I’m working anyway.

That was a weekend .. in more ways than one and sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as expected.

The house move on Saturday did go as planned, my son pal and I cleared out dining tables, beds, emptied cupboards and, lofts and the garage, filled the van, dumped what needed dumping and put the rest in my garage.

If you need an almost new 8 place dining table or a beautiful small 4 seat glass kitchen table with purple chairs .. give me a shout!! I could Ebay them but I can’t be bothered with the hassle.

All good so far .. but closing the door .. the last time closing that particular door .. I have to admit I had a big tear in my eye.

A big hug from my boy and we were sorted .. door closed and move on.

Writing this is cathartic too .. closing doors and moving on .. but lets just say it was emotional!

Saturday night, took the guys out for a thank-you dinner and a few beers, went to see a one of my favourite local bands which cheered me up and home sober and happy at 12 .. slept like a baby!

Sunday .. cancelled the piano shopping .. bet you haven’ heard that phrase before!! 🙂

I went to watch the football with my son, pal and brothers .. sitting watching Celtic trounce Dundee 5-0, the game was secondary to having a good laugh with everyone.

Last night, picked the munchkin up form her Duke Of Edinburgh weekend at Armday House .. She had just complated a 10k hillwalk, fully loaded with her rucksack and was still rosey cheeked and looking pretty. But was desperate for a bath!!

All good so far? Kind of chilled, changing priorities, appreciating people and dealing with practicalities.

On Friday I met my good pal Stephem for a curry and a catchup. but he had to leave early as his wee one isn’t too well and he got a call to go home .. the wee one has been taken into Yorkhill with suspected Meningitis .. Some things put the rest of your world in perspective.

My feeling from the weekend is that people matter, friends and family, houses and stuff dont really count .. you can always get another house or more stuff.

Which takes me on to a nice clsoe with a song I heard in the car yestetday, All Your Gold by Bat For Lashes, I hadn’t heard this before but think it sounds fantastic and reminds me of Gotye’s – Someone That I Used To Know.

Having listened to both songs and watched both videos, I wonder if it the same female singer? I doubt it but they look and sound very similar.

All your gold doesn’t really matter, people matter.

Whatever you did, I hope that you had a great weekend.


Friday – Moving On Up – My Light Shines On!

Waaay-hay-haaay … Friday again!!

Bit of a biggie and not for concerts, dancing or walks.

This weekend is the last weekend I have with my house in Newton Mearns, I bought it in 1997, my first detached house, it was meant to be my house for life.

But things don’t always work out the way you planned do they?

Maybe I’m just a wee bit sad about it, but I moved out a long time ago, have my own place and I’m quite settled so why should I feel sad?

The reality is, the house has been an albatross round my neck, a big expensive house and an ex-wife who didn’t work and refused to accept that she needed to move out and move on.

So although we were divorced long ago, I paid the mortgage to keep the peace until last year when she moved in with her new man. Then bought her out, ripped it apart, refurbbished it back to being almost new and put it on the market.

I had swithered with moving back in there, it has a lot of good memories, the first night we moved in and Steven and Laura aged 6 and 7 at the time both had their own rooms, but wanted to sleep in their old bunk beds in the spare room which was thier play room. Telling them about the first house I’d been brought up with its outside loo and no bath and them looking at me incredulously wondering how people could live like that?

It was the house that Claire was born in … a wee chubby baby .. the biggest of the 3, now she’s a beautiful young woman.

But standing there in the hall even although its freshly decoratedl, carpets ripped out and replaed with new oak floors, it only brings back memories of a marraige falling apart.

So its much better to move on.

Am I sad about it? Yes .. its the end of an era?

Am I pleased about? YES ..even more so .. its the end of an era!! 🙂

What to do .. this time next week I’ll have a major lump sum in hand.

Pay off my current mortgage?
Change my car?
Go on a fancy holiday?

Hhhhmm .. I could do all that but their not actually necessary, I’m happy with what I have.

