Alone Not Lonely?

Funny how sometimes the more things change,  the more they stay the same. 

It’s past 2am here,  I’m wired and can’t sleep,  no particular reason,  no stress or worries. 

Do you ever get that?

I’ve had a fairly shit week,  stomach bug and time off work.  

Complaining about time off work?  

Jeez .. must be bad!    🙂

Today I’m back to normal,    Whatever that is?  

I had the guys over for band practice, a few new songs,  well new to us,  but all oldies of course. 

Here’s the thing,  the boys went home at 11,  we had a good night and we’re full of the joys,  but two of them were full of apologies about never taking a turn at their house. 

“It’s the wife you see” … and so it goes on .. blah blah fucking blah!

Not that I mind,  it’s much easier for them to cart a guitar here than me pack the keyboard etc and get it to theirs.    

I’m not even complaining about providing free beer and pizza. 
( for the PC among you  .. they only get one beer if their driving  .. and fuck off with that zero tolerance shit )

What I don’t get is as none of them have young kids and we don’t wreck the joint like some wannabe rock n roll band throwing the new telly out the living room window. 

Then why would their missus complain?

It’s only fair that we should all take turns dont you think?  

Personnally,  I don’t think I could handle being in a relationship were my partner didn’t like my friends coming over,  even if we do make a bit of noise for a while. 

Ever heard a bunch of women get together?     I rest my case!

But maybe that’s why I’m single?

Probably not the only reason .. and that cuts both ways to be fair! 

2:45am and I’m wired to the moon,  I’m not sleeping tonight. 

Right now John and Tommy will be cuddled into the soft warm derrière of Gillian or Diane. 

Now maybe that’s why the guys come here ..  to keep the peace!  🙂

Anyhoo .. I’m alone but not lonely,  how could I be?

Okay maybe just a tad! 

It’s a big house and its a bit too quiet .. apart from that eerie scratching noise!   🙂

But I was browsing my previous blogs and came across these from over 4 years ago. 

The more things change!

Maybe it could make you sad if you dwell on it. 

Here’s the rub.  .. it’s a choice. 

But on balance think I’d much rather have a fat-bottomed girl to snuggle in the darkness

Addendum – Just in case you’ve read this and you do feel lonely. 

Please keep in mind that it’s transient, a temporary state of mind and it will pass. 

But help yourself,     if you’re unhappy with some aspect of your life then change it. 

I appreciate that takes time,  but you own it.    You can make it happen. 

Stay beautiful. 

Wolf – Unintended?


She had never intended to become his mistress.

That’s not what she signed up for when she met him online back in 2012.

Single he said.

Available he said.

Divorced,  grown-up kids,  fit, intelligent and oh so interested in her.

He plied her with messages,  funny, witty lines, building rapport and making her feel good.

She smiled and laughed out loud,  enjoying the attention and flattery, completely unaware that his wife was lying sleeping upstairs.

How would she know?

How would you know?

When a practised player plays you so well?

That’s the mistake most women make online when dealing with players.  The obvious liars, cheats and chancers are easy to spot,  either playing the field sitting online but not replying as they have 10 conversations on the go,  or ghosting away because the wife is around or coming on too strong too soon and upping the ante to a sexual banter within a few messages to see if you are interested if that’s what you’re looking for. Continue reading “Wolf – Unintended?”