Intermittent Fasting – 6 Month Review

You fat B   .. you fat B… 

My scales did their best impression of the audience greeting Roy Chubby Brown as I stepped on them after being for a week’s holiday in the sun.

That was July last year and I was my heaviest weight ever .. ever ever!

If you look back on my blog then you’d see that  I’d already hit my heaviest in March 2018,  did some exercise and cut the carbs and lost a stone I wanted.

But this time,  I had exceeded that high weight by another half a stone,  partially due to pressure of work,  long commutes making long days and comfort eating.

I was having the carb coma after eating carbs at lunch and if I’m honest with myself I was worried about becoming diabetic or  having high blood pressure and the more severe health issues that come with that including heart disease and stroke,  particularly as my dad had a stroke around my age and although he’s 85 now he’s partially immobile and it has affected his quality of life.

At 16 stones that did it .. enough was enough.

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Work Stories – The Hills Have Pies?


The fat family.

Two men and a woman,  all mid-50’s,  white hair,  podgy faces and bodies.

They moved up to my area recently,   currently seated directly facing me two banks of desks away.

I don’t know anything about these people, I’m sure they are lovely, intelligent,  hard-working,  all that good stuff.

But here’s what I noticed .. they all look exactly the same .. like some sort of clones who have been fed a strict diet of McDonalds.

Face,  body,  hair  … All very similar.


Absolutely no idea .. apart from the fact that they talk non-stop and are constantly stuffing their already fat faces.

Do you think that they are good people are bad people?

Get real for fucks sakes!

How can you possibly make such a decision on so little information?

Of course they are good people,  holding down a job,  earning a living for their families.

Even if it is just the one family!    🙂

But don’t confuse being fat or old or grey with being incapable.

That would only say more about you than them.


Train Stories – Double Ds?


Or maybe in this case … Buy the bra! 

When is it wrong to stare at a women’s breasts?

Or should I ask … When is it right?

She is sitting directly in front of me now on the 1707 from Argyll Street.   She’s early 50s, round face, functionally cut, home-dyed hair, size 20. 

She’d probably describe herself as curvy.


From the logo on her tight polo shirt, I can see that she’s works in retail at one of the bottom-end clothing stores. 

I’m trying not to look, but you know that way that you just can’t help but notice somethings, then once you do then you can’t stop staring, or at least stealing a furtive glance asking yourself are those for real? 

I’d guess that she has size Double D breasts, not that large for a woman of her size. 

But what caught my eye is that her bra must be a size C at most and half of her boobs are spilling over the top as the material struggles to hold her in.  

She must have bought this bra many years ago or has recently gained a lot of weight and not updated her underwear drawer. 

Now like every other red-blooded male on this train I like breasts, we are programmed to look and appreciate. 

But somethings are just wrong! 🙂

Perfectly Imperfect Progress? … #poetry #humour #health

Progress not perfection
That’s all I want to make
I don’t want to be a model
Get real for heavens sake. 

I’d like to get much fitter
Maybe lose a little weight
But it seems to take forever
Going at my current rate

I’ve tried some magic pills
And every miracle cure
Now I know that’s all rubbish
So let’s try a way thats sure

I’m going to cut the sugar
The french fries and the wine
And start going out walking
Just take one step at a time

By summer I’ll be slimmer 
And not worried about my gut
I’ll be feeling better about myself
Not stuck in such a rut

So join me on my journey
Lets see what we can do
We can make our progress together
And you’ll be perfectly imperfect too!


Right .. Confession time .. I am at my heaviest ever.

It’s more than I like or want to be and I’m feeling it.

All these journeys to Edinburgh for 3 hours a day and lots of good living are taking their toll and I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

Time to change that.

So putting some numbers on it, I want to lose 14 pounds by the start of August which is 8 weeks away. 

That’s just under 2 pounds a week and should be do-able with slow steady progress. 

Feel free to join me or kick my arse if I don’t. 🙂 

Obesity – The New #Disability?

The European Court Of Justice has just ruled that Obesity is a Disability .. in certain circumstances.

The court said that if obesity could hinder “full and effective participation” at work then it could count as a disability.

Hmmmm ….

If that’s the case then in my experience, they better start counting stupidity as a disability too!

Okay .. to be fair .. the Judges said that obesity in itself was not a disability – but if a person had a long term impairment because of their obesity, then they would be protected by disability legislation.

The problem for employers now may be that they will have to give fat people access to disability parking etc.

When what they really should be doing is putting their parking spaces a few blocks away .. a little tough love goes a long way.

The problem started when some 25 stone, 160Kg Danish child-minder was so fat that he couldn’t bend down to tie the kids laces.

When he was made redundant because he couldn’t perform his tasks, he claimed unfair dismissal saying he was sacked because of his obesity.

His employers stated that the reason he was made redundant was because of a downturn in work he was deemed surplus to requirements.

I honestly don’t care that the guys fat, that’s his choice .. personally I think it’s a consequence of long term lack of self-discipline.

But If he cant do his job then he should be shown the door just like anybody else .. , fat, slim, any colour, any creed.

People should be employed on their ability not their lack of ability. So what right does he have to expect special treatment?

Don’t you just love that kind of high level judgement being imposed upon us?

How much did that cost out of our Euro-budgets for some committee to debate?

Train Stories – The Sideways Lean!

He just sat across from me ..

This large fat guy, taking up the seat and a half opposite in the 4 seat booth as we hurtle towards Edinburgh.


I’m not really bothered about that,  that’s his business.

But he’s chucked his sandwich and juice on top of my folded newspaper that I’m currently reading and fully opened and spread his paper flat out across mine.

That’s just intrusive,  you Inconsiderate bastard.

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