I’ll pay half the mortgage, keep some back but keep the payments the same to pay off the rest quickly.

I’ll keep my car, the merc is fine and I have the TT for fun .. no need to change.

What I will do is sweeten the deal for the kids, I’m siure they will feel a certain sadness too, so ..

For Steven .. I’ll give him a grand to go on holiay with his pals he deserves it, he’s been working and studying hard.

For Laura .. Her car has been giving her grief so I’ll take her out and buy her a new one .. well a year or two old.

For Claire .. I’ll pay her school fees in advance for the year ahead and pay for her school trips.

The rest .. I’ll stick it in a long term account and they can have it for deposits to their first flats.

Tonight, I’m meeting my best pal Stephen for a curry and a catch up, but I will be driving as Saturday will be busy.

Tomorrow, pick up the hire-van and clear whatever is left including my old IT kit and University stuff from the loft.

Tomorrow night, taking my helpers Alex, my boy and any of my brothers that turn up for a curry and a few beers.

Sunday … going to look at that grand piano. I’ve had my eye on one in McLarens for years and I’ve had the money for it since my mum passed away but used it for other things. So its my turn.

And a week in the sunshine would be good! 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my gibberings .. just pouring out my thoughts on paper.

What ever you are doing I hope you have a lovely weekend.


ps – hope you like my choice of songs .. moving on up .. moving on out .. nothing can stop me .. my light shines on!

11.1 – My Blue Eyed Boy!

Hey, where did we go?
Days when the rains came?
Down in the hollow
Playing a new game?

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl.l

We’d met straight from work.

Tapas and cocktails at the Blythswood Hotel.

I’d been feeling excited all day, I was really looking forward to this evening. I hadn’t saw Van Morrison live before. There had probably been opportunities but he wasn’t Andy’s or Lynn’s taste so the tickets were never booked.

Of course that was then, this is now.

This is a completely new game.

A new relationship and all the old rules change as new rules are created.

It has to be said that we’re still in the honeymoon phase. All I did was mention that I’d had an email saying that Van Morrison was playing and he booked the tickets.

That was a few months ago, back in our very early days. I like that about him, he’s easy going, but spontaneous and if he wants to do something he goes for it and he doesn’t mind how much it costs.

He says life is about having fun, not counting pennies.

I think we’ve both been very fortunate in our careers and life choices. Even if life hasn’t turned out the way we planned. We’ve both landed relatively lucky.

But then, we both believe that we make our own luck.

If you want to win the lottery then you have to buy a ticket and for both of us starting off in separate humble beginnings, education and hard work has brought its rewards.

I was working from home today, the boys finish school early on a Friday and mum was coming through to watch them later. The only downside was that I had to be home before the kids woke up.

A bit of a spoiler on a good nights fun really, But Mum isn’t too good at getting up early in the mornings and doesn’t feel comfortable driving on roads she’s not sure of. So the compromise was that she’d watch the kids for the evening as long as I was home to do the football run in the morning.

Sometimes you just need to take the deal on offer and make the best of it.

There was another little issue though. A bigger spoiler to the fun that I had been looking forward to. Unfortunately there wasn’t very much that I could do about it.

Sometimes Mother Nature just lets you know that she’s the boss!

I’d sent him a text about it earlier “Hi honey, looking fwd to seeing Van later, looking fwd to seeing you too! But I have a wee problem, ToM has arrived today, but don’t worry I have an alternative!! X”.

He obviously wasn’t too busy today as he replied quickly “That’s a shame babe, but don’t worry about it, I’m sure the alternative will be fantastic! J Looking forward to seeing you too. I’ll get you at The Blythswood at 5. x”

The Blythswood Hotel, oozed opulence and an almost decadent class from its modern crystal lighting to its fetish-like red velour booths which wouldn’t look too far astray in a Ditta Von Tess video.

This refurbishment of the old RAC Club is a new addition to Glasgow growing list of upmarket hotels. I think the popular posh term is “Reassuringly Expensive”. Paying over the odds just to keep the riff-raff out.

