La La Land?


I’m a fan of musicals.

There I said it,  I’m completely 100% straight and wondering why I need to explain that .. but I love musicals,  always have,  always will.

Possibly because I used to watch them with my family,   my Granda was a big Jolson fan, Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby,  Gene Kelly,.  Then my  mum from a later generation loved Calamity Jane, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma etc..

My dad,  a Sinatra fan loved anything Rat Pack related .. for example Pal Joey or On The Town .. not exactly a musicals .. more films with singing.  He also loves West Side Story,  possibly relating it to the gang related culture of his youth.

Musicals were a big part of my upbringing because of these family influences.    I put this down to the escapism these films provide from the drab poverty of Glasgow slums.   My folks watching these elegantly dressed singers and dancers in their perfect techni-colour worlds .. even although back then they only had black and white tv sets.

Last night,  having watched the 10 minute feature on the latest musical La La Land on Now tv,  I found the film on my Kodi box,  the quality was excellent,  but got to tell you .. and this might be unfair as I only watched the first 10 minutes .. I was bored.

It just wasn’t exciting enough and felt contrived and hard work. Continue reading “La La Land?”

Wild Is The Wind?

You touch me … with your kiss my life begins
You’re spring to me
All things to me ..
Don’t you know you’re life itself?

Undoubtedly one of my favourite Bowie songs,   originally recorded by Johnny Mathis but made popular by Nina Simone.

Bowie recorded it for his Station To Station album after he met her after one of her shows in Los Angeles in 1975.

Something about that song,  the minor key,  the lyrics,  the passion and desperation of Bowies voice just grabs me,  gives me chills and a longing deep in my chest.

Isn’t it wonderful that music can have that effect?

Tonight Joanne Shaw Taylor the British Blues/Rock Guitarist/ Vocalist  plays the ABC, Glasgow.

Can’t say I was aware of Joanne til fairly recently,  but her sixth album Wild is a winner and well worth a listen.

Guess my favourite track?

Can’t wait to see this later.


No wonder women are fearful?


Lunchtime and I’m catching up on the news and came across the following two articles on the BBC news pages.

In the first,   the chairman of UKIP,  Scotland is found guilty of calling random women and sexually harassing them.    He has been released on bail with sentencing to take place next month.

Bail?  Why?   Why allow this guy his freedom when he has been found guilty?

Shouldn’t wrong doing not only be punished, but seen to be punished with immediate consequences?

In the second,  two professional footballers are found guilty by a judge of raping a drunken woman where she was in no fit state to give the legally required consent to sex.

Scandalously,  the woman in question had to take a private civil Rape case to have her two assailants brought to justice.    The first of it’s type in Scotland.

I wonder if now that a senior judge has found the men guilty,  the Procurator Fiscal,  ( the Scottish equivalent of the Crown Prosecution Service ) will reconsider and bring these animals to criminal court for summary justice and some jail time?

No wonder women are fearful of men.

With animals like these they have every right to be.

But what makes men think they can objectify and dehumanise women?

What makes them think that they have any right to treat any women like that,  whether they know them or are complete strangers.

As a man,  I find these people shameful,  no punishment is enough.

But taking a wider view,   it seems that male education is needed in what is unacceptable and the consequences need to be made tougher.


Footballers found guilty of Rape in private prosecution.

Former UKIP Chairman admits Sexual Calls



Train Stories – Manners!

This might bore the fuck out of you … but I’m a creature of habit.

It’s not deliberate but if something works, then I tend do it again .. and again.

Most days, going to work I have my morning routine.   I wake up at 630 even although my first alarm isn’t until 715.

It takes me a while to get moving, bit of a browse, you know the kind of thing .. Continue reading “Train Stories – Manners!”

Do blame it on the sunshine!


Like me,   today is possibly  your first day back at the grind after over two weeks of doing nothing but celebrating and chilling.

Jeee-susss .. how hard was it to drag my sorry ass out of bed this morning?

If you live in the northern regions,  I’m sure that you struggled just like me.

I’ve been out the office since 16th December,  using up holidays and an imposed absence by the bank on consultants over the period.

Am I complaining? Continue reading “Do blame it on the sunshine!”

Merry Christmas To You! – Appreciating The Moments!


How you doing.

It’s 2330 where I am,  last train home and a little drunk and full of Christmas cheer.

I’ve had a good wee night with brother number 2 and his missus,  a Blondie and Pretenders tribute bands at the ABC.   The music of our youth, bouncing around and back to when we were boys.

Later in Ad-Lib, drinking cocktails and sitting-down-dancing with the young DJ  playing more music from our youth – Prince, Grandmaster Flash, Chic etc … this PYT comes over and asks if we were brothers … obviously!

Me and the brothers,  all four of them,  all different but all the same.   You take on one and you take on all,  that’s the way we were brought up.

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