Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Well trains cancelled, nothing running from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The wind has been awful overnight.

Strange when Edinburgh was blanketed by a beautifully blue sky yesterday and the castles was bathed in golden sunlight. P

Im having a lazy day, listening to music on spotify and playing piano. Will need to sort out the parking for Edinburgh later as we are off to the theatre.

Wicked the untold story of the witches of Oz sounds like fun. Been wanting to see it for a while and too good a chance to miss.

How beautiful is the video link below? Cheered me up on a dark cold winters morning. I really want to go there. The soundtrack is by the genius Ludovico Einaudi, if only I had a tenth of his talent.

Edinburgh Castle from The Grassmarket


Logical, Cynical, Presentable, A Vegetable?

I don’t know if you have read this previously but I started a diet a few weeks ago.

In under 8 weeks, I’m taking my 3 kids on a cruise from Rome to Sicily, Athens, Crete, Turkey and a few other places and want to be tanned and toned .. before I go!

I bought a beautiful new shirt from Pink last week, a medium just that bit too small for me, but my target is to fit that before I go.

So, I’ve stepped up the exercise and been watching what I eat .. most of the time .. certainly during the week.

Today, I had my lentil soup, no bread or roll with it, I’m cutting down on the carbs .. or so I thought.

I’ve still not had any tea today and no sugar. I even avoided the doughnuts that someone brought in for my team.

Good stuff, keep focussed, we will get there, slowly but surely .. I thought.

But with no carbs at lunch, how come I was going into a really heavy carb coma?

If I had’nt just eaten I would have thought it was energy dropping due to lack of food.

However, check the link below …Lentil soup is 22% fat and 56%carbs .. whit!!

Thats me on the salad at lunch the rest of the week.


PS – I’m looking forward to seeing Roger Hodgson of Supertramp fame at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday.

His last solo gig at the Paviliion was jam-packed and fantastic, a truly great songwriter of thoughtful lyrics and stunning melodies.

Monday – Time Warping at 3am

Monday again … Feck!

Actually Monday 3am,  wide awake and will need to be up for work at 7am .. Feck!

And the reason for this insomnia?

I’m actually completely knackered,   but the wee one is unwell,  burning up and has flu like symptoms.  So I’m in dad-mode giving her plenty of fluids and occasional paracetemol.

She’s been ill since I picked her up from her mums earlier this evening .. yesterday evening.

Apart from that,  I’ve had a lovely weekend,  the right balance of family and fun.

The family party on Friday was fantastic,  dad, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins .. I’m so blessed.

My day out in Edinburgh on Saturday was superb,  again I find myself enjoying myself more on the east coast than the west . and hating that admission.

We arrived at 2 and had a tour of the pubs,  from Waverley Station to The Usher Hall.

Cafe Royal – Great pub for the over 40s,  very like Glasgow’s Horseshoe Bar,  the food looked good too.

The Voodoo Rooms –  Cocktails to die for,  my choices Mother Earth and a Benzini .. and Corona on the side of course!!

By then time was burning ..

A quick drink in Le Monde – nice place,  slightly pretentious .. not as much atmosphere as the previous two bars.

The Standing Order – Walked in, walked out again,  Its neds-ville and a real dump of a place .. Witherspoon’s get it sorted.

By contrast,  The Alexander Graham Bell another Witherspoon’s pub at the far end of George Street,  great pub,  A bottle of Prosecco, 2 pints of Stella and a plate of Chilli Cheesy Nachos all for 25 quid .. hard to argue with that business model.

What a great way to go to the Australian Pink Floyd concert ,  just the right amount of happiness infused.

The show, like the Glasgow gig a fortnight ago was fantastic,  these guys fill The Usher Hall and The Clyde Auditorium,  an amazingly atmospheric experience,  they have obviously invested in the light and visual effects and as musicians they are outstanding.

Later, back up to George Street,  Fingers Piano Bar,  I was impressed with the vocals of the pianist and my only complaint is that the prices are a bit OTT,  maybe we were getting used to Witherspoon’s value!    But then it was free to get in and you get nothing for nothing these days.

We had been intending to run for the last train,  but were having too much fun to leave so early.  So it was a late night bite form sub-way and the last bus at 2am,  bit of a sing song  with some other guys who had been to the gig .. now that is a weird experience .. singing Pink Floyd songs on a bus with a group of strangers.