What the city fathers would like you to forget is that this area was notoriously famous as Glasgow’s red-light district. Where the local street-girls would hook up with their punters in the maze of lanes and alleys which criss-cross the area. There were lots of dark nooks and crannies to investigate those even darker places.

Now the hotel and the adjacent square are surrounded by lawyer’s offices and insurance companies. Some of the world’s biggest banks are just a few blocks away. Those deliberately nameless buildings full of people wearing grey business suits fitting into the corporate mould pretending that they care because that’s what they are expected to do. Tugging their forelocks and telling their bosses and HR what they want to hear because their bonus depends upon it. Who can blame them?

He works in one of these offices. He can see the hotel and a corner of the square from his desk on the 8th floor two blocks away. He is a freelance consultant for a bank, but says that he could never work on a staff basis as he doesn’t do politics. He says that he is happy to take the money but his attitude makes him unemployable. I can well believe that. He says that when he was a kid he would have been a punk but his mammy wouldn’t let him.

The hotel was quite busy when we arrived but there were no suits to be seen. Times are tough for everyone at the moment, even for the corporate suits and the Reassuringly Expensive.

It looked like there were lots of couples on dates on groups of girls on the spa weekends that the hotel advertises. We were there on a Groupon deal, half-price Tapas and a glass of Prosecco to get you in the door in the quieter moments.

The deal obviously works, as we followed on with a couple of rather expensive cocktails. Well they looked fantastic, far too good to resist and were mixed better than any other bar we had visited with the exception of Champagne Central. Two hours later and two cocktails for me and one for him, we’d had just enough to relax before strolling hand in hand down the half mile down Bath Street to the Royal Concert Hall.

The Concert Hall is one of Glasgow’s best venues, much smaller than the SEC but the acoustics and the seating arrangements are far superior. He’d booked his favourites seats again, the ones on the terrace off to the side stage, front row with a fantastic view and the bar only 20 yards behind you for the interval.

It has to be said, the concert could have been much better.

Van Morrison at his moody worst.

He had opened with the shortest version of Brown Eyed Girl possible.

It was a jazz version, not all that bad, but not that good either. It was really only enjoyed by the die-hards and the pretentious who would have applauded anything that the man cared to utter.

But it was self-indulgent and it killed the mood.

I had been really looking forward to hearing it too It’s one of my personal favourites and always gets my girlfriends and I up on the dancefloor.

“Do you remember when, we used to sing … Shalalalala ….”

But do you really know the words?

Does anyone?

Does Van?

It has to be said he does mumble!

Personally, I get the gist, the basics and just mouth along to the rest, all that really matters is the beat and the chorus, hands up in the air and singing with my pals.

What really did impress me tonight is that Van is actually a superb musician, switching seamlessly between guitar, piano, sax, harmonica and back again. All this while singing and orchestrating the band at the same time.

I’m not really a big fan, I have his Greatest Hits and love quite a few of his songs, Moondance, Bright Side of The Road, Gloria, Have I told You Lately.

The only other song he played that I recognised was Gloria, a real rousing chorus which had the audience singing along. G-L-O-R-I-A … Glooooooriiiaaaa!

But a mere 90 minutes later he was gone, no goodbyes, no dialogue. He just walked off the stage leaving the band playing for another 10 minutes. Some jazzy upbeat number where the band took turns to play their solos and demonstrate how individually talented they are. No doubts that these guys were a the top of their game, but we hadn’t came to see them,

Thinking about it, Van hadn’t even acknowledged the audience so why would he say goodbye?

Personally I did say goodbye. I’d heard about his moods and although he is no doubt a wonderfully talented musician, I felt disappointed and his lack of dialogue was rude and unacceptable.

We had a good chat about it sitting in The Blue Dog afterwards and agreed that we wouldn’t be rushing back. He asked the pianist to play Moondance as it was my favourite Van song. It has to be said that he played and sang pretty well and seemed to be enjoying himself. Some people work harder than the real deal.

