The Unheard Voice … 

It’s General Election Day in the U.K.     

This one has been called pretty soon after the previous one when David Cameron won in May 2015. 

Because the current prime minister Theresa May didn’t have an overall majority and was riding high in the polls so called the election to increase her number of seats. 

But here’s my issue ..

Who would you vote for?

Personally none of them,   It pains me to support any of these weak conniving agenda driven loathsome parties. 

Maybe we should look at each party’s manifesto and choose the one most aligned with our own viewpoint.  

But what happens when none of them do? 

For example,  Labour seem strong on social justice but are weak on immigration and will continue to allow the country to be flooded with people on the take without a proper immigration policy.  

Conservative … ha .. liars, weak,  say one thing and do another.  Ruined communities all over the UK. 

SNP … agenda driven manipulatiors.  Only want independence even although Scotland can’t afford it. 

Lib Dem … who?  

Minor parties … might as well not bother. 

So you understand my apathy.    

But I’m not alone.   Have a look at the following stats.

The Conservatives won the last election with only 24% of the people registered to vote,  Labour were second with 20%. 

But look at the non-voters like me,  34% of people who are registered to vote choose not to. 

We choose not to be part of party politics because they don’t represent us. 

You might say that’s weak,  that wasting our vote allows the winning party to ride roughshod over us. 

And you’d be half right,   It does allow people we find disdainful to run the country.  But it isn’t weak. 

Compare these stats with high number of people who voted for single decision votes like BREXIT or Scottish Independence. 

On those the voting turnout was high.    

 The people including those apathetic to party politics turned out in high volumes and voiced their opinion. 

Now imagine you could harness that vote,  capture that unheard voice and let it speak on the issues,  not the parties. 

Why not?

We all have unique National Insurance numbers and Passport numbers,   We have internet access. 

So why not let the people vote on all of the big issues directly not let these be decided by the parties. 

Let the existing parties present their agenda based arguments but let the people decide,  not the MPs controlled by the whips and your individual vote is lost.     
This isn’t democracy.  It’s an illusion of it.    

It’s a choice between a poke in the eye or a kick in the balls and I refuse to take part in their game. 

Let’s kill off agenda driven party politics and deal with the issues. 

You might say I’m a dreamer,  but I’m not the only one. 


Work Stories – Objectives?

Don’t you just hate the bullshit that you sometimes have to go through as an employee?

Six monthly appraisals and annual objectives,  what a pile of shit,  a tick-box exercise designed to show that the company are making an effort,  when in actual fact they don’t really care about you or your circumstances.

It’s bullshit … and I hate bullshit.

This is my first staff job in 20 years,   Prior to taking this job I’d been self employed,  IT Consultant with various banks.

Why did I go staff? Continue reading “Work Stories – Objectives?”

Naive, Incompetent or Corrupt? .. Buy VW?

Don’t you just love it when some big corporation gets caught cheating?

Volkswagen have been caught with their pants down in the USA  for using a “Defeat Device”  to cheat the normal exhaust emission texts that take place in the EPA Laboratory’s.

Apparently all VW diesel engine cars since 2009 have been fitted with this software which can detect when the car is in the laboratory and adjust the engine management controls to minimise NOx outputs but turns the cheat off during normal on-road conditions to improve performance.

Totally immoral obviously and poses a number of questions.

Continue reading “Naive, Incompetent or Corrupt? .. Buy VW?”

Too Much Is Never Enough.

So it’s official,  bankers lie and illegally manipulate interest  rates …

Are you surprised? 

You’d be the only one.
Today, former city trader Tom Hayes was jailed for 14 years at Southwark Crown Court for manipulating the Libor  rate,   This is the the lowest rate available and generally what banks charge for interbank borrowing on a huge scale. 

You or I won’t see this rate,  but if we are lucky our mortgage rates could be as low as Libor plus 2%. 

Interesting reading in the report from the BBC,  apparently this guy is the “first” to be prosecuted,  so it begs the question who else knew?

The article goes on to reveal that everyone including the CEO of the bank knew .. but it was all a big secret and Hayes was even told not to send emails on the subject .. Obviously because this was traceable and eventually used in his prosecution. 

Even more interestingly,  this criminal was initially cooperating with investigators from the Serious Fraud Squad but then changed his plea to Not Guilty and his legal team. 

Does that smell to you?   

That perhaps someone else became a bit frightened of the repercussions and made him an offer?

I often work in banking on the IT side and have frequently dealt with traders and what a bunch of obnoxious arrogant bastards they are.

Some of these guys and one in particular that I know fairly well are paid more in annual bonuses than most of us wil earn in 10 years.   

