Unfinished Business – Prologue

When was the last time you fucked an airline hostess?

Doctor? Nurse? Barmaid? Waitress? Teacher? Police Officer?

Do you and your mates have a trophy list?

Like kids collect cards of their favourite football players?

Do you collect their underwear and keep it in a drawer underneath your bed?

Do you talk about these women in the pub, compare notes, discuss the intimacies of what you did with who?

Did you?

Have you?

Well you ought to fucking grow up.

Women, regardless of their career aren’t toys to be collected.

Personally I like to keep my memories in my head, those treasured thoughts of what I did with whom, when, where, what we ate, where we went, what music we liked.

But thats really none of of your business.

Somehow these private thoughts have never lost their clarity and sometimes all it takes is a piece of music or the scent of a particular perfume to take me back to some other place and some other time.

Still it’s not every day you get to fuck an airline hostess,

Marie arrived straight from her shift, 7 day long haul to Barbados, most of the time her own except for a day spent on an internal shuttle to Greneda and back.

She said that she was looking forward to seeing me,  even although most of her texts had been attempts to make me jealous as she lay by the pool, or that she was out for the evening, dancing with her friends and colleagues.

The jealousy was working!

As arranged, she sent me a text from the airport letting me know that she was back in the country and on the way.

I’d had a sense of anticipation all day,  an excitement rushing through my veins,  I couldn’t wait to see her.

I had an empty house and spent most of the day preparing for the night ahead,  cleaning, hovering, changing sheets.

As the time of her arrival became closer,  I turned the lights down low,  her choice of music playing,  the fizz was already on chill.

I wanted it to be good for her,  I wanted her to feel special and desired.  I wanted her to come again.

When her text arrived I ran her bath,  but 15 minutes later as she arrived dressed in her uniform like a goddess from an airline commercial the bath was forgotten.

It was still dark at 5am as she dressed to go home,  she liked to be there for her daughter waking up.

She was looking around the room, picking up discarded clothes and dropping them on the bed  “Have you seen my thong?”

I shook my head “I’m sure it’ll turn up” hoping she didn’t see my smile in the darkness.

But I was a different guy back then.

Image borrowed from Virgin Airlines,  how hot do these girls look?

Unfinished Business – Pt3

Later that night,  he lay in bed thinking about her and wondered why she had got in touch out of the blue again.

Was she genuinely interested in how he was or did she have a gap in her life and feel a bit lonely knowing that he would be available and was always a good listener and put a smile on her face?

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Unfinished Business – Pt2

The moment that i came through the door of the restaurant, I knew that it was him.

He was mid conversation and side-on to my viewpoint, but he hadn’t changed at all in the two years since I’d last seen him.

Two years since our short lived relationship ended,  it probably only lasted six months in total and we only got together once per week at most,  but it was great while it lasted.

Incredible to think that it was two years since I’d  spent a night of fun and frolics at his,  making love,  laughing and chatting half the night.   But then for some reason,  that I can’t explain, our circumstances, both of us having busy life’s,   it just never happened again.

There was no big fall-out,  no arguments or tears, our emails and calls just dried up and stopped apart from the odd email every few months,  then there would be some communication back and forth but there never seemed to be the desire to see each other again.

Even although two years puts a lot of water under the bridge, It was fairly predictable that our paths would cross sooner or later.

We both enjoyed the same music, the same bars,  it was a matter of when not if.

When it happened,  a Sunday afternoon in May,  the location was somewhere we had went together frequently,  The Oak Tree Inn at Balmaha was a particular favourite after a walk in the Loch Lomond area.

From first glance, I could tell that this was his new girlfriend and his daughter from the pictures that I’ve seen of her over the years.

They were looking at the menu and sharing a joke,  it was obvious that they are close.  I doubt that this is the first time that his daughter has met his new girlfriend.

How did I feel?
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Unfinished Business – Pt1

He  hadn’t seen Marie in 10 years,  apart from a brief awkward conversation sitting in a restaurant with his daughter and his partner of the time.

If the truth be told, back then, they still had occasional emails,  was it because they had so much in common?

Was that the only reason that they retained contact?

Or was it because there was an attraction and unfinished business between them?

Even although there had been a few years since they had last seen each there hadn’t been a fallout or angry parting words.

So where was the harm in an occasional innocent friendly conversation?

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