We sat there for another hour, I was drinking Mojito’s and him sticking to soft drinks as he had volunteered to drive me home later.

It was very relaxing, romantic even, sitting holding hands, kissing and teasing each other about the options ahead, Should we go dancing or head back to his, he wanted to know what those alternatives were?

It was fun keeping him guessing.

He really does have intensely blue eyes, a twinkle in them when he is telling a story or clear and disarming when he listens intently.

Of course he let me know that he was being a martyr driving for the evening.

I told him that I’d make it up to him somehow!

Houses, Kids And Pretty Women!

Good morning to you!!

the legalities and processes of my house sale are now underway … the bids have been opened and the official legal offer has been accepted.

Everything is in a bit of a rush as the buyers are currently renting and would like to save paying another months rent.

The transfer date is next wednesday the 27th .. scarily soon.

The new lawyers have been in contact .. the last were sacked following the mess they made with the divorce.

This morning .. identity checks done .. what a pallava ..They say its the new money laundering regulations but I don’t believe this is necessary.

On the plus side .. it made me check my passport .. which is just as well as it expires next week and I’m off to Amsterdam at the end of March for the weekend.

Today – I need to get a van organised for the weekend as its the only time I have available for moving.

Not that theres much to move as the house has been sitting empty since last year.

The hardest part is going to be telling my daughter that its sold.

In other news .. the munchkin is freaking about her prelims.

Private schools, classes of 6-8, they push the kids pretty hard .. and she’s a wee worrier.

I’ve told her to chill out and that it doesn’t really matter at this level, but it’s in her nature.

I’m pleased that she’s conscientious, she will go far.

I have 3 kids, a handsome son and 2 pretty young women.

I’m proud of each of them but its amazing how different they are.

Steven is smart, but lazy. He has turned it around, but is stuggling to find a job despite his good degree in Microbiology.

Laura not as academic, but clever in different ways and a worker. She’s just about completed her nursing training.

She was my problem child, a bad combination of hormones, middle child syndrome and her mums temper .. scary! 🙂

She wants to be a theatre nurse when she qualifies .. not the kind of job you dream about when you’re a kid. I’m so proud that she has turned things around in recent years.

But Claire, my youngest, she is smarter than Steven and harder working than Laura.

She just doesn’t realise how much potential she has.

She also doesn’t realise how pretty she ihas turned out to be.

Hopefully her upcoming Duke Of Edinburgh weekends will help with her personal development and confidence as well as her education.

Bit of an unfocused gibber today .. just emptied my mind and dumped it on paper.

I need to get back to writing another few chapters for that book!

I kind of miss it.

Take care of you! ( Copyright the very beautiful Julia Roberts! )


Sunny Days and Mondays!

Hey you!!

If you read my last couple of blog entries, then you’d know that I’d had a bit of a crap week through circumstances outwith my control.

I actually wrote that last blog entry, about Good News, late on Thursday night, I was looking forward to teh weekend.

Unfortunately I woke up on Friday morning with a painful eye, I couldn’t look at light and even missed my work .. which as a “self-employed consultant” is so not me!

Friday and saturday spent in a darkened room, very light sensitive and feeling like sh1t.

Sunday feeling a bit better .. it was a gorgeous day in Glasgow but I couldn’t look at it.

Most of mine was spent fitting a new shower at my brothers.

Been a long time since I did anything like that .. but easier than I thought.

Today .. Sunny and gorgeous in Glasgow .. feeling good and enjoying the sunshine.

I’m currently sitting at my desk, looking out my 8th floor window down onto the greenery of Blytheswood square and wishing I was up at Loch Lomond on a walk.

Update on the Good news – The house sold to the highest bidder and has an early entry date in a few weeks time.

The 2 sealed envelopes were opened at 11am and I had a wee smile on my face when the guy who was trying to undercut me lost out .. serves them right for playing hardball when they were the only bidder and they could have had the house if they’d made a reasonable offer. So I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

I’m delighted that It sold for slightly over the asking price particularly in the current climate.

