So what’s wrong with me?

3am and the world is dark

Everywhere except the blue-white light from my phone.

Fell asleep on the sofa .. again.

There was a message from her waiting when I woke up.

Asking if I was awake and wanted to talk.

I wasn’t and I didn’t.

She says that she misses me.

I miss her too, but not enough.

Not enough to make the effort, invite her over, spend the night wrapped in her arms.

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Changing The Future For The Better?


A friend of mine was recently telling me about the depression he suffers,   how it is always there even when he puts a brave face on it.

I would never judge him,  how someone feels is how they feel .. they can’t help that, even if things are better than they percieve,   it’s a mind-set and difficult to break out of.

It’s too simple to say to someone that they need to look around and appreciate how lucky they are .. good home,  great job,  a decent regular income.

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It’s The Loneliness That’s The Killer .. #humour

Friday again,  sitting on the train to Edinburgh reading The Metro,  an article on loneliness caught my eye.   It claims that loneliness is as big an issue and killer as smoking and obesity.

The article even predicts a “loneliness epidemic in the future”

Oh yeah … so you can catch it can you?

Warning – Don’t hang around with sad lonely people then!

A previous study found that loneliness is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

What an unbelievably stupid statement ..   it makes the research a complete fucking hoot .. does no-one actually reality-check this nonsense?

I’ve attached the equivalent article from The Daily Mail and the research paper from New Scientist that it’s based on below.

Okay,  I’m being harsh,  jocular,  I understand how it feels to be alone in the crowds.

There is something really horrible about being alone in the crowd  that you don’t fit in,  but it doesn’t shorten your life,  it’s a temporary thing and you change it and associate with people who you do get on with.

Go hang out with other train-spotters for example you saddo!

But don’t these researchers get it .. more people are choosing to live alone ..  it’s choice.

Or they live alone through circumstances.

For example,  I have my 2 daughters with me,  but they’re in their rooms most of the time .. does it make me lonely .. occasionally .. but that’s what friends, the internet,  modern communications are for.

Statistically and the graphic is from The Office Of National Statistics,  single person households are now the largest proportion of homes in Scotland,    growing from 13% in 1961 to 35% in 2013.

Why .. because most people either live alone .. or at least claim to be .. so that they can claim their 25% council tax discount.

Who would believe that!

We might be alone,  but we aren’t lonely,  that’s a completely different thing.

Song for today …

Brothers,  sisters … it’s the loneliness that’s the killer!

So you want to be free
To live your life the way you wanna be
Will you give if we cry
Will we live or will we die?

Tainted hearts heal with time  ….

You betcha!   

 Anyways’  .. it’s meant to be my last day in Edinburgh today .. but I’ve extended my contract by a week to help them out and hopefully my new contract back in Glasgow kicks off soon,   meantime a week in the sun would be good.