With that kind of money on top of your already high income,  then what is their motivation to manipualte the Libor rate.

Pure and simple greed. 

The most basic failing of human nature,  do you think because this prosecution has went through it will stop?

No,  because you’re forgetting,  people are greedy,  people who are driven by money are greedier than the rest. 

The complexity of today’s banking world of complex financial instruments,  makes the regulation and detection of financial crime even more difficult. 

14 years is a hell of a sentence, even if he only does 7,  but as a deterrent, it’s not enough.  

Even if they do go after him and the others involved under the proceeds of crime act,  it still isn’t enough.

Love this scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street …  Sing with me. … Hhhhhmmmmmm mm mm .. Waah! 🙂

More Strong Independent Capable #Women?

I don’t know if you  noticed it but “Clare’s Law”,  the Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme came into operation across the whole of Scotland yesterday. 

This scheme gives a partner or third party concerned about a friend or relative,  the right to apply for disclosure of their partners suspected history of domestic abuse or violent behaviour. 
In the six months of its trial period, there were 59 applications of which 22 resulted in disclosure.    

An indication that the majority of cases have 37 from 59 have no abusive history to disclose despite having suspicions. 

That doesn’t make them abusive,  or clear them,  it just means there is nothing to report. 

Either that or the person being reported is not actually abusive but the person applying may have their own malicious reasons to apply, possibly a third party trying to put the mix in. 

Unrealistic?  I don’t think so,  the pettiness, maliciousness and self interest of people never ceases to amaze me. 

Despite that,  having been on the receiving end of domestic abuse,  I’m all for disclosure,  it can only be a good thing.    If it saves one unfortunate soul then it’s fine it’s job. 

As a guy experiencing it,  it goes unreported because what guy would report it?    

You walk away.  Simple. 

Reporting it would only seem petty and result in lies and counter claims trying to justify the unjustifiable.   

It’s easier just to walk away particularly when you are capable of standing on your own two feet and have no ongoing dependency on the abuser. 

But here’s what I’m wondering,  at which point should a person have the right to pry into someone else’s, a partners background?

Define partner?   

Such a vague term,  clearly not someone you met last week,  so should that be based on the duration of the relationship?   

Or on the level of commitment?   I wouldn’t think you’d have to be living together to have concerns.  

Personally I think that it should it be because the person suspected of previous domestic abuse has demonstrated some dubious behaviour?
But if they have demonstrated dubious behaviour,  do you really need to apply for their history?

What if the person has no history to disclose?  

Does that make their behaviour any more acceptable?

Wouldn’t it be better just to get out of the relationship at the first sign of jealousy, controlling behaviour and/or verbal or physical abuse?

Okay,  that’s the ideal,  but it doesn’t really work like that does it?  

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if you’ve been in that kind of relationship,  then the one thing you know for certain is that  you wish you’d got out earlier in the relationship as the warning signs were there. 

How many times have you seen a friend in a long term relationship were they can’t be themselves because of a controlling or jealous partner? 

You listen to their stories and you’d like them out of it,  but they don’t leave,  either through fear of the consequences, fear of being alone or because they have emotional and financial commitments with that person, children, house, mortgage, financial dependence. 

Having listened to people’s stories over the years,  women in particular will put up with some amount of crap from an abusive or controlling partner because they’ve bought into the situation,  had kids,  it’s about more than them. 

If that’s the case the person doesn’t need disclosure,  they already know. 

What they need is support from friends, family and social services. 

In the longer term, If we take it as a given that unfortunately most perpetrators of domestic abuse are men,  then what we need is strong women who will not tolerate that behaviour and avoid being in a dependent situation by having their own career and income. 

Strong, independent, capable women that’s what I like and want my girls to be. 

If they happen to have a man in their life’s then it’s because they choose them,  because they want them, not because they need them. 
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Application form

You Win Again …

So it’s Election Day in the UK.

Who do you vote for?

There’s hardly an outstanding candidate is there?

Cameron?  The public face of the Tory party,  snivelling, lying,  telling us anything to stay in power.  Meanwhile covertly privatising the NHS which is unacceptable.

As a working class guy from shipbuilding,  now in banking and doing okay for myself,  kids at private school blah blah blah.

Some people have said,  I’m middle class but I’d rather cut my penis off than vote Tory.

Never forget your roots where this lot destroyed communities during the miners strike or sold of the national silver by privatising all that we as a nation owned such as BP, BT and the utility companies?

Where did that small fraction that was mine go?  I didn’t get my share to sell it off.

No, they sold it to their own,  now they charge us plenty for the privilege.