This was the house my three kids were brought up in, so needless to say there is some sadness in letting it go.

Love the song .. A house is not a Home .. its the moemories which are important.

Life moves on.

Maybe that in itself was the third piece of good news?

Hope you’re weekend was better than mine!!

And you’re week is on the up .. mine’s definitely is!


Friday – Good News!!


Friday again … back to the fun .. whoop-whoo!!

Well we will get there in a few minutes .. but its good news all the way!

Good News 1

I’ve been selling my house in Newton Mearns .. its not where I live but bought my ex-wife out last year after the divorce deal completed, ripped it apart, did it up and put it on the market a few months ago.

As you’ll be aware, even selling well maintained houses in the best of areas is slow right now.

But I’ve had a few viewers since the turn of the year and have a couple of bids around about the asking price.

So today .. its going to a closing date .. at 11am .. the envelopes will be open and hopefully I’ll get the price I’m looking for.

Good News 2

My youngest brother Stuart runs an HMV store and has been pretty worried since they went into adminstration a few weeks ago.

But he’s just texted me to tell me that he has been offered the job of running a brand new flagship store for a major brand opening in Edinburgh in April.

How cool is that … I am so pleased for him.

Right back to the fun …

A few weeks ago when I saw Les Mis at The Grosvenor .. which was fantastic .. have a read at my link from seeing the stage show in London last September.

Before the movie startred, we saw the trailers for The Flight. … check out the links to the trailer and the crash scene below.

Wow … the crash scene is stunning .. I think this is one of the best parts of a movie I’ve ever saw.

Denzel at his very best .. I really want to see this movie soon.

Tonight .. skipping the curry with my mate .. going to The Ferry to see a U2-2 .. they are meant to be the best U2 tribute band and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow .. who knows .. but The Flight sounds like a winner to me.

Do you believe that good news comes in 3s?

What other good news will the day bring?

Have fun!!


Online Dating – Ugly Ducklings and Funny Valentines!!

Happy Valentines day to you!

Saint Valentine the patron saint of lovers. I have no idea why!

I’ve thought of a few titles for this post .. playing around .. just for laughs.

My Funny Valentine
There once was an Ugly Duckling …
Beauty and the Beast.

You get the idea?!

Anyways, I have recently had a few coffee dates, nothing major, no dinners or dancing. No lines crossed or promises made.

I’ve met some people that I like but no-one setting my soul on fire.

Well okay maybe one.

Last week, I wrote about one of my dates J with whom I had a second date arranged last week. That was until she cancelled at the last minute stating ‘there’s not enough attraction’

I was perplexed at the time and wrote about it in the link below.

Well J got back in touch, she told me that cancelled her online membership.

She’s a nice person, we had a few laughs about her cancelling the date but didn’t arrange anything.

Meantime .. there were a few other developments ..

An unfortunate set of coincidences …

I was going to write about them .. I have written about them ..

But I was brought up believing that manners and discretion are the better part of valour.

So I won’t be putting them on here.

I have no bitternes or resentment .. sometimes thats how the cookie crumbles.

But it sickened me .. sickened me enough that I was giving up on dating altogether.

on Tuesday night after the football I was going to cancel my membership.

Fortunately .. time with my son and a good nights sleep .. made me rethink whats important.

Fortunately .. chatting to a few people that I’ve never met convinced me otherwise.

Online dating is difficult, putting yourself out there open to all and sundry .. you can be hurt.

But there are good people out there too .. I still believe that .. and that includes everyone involved in this story. Named or not.

Even when there is no chemistry .. you meet other souls along the way who suffer the same trials and tribulations from the liars, cheats and game players.

It affects people, messes with their head and brings out their insecurities.

I appreciate how that works. But it’s never been something which I’ve let get to me.

It just emphasises that making the right connection is so difficult and people deserve to be treated with respect and honesty.

