Family Isn’t Always About Blood. #Scotland

Just had a fantastic weekend starting on Thursday night with a visit to Balmaha on the shore of Loch Lomond then a trip to Ardlamont Point south of Tigbnabruich with its fantastic views to the isles of Arran, Bute and The Mull Of Kintyre. 

There’s just something fundamental about wild camping,  no electricity or running water that brings you back in touch with nature and makes you realise what is important in life. 

The most important thing in life isnt money, clothes, music, concerts or everything that city life in Glasgow or Edinburgh provides.  All of wlich I enjoy to one degree or other. 

But it’s about having friends and people that care about you.  Having them around doing all the basic things like cooking together, helping set up tents, finding firewood,  sitting chatting about life rather than watching tv. 

It’s very grounding. 

New friends and old friends including  Jim and Tommy, my two best pals from childhood. 

People that know you from your earliest age,  like having another two brothers that know you inside out and will back you or give you it straight as real friends should. 

I love my 4 real brothers but family isn’t always about blood. 

A few pics below.   

How beautiful is the west coast of Scotland?

I count myself very blessed to have been born here. 

Balmaha Bay   
Loch Lomond


The Rest And Be Thankful   
Argylls Secret Coast – Kyles Of Bute


Ardlamont with Arran in background   

 Portavadie Marina


FREEEEEDOM!!!!  ūüôā  

The sun’s in the sky …

My last day of freedom ..  Back to work in Edinburgh on Monday.

Been a great few weeks of sunshine, holidays, ¬†hillwalking, pretending that I’m training but mainly sitting in the garden while I wait on the security clearance.

They say that the weathers going to break this weekend, ¬†so today I’m getting the roof down on the car, ¬†heading north and climbing a mountain.

Just cos it’s there.

Nothing too strenuous … ¬† Got some dancing to do at a 50th later.

It’s Friday and I’m feeling good!

Feel good tunes

Music from the blog

The sun’s in the sky .. You know how I feel …




By Yon Bonnie Banks …

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes
Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond

I love that song, it reminds be of my childhood and singing it at family parties …

But please please please save me from that Runrig version that often gets played at weddings .. it’s absolutely awful.

Kind of ironic that its played at weddings , ¬†when the full premise of the song is that “me and my true love will never meet again”

So there’s the blushing bride and handsome groom in the middle of a circle formed of all their family and friends belting it out .. missing the point completely.

Bit of a bad start to the old wedding nuptials if you ask me!

The song was written in 1746 by McGregor of Glen Endrick while in Carlisle prison awaiting the death penalty for his support of Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite Uprising.

The message of the song is that his spirit will get home by the spiritual road, ¬†the low road as he tells his friend to take the physical high road and he’ll be back in Scotland afore ye.

Last night, ¬†with the sun shining over Glasgow it was too good an opportunity not to head up to Loch Lomond and the place that sets my spirit free. Continue reading “By Yon Bonnie Banks …”