So folks, especially you Glasgow folk, if you can,  get to Edinburgh,  try a few of the places listed above .. you won’t regret it.

As coincidence has it,  I’m back out east over the next few weekends.   I am really looking forward to Priscilla Queen Of The Desert  next weekend and The Rocky Horror Show the week after .. outfit already bought and a classy little boutique hotel already booked .. there is no way I’m coming back on a bus dressed like Doctor Frank N Furter!

Now its 3:30am and I still can’t sleep!

Tomorrow,  today,   work at 9 .. oh no .. Lets do the Time Warp Again!!


Friday – Good News!!


Friday again … back to the fun .. whoop-whoo!!

Well we will get there in a few minutes .. but its good news all the way!

Good News 1

I’ve been selling my house in Newton Mearns .. its not where I live but bought my ex-wife out last year after the divorce deal completed, ripped it apart, did it up and put it on the market a few months ago.

As you’ll be aware, even selling well maintained houses in the best of areas is slow right now.

But I’ve had a few viewers since the turn of the year and have a couple of bids around about the asking price.

So today .. its going to a closing date .. at 11am .. the envelopes will be open and hopefully I’ll get the price I’m looking for.

Good News 2

My youngest brother Stuart runs an HMV store and has been pretty worried since they went into adminstration a few weeks ago.

But he’s just texted me to tell me that he has been offered the job of running a brand new flagship store for a major brand opening in Edinburgh in April.

How cool is that … I am so pleased for him.

Right back to the fun …

A few weeks ago when I saw Les Mis at The Grosvenor .. which was fantastic .. have a read at my link from seeing the stage show in London last September.

Before the movie startred, we saw the trailers for The Flight. … check out the links to the trailer and the crash scene below.

Wow … the crash scene is stunning .. I think this is one of the best parts of a movie I’ve ever saw.

Denzel at his very best .. I really want to see this movie soon.

Tonight .. skipping the curry with my mate .. going to The Ferry to see a U2-2 .. they are meant to be the best U2 tribute band and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow .. who knows .. but The Flight sounds like a winner to me.

Do you believe that good news comes in 3s?

What other good news will the day bring?

Have fun!!


Michael – Dancing With Angels!


hows it going??

If you saw my last couple of posts then you’ll know I was at Dirty Dancing with my daughters on Frday and had a great time.

Dance is such a powerful medium to express yourself .. I’m not claiming to be any great shakes .. but I do know how to enjoy myself and I love to lose myself in the music.

When I dance I can be on the floor for hours except for a quck drink now and then.

Theres nothing quite like the fun of interaction with a partner who is enjoying themselves as much as you.

Well there is but keep it clean!

My personal beliefs .. are that if you can’t dance .. if you don’t want to dance .. then you are losing out on so much of life.

Dancing is an echo of our former animalistic selfs, it’s a mating ritual and at its most basic level .. If you can’t dance .. you can’t express yourself in all other physical areas .. particularly where delicateness, subtlety, rhythm, timing and power are required.

You know what I mean!

Thats just my personal opinion of course .. you might know differently.

Would you believe .. and I kid you not .. that I also have a Guiness World Record medal for Salsa dancing back in 2002!

Check the link below .. I did that!!

Glasgow Salsa Guinness World Record

12 Lessons at Scotstoun Sports Centre with the most gorgeous Cuban female instructoir .. Boy did that gal know how to shake it?

Apparently she’s still out there doing her thing .. I only did the 12 lessons and left at that for various reasons.

Anyhoo .. the day of the GWR was fun, I wasn’t meant to be dancing as the girl I did the lessons with was on holiday that week.

But I took the kids along on the Saturday afternoon for fun.

Fortunately for me .. we bumped into 7 ladies from the class you’ll notice 2 into 7 don’t go and someone needed a partner.

So after a bit of encouragement from them and some feigned reticence from me .. I accepted the offer and was up there front and centre for the record attempt.

A 30 minute lesson and a 10 minute dance .. where my kids pointed and laughed the full time .. and we had the world record.

What a great day and I still have the medal tucked away safely!!

Anyhoo, my dad wasn’t well this weekend, so I spent Saturday night at his.

