About Me!

Some background ..

Divorced over 10 years ( 2004 officially )
I am the proud dad of my 3 grown up kids – 25,24 and 18
We have a great relationship and they are all doing well.
My 2 daughters live with me most of the time.
My son and I have had season tickets at Celtic Park since he was 5 years old.

Once upon a time I started working as an apprentice in the shipyards.
But now through the magic of education and hard work I find myself in Banking.
I’m a self employed systems analyst,  DBA,  solutions provider.
Whatever pays the wages.
But it’s just a job.

I’m really a writer, a pianist, a dancer and love live music
I love to cook ..  and my mum would have been amazed at that.
I enjoy socialising, spending time with family and friends.
I also enjoy holidays, love city breaks and weekends away.

Life is good .. and I have a pretty complete life.

If only we could turn back time. Start over again, but keep the knowledge and experience we have now.

Would you change it?

I wouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect but it’s not been too bad either and I have been blessed with three fantastic kids that mean the world to me.

Who would change that?

So seize the day and make the most of it. We pass this way only once.

Love laugh and try not to hurt anyone.

Email  – DancingBhoy@gmail.com

Twitter – @DancingBhoy

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