Is there a time for keeping a Distance?

Is there a time for keeping a distance?
A time to turn your eyes away?

Is there a time for keeping your head down?
For getting on with your day?

Is there a time for combs and lipstick?
A time for cutting hair?

Is there a time for high street shopping?
To find the right dress to wear?

Here she comes
Heads turn around
Here she comes
To take her crown?

I’m so proud of my young daughter last night. 17 years of age and a beautiful young woman. She was selected as one of four models for her schools charity fashion show.

Claire insisted that I come along to lend my support.

Unfortunately, she forgot to tell me that it was a ladies night!!

So there was I, one of two men amongst 200 woman in their heels drinking bubbly. The other guy was with his wife.

To be honest I was more than a little embarrassed and felt like a fish out of water.

But I loved it!

Particularly when my darling daughter sashayed and strutted her stuff along the runway.

Fortunately the head mistress let it be known that I was there to see my girl so there was lots of friendly chat and complimentary comments.

Love this song, Miss Sarajevo by U2, particularly when Pavarotti’s vocal lifts it to a different level.

Is there a time for keeping a distance?

Beauty Speaking? #IndyRef

Last night on the train home from Edinburgh,  I sat in a 4 seat booth facing backwards and diagonally opposite probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

As I stood,  taking my jacket off,  I took a moment to drink her in.

Late 20s,  long blonde hair carefully cut,  Black fitted dress showing her shapely figure, just the top of her breasts showing over the high sweetheart cut,  very tasteful, feminine yet discreet.

As I sat diagonally opposite her .. well it would have been weird to sit beside her and invasive to sit directly in front of her.

Don’t you know the unspoken rules of train seating etiquette?

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