By the way, If there’s any Ugly Duckling in this story .. it was me!

And you know what happened to him!

So for you .. my funny valentine .. whoever you are.

My funny valentine, Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart.
You’re looks are laughable, unphotographable
but you’re my favourite work of art

I love that song .. its about the unobvious beauty .. loving someone who isn’t conventionally beautiful because they have depth and their beauty isn’t skin deep.

So what ever you’re doing tonight.

If no charming prince has materialised to sweep you off your feet.

Just remember … like the song says .. each day is valentines day.

And theres always tomorrow.


Gigs – Paul Carrack – Tempted?

Good day to you,

I hope you enjoy reading my gibberings. I find it very cathartic to put my thoughts down on electronic paper.

Read tomorrows — I’m saving a goodie from my online dating experiences for Valentines Day!

I’m pretty much an open book .. pretty much .. but you never reallly know someone .. do you?

Naturally – That works both ways.

Have you ever read about Johari’s Window and its uses for self awareness?

Business bollocks more like … simplistically over complicating something which should be very natural and stating the obvious if you ask me.

Of course we have a public face that we project to the world
Of course we have secrets that we tell only to our closest friends
Of course we have things that we know about ourselves which we don’t share with the world.

Is anyone any different?

You would have to be extremely niave to share your secrets with the full world.

My advice .. don’t waste your time with psycho-babble, live in the real world and be honest with people.

Football last night – Ssssssshhhhh!!

Actually it was a good game .. but the result 3-0 defeat is pretty harsh.

In other news .. I had a drink and a chat with a temporary-friend the other night, enjoyed the conversation and they reminded me that Paul Carrack is playing Glasgow tonight.

Paul has an illustrious career haiing sang with Squeeze – Tempted, Ace – How Long ( Has This Been Going On ) and was the vocalist for Mike and The Mechanics.

I’m tempted to go. No tickets and who would I go with?

Hhhhhm!!! 🙂


Tempted by the fruit of another
Tempted but the truth is discovered

Celtic – Father And Son!

Hello to you!!

Tonight the world famous Glasgow Celtic play some relatively unknown team from Turin, I think they are called Juventus or something like that?

Seriously tho, these two giant teams of the world stage play in the Champions League knockout stages at Celtic Park tonight.

I am so looking forward to going to the game with my son. A pizza and a couple of beers at Parkhead Forge before the game and down early for a sing-song.

When Celtic last played Juventus back in November 2001, I’d not long split form my ex-wife .. 911 had just occurred in September that year.

Days that you don’t forget…. or should that be always remember?

My boy was 12 years old and such a huge fan already. He knew all the players names, for both teams, probably far too much FIFA on his playstation or Football Manager on the PC.

Going to the football was a great reason to keep us close, great for male bonding and showing him a bit of life and building shared experiences.

What a night that was, those stars of the world stage, Del Piero, Nedved, Trezeguet came to work their magic at Celtic Park and put up a good fight .. but lost.

What a team we were back then, Larrson, Sutton, Moravcik, Mjallby, Balde, Petta , Lambert and last but not least Neil Lennon often unsung but sweeping up in a midfield holding role.

A 4-3 victory to Celtic over these European giants, but we still lost out on the Champions League and dropped to the UEFA cup, where we had a fantastic run to the final in Seville losing to Porto.

Those days, are days that live long in the memory of a 12 year old boy and his old da.

Him sitting on my knee to keep warm, stuffing his face with pizza and all the guys around him patting hm on the head.

Almost 12 years later, we’re still in the same seats, same guys sitting around us .. but now my wee boy is 23, 6’2 and has a degree in MicroBiology from Glasgow University.

I am so proud of him .. even although he still robbing The Bank Of Dad on a regular basis .. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Son, if someday, you ever read this site .. you know I love you and memories are made of nights like these. I’m sure you will remember it more than I.

As for the football, obviously I hope we win .. but I don’t really care .. it’s the shared memories that are far more important.

Bring on the Juve!