We were watching movies on tv and came across one of my favourites from the 90s. Michael featuring John Travolta.

He’s a fallen angel, on his last visit to earth where he has a mission to match up the cynical William Hurt and the lost Andie MacDowell.

I love this following scene .. it makes me smile and makes me want to dance more.

So my new New Years resolution is to get off my ass and join a dance class.

Chain Chain Chain …


Michael – John Travolta

Dirty Dancing With Beautiful Girls!

Hi there,

Dirty Dancing was fantastic. Those dancers are all so talented.

I loved the show my girls did too.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Sitting near the front in the gap to the left of stage and Johnny walks right past us before jumping up on the stage and doing the baby in the corner line.


My girls and I were up on our feet but they warned me not too take pics of them.

But I’m a proud dad so of course I did!!

I hope you’re having a great weekend.





Friday – Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner!

Hello ….

well its friday again .. and don’t you just LOVE it!!

Tonight .. at long last .. Its time for Dirty Dancing!!!

I’m taking my daughters Laura and Claire to see the 7:30 Edinburgh show.

Outf of here at 4 .. Meeting the girls in town, train out east .. dinner booked at Near the theatre for 5:30 ….

Then across to the Playhouse, down to the bar .. order a drink for now and one for the break .. perfect!

This is the third time we will have saw the live show, London, Glasgow and now Edinburgh.

At the London Show at The Aldwych Theatre, it has a very similar layout to the final scene in the film. A central corridor up from the stage where they do the final lift.

We were sitting directly at the end of that gap, 30 rows back, where the corridor splits left and right to the central exit doors.

As the cast are getting ready for the final song, there were footsteps in the background coming over the speakers .. then Johnny came through the door, walked past us, down the the corridor to the stage,

Cue the pregnant pause .. Nobody puts Baby In A Corner .. the place went mental.

Tonight .. We have great aisle seats. near the front of the stage .. but not too close .. row 10 .. I can’t wait!!

Excited … you betcha!!

I’m a dancing bhoy remember?? Ever wondered why?

If you get the chance .. just go!

In fact .. make the time, find the time, grab a friend and book the seats.

Having “The Time Of Your Life” is guaranteed!

Tomorrow .. no plans .. go and see my dad .. he’s not been too well.

Sunday .. it would be great to go a walk up Conic Hill or somewhere to blow the cobwebs out and stretch the legs.

Whatever you are doing .. have fun .. but I’ld bet that you won’t be having as much fiun as me!!


Dirty Dancing on tour.



hows it  going?

Happy 2013 to you,  I hope that you had  a wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!

I spent mine with family,  Christmas day I took my dad over to my brothers for dinner,  later in the evening I came home and my 3 kids came up.

A nice night with them,  nibbles, monopoly,  just like we did years ago .. then watched Mrs Browns Boys .. so funny.

She reminds me of my old Irish granny .. love that show to bits.   the following episode where she had been hypnotised was genuinely side-splitting.

So .. its 2013 .. lucky for some .. right?

Whats your resolutions?

Mines are pretty much the same as last years ….. is that good or bad?

  1. Take Chances.
  2. Tell the truth.
  3. Fall in love.
  4. Sing out loud.
  5. Laugh at stupid jokes.
  6. Spend all your cash.
  7. Apologize.
  8. Tell someone special how much they mean to you.
  9. Tell a jerk what you think.
  10. Laugh til your stomach hurts and your eyes water.
  11. Live life
  12. Have no regrets

How many of these did I actually accomplish in 2012?

A list .. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 .. and 12 with caveats.( caveats??!! )

Some are much easier to achieve than others,  I love stupid jokes and often laugh til my sides split ..

A biggie was telling my jerk of a boss to piss off and changed job .. that covers a few .. taking chances etc.

Apologies .. they’re easy .. I don’t often do wrong and if I do then I say it ..  and only say it if you genuinely mean it and try to make amends.

I do live life .. just look at my concert diary and next year is just as packed including taking the girls to dirty dancing on friday,  Priscilla and the rocky horror in edinburgh around feb /march,  James, the Stranglers, Australian Pink floyd ( twice),  Ludovico Einaudi, Bruce Springsteen,  thats just off the top of my head.

I forgot T In The Park .. first time and booked a Pod .. none of thats sharing dodgy loos with the scruff .. my own loo and shower .. thanks very much .. whoop whoo!