Clegg?  The liberals had some decent policies but blew it when they got into bed with the Tories.  No amount of backtracking by Clegg makes up for that.


Miliband – Well intentioned but just not charismatic and can he back up the pledges now carved in stone?

Labour list the last election because Gordon Brown was a good chancellor but not charismatic enough to be a leader.


Sturgeon – I’ve never liked her,  never liked the way she put her arguments across constantly nodding her head insisting she was right as if disagreement wasn’t allowed and not accepting a different opinion.

Add in the fact that I’ve never really trusted the SNP and their legacy of being Scottish Tories.

But it has to be said,  apart from that sexist “Woman’s Pledge” policy,  wee Nicola has been the outstanding debater of the campaign trail.
Green – A joke party who’s polices are idealistic but don’t work.

Their campaigning to get road lanes turned into cycle lanes has really pissed me off with there tailbacks all over the place.


UKIP – Lets not go there.

Okay let’s!

A racist party?

To be fair to them, I disagree with that argument.

I don’t think they care what colour or creed anyone is,  they just want to stop the country becoming overrun by migrants regardless of their origin.

But what other policies do they have?


Besides I can’t help feeling they are just Tories in disguise.
So who do I vote for?

A kick in the balls or a poke in the eye?

The choice of lesser evils?
It’s easy to say who I wouldn’t vote for but putting an X in a box means I lend my support,  which I don’t because I don’t believe in any of them.

Sad to hear about the death of Errol Flynn of Hot Chocolate yesterday,  I remember his music well as a kid with his white flares on Top Of The Pops.

My favourite of theirs …  You Win Again

Anyone but the Tories please!



The Politics and People of Wrath .. 

Did you know there was a general election soon?

You may have guessed as the tv is full of various politicians kissing babies, meeting with pensioners, promising that they will look after the NHS and our pension funds. 

It’s all lies, false promises that they can’t or won’t deliver. 

But you know that already. 

It looks like there will be no clear majority and another coalition,  possibly an extension of the current conservator / liberal coalition or a Labour win with a possible coalition with the SNP so they have the seats to get their policies in place.    

Even the conservatives may have to collude with the SNP as the liberals are quite frankly fucked after they sold out to the Tories for the current coalition and will probably lose their seats so a second coalition is unviable. 

It’s an interesting situation,  the Labour  and Conservative Parties both trying to argue against and court the SNP.    Wee Nicola arguing against them, pushing her case for more power to the Scottish Parliament but knowing that more SNP seats in Westminster and a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives will give her the extra bargaining power to get more powers including taxation devoted to the Scottish Parliament. 

Here’s the thing …  

We live in a so called democracy?  

But do you trust any of these fuckers ..  Sorry professional liars. 

Our democracy is a choice between a poke in the eye or a kick in the balls. 

Where no matter how you use your vote it gets lost in party politics where the person you voted for dare not go against the party whips. 

You’re individual vote is so diluted that It’s utterly pointless.  

We need to remove party politics and professional politicians who have never lived or worked in the real world and have government by the people for the people where we use our unique passport or NI numbers and the Internet to vote on the major issues and let the policians be administrators for the will of the people dealing with the smaller issues in support of the main issues. 

Big rocks first, small rocks later etc.  

With the courting of the SNP by the labour/ Conservative party I’m reminded of the last lines of John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes Of Wrath where the family leader and matriarch Ma Joad puts the struggle and politics of the time in perspective. 

[last lines]
Ma Joad: Rich fellas come up an’ they die, an’ their kids ain’t no good an’ they die out. But we keep a’comin’. We’re the people that live. They can’t wipe us out; they can’t lick us. We’ll go on forever, Pa, ’cause we’re the people.

Something’s never change. 


That Ma Joad quote above could equally apply to the situation with Rangers over the past few years as they’ve have all sorts of charlatans come and go including David Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green,  Mike Ashley and now the convicted tax fraudster David Cunningham King. 

I have many friends who are Rangers fans,  it’s became boring winding them up about the fiasco that their club has become.  Some of my friends can’t actually discuss football because it hurts too much. 

I get that,  I’d feel the same.   

The problem is and the difference with the Ma Joad situation is that were Ma accepted that her family’s poverty and struggle was inevitable.   My friendly Rangers fans have a deluded superiority complex and believe that they should be at the top table and because they’re not it’s everyone else’s fault. 

That’s what happens when you expect perceived sugar daddies to own your club and you expect them to bankroll you instead of living within your means. 

Nothing changed there either. 

Meanwhile the famous Glasgow Celtic go onto another league title …   It’s getting boring now!   🙂