I love spending all my money .. its stupid I know .. but I’m generous and my mates can be .. well fecking tight .. and that includes my best mate.   Who will often take out just enough to get him through the night .. except if we ever go on to shots then I end up taking the hit and on the taxi home!    Not that that happens often and not since he had the twins a year past.

Falling in love ..telling someone special how much they mean to me ..  did that!

12 is a toughie .. as I’m a softie .. I do have regrets .. I could have made changes .. but I’ve learned from it .. doesn’t mean they aren’t there .. just move past them and don’t do it again.

So what about 2013?

I’ve already managed quite a few including being out with my brothers and cousins last night … so plenty of stupid jokes and I’m proud to say I went out with 100 quid and spent the lot ..  no regrets

Falling in love .. hopefully .. there just isn’t enough love in the world.

So .. bring it on 2013!

Whatever your new years resolutions are .. I hope you succeed.


Ps – Just thought of my other resolution .. finish that goddamn story!!   🙂

Mrs Brown Does a Striptease!

Friday – Both Ends Burning!


Friday again .. don’t you just love it!!

Did you like my last post ..  I’ll bet that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it and putting my head in that situation?

Today .. Tickets For An Evening With Bryan Ferry go on sale at the Royal Concert Hall and The Usher Hall.

I’ve booked my favourite seats already ..  you know the ones .. Roxy and Bowie ..  some of the music I grew up with .. how could I miss?

My favourite Roxy song is Both Ends Burning .. you can feel the passion in the lyrics .. it makes the skin on the back of my neck feel hot!.

Please don’t ever let me down
‘Cause you know I’m not so sure
Do I have the speed to carry on
Burn you out of my mind, I know
You’re a flame that never fades
Jungle red’s a deadly shade
Both ends burning, will the fires keep
Somewhere deep in my soul tonight
Both ends burning
Burning …..
Burn …..

My favourite off beat song of theirs is If There Is Something .. whih is complete pish til 1 minute and 40 seconds then kicks up a gear.

I would do anything for you
I would climb mountains
I would swim all the oceans blue
I would walk a thousand miles
Reveal my secrets
More than enough for me to share

Fantastic live. – Filmed in Glasgow apparently .. they were fantastic 2 years ago when I last saw them

Anyways .. whoever you are,  whatever you do .. have a great weekend .. get your tickets booked ..

Me ..I’ve already started my Christmas shopping,  My daughter’s new iphone5 arrived yesterday and she has it at school today ..  big softie eh?

Tonight a curry in Shawlands with my pal,      I feel like going dancing.   Don’t really care where .. unlilkely tho!!   😦

Tomorrow  Christmas shopping in Glasgow,  Sunday going to Edinburgh for the day,  Christmas Markets and The Dome for dinner later on.

Take care of you!


I Love Fridays – I Feel Like Fred Astaire!

Friday again!!!

I love Fridays.


Cos I hate working!

Actually that’s not exactly true.  I used to enjoy work and still get an intellectual challenge from it. That keeps it interesting.

But I’ve been doing this for so long in different places, banks, utility companies, engineering that I’m not challenged and I can do this in my sleep.

Being well paid helps tho!

Given the choice,  this shit or some other shit for half the money,  I think I’ll stay were I am!

But I’d much rather be on a beach!

Today, iPhone in random mode playing songs from my feel good playlist.

A roll and sausage, potato scone and brown sauce in the way up to the office.

Headphones on all day!

Today,  James tickets go on sale at 10am.  I’m really looking forward to seeing them in April next year,  might go and see them elswehere too.

James,  such a talented, but underrated band.  Great songs of love and lust.  Upbeat and poignant.

A few samples from the last concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall below ..

If you look really closely,  I’m in there somewhere with a dear friend of mine.

Sing with me …

I believe in happiness
I believe in love
I believe she fell to earth
From somewhere high above
I believe in hollywood
Dont believe that love must bring despair
Cos when I hold her in my arms
I feel like Fred Astaire

Isn’t that superb?

Sometimes …. When I look deep in your eyes … I can see your soul!

Tonight, dropping the wee one off at her mums then meeting my mate in Shawlands for a curry.

Maybe a late night beer,  who knows!

I love Fridays!