Eight From The Eighties – Day 2

Day 2 of my 8 songs from the 80s. Thanks Alan.

Although technically not an 80s song as it was first released in 1977 on the Talking Heads 77 album, it did nothing at the time and only became part of public consciousness in 1984 as part of the bands Stop Making Sense tour. 

That full album is fantastic and I have the video in a few different formats. 

Even now those first few beats of the bass drum and guitar strum are unforgettable and make me want to dance. 

Back in 1984, this was a regular at the swavvey Savvy in Glasgow and that and Slippery People had the crowd jumping.

I was a young engineer working in Newcasrle for most of 84,  12 hour night shifts building the new Ark Royal aircraft carrier in Swan Hunters shipyard. 

We worked 10 days straight and home for 4,  the weekends home were catching up with sleep on the Friday and dancing on the  Saturday. 

Happy Days!

I’ve seen David Byrne in concert a few times since then,  he often tours with the projects he works on with lesser known groups such as St Vincent. 

But who really wants to hear that when he has such classics as this?

Eight From The Eighties! – Day 1


Day 1 of my favourite or meaningful music from the 80s as nominated by my friend Alan.

80s music is largely forgettable pop rubbish, but there are some real gems in there,  but I’ll get to those later.

But first and somewhat controversially as I’m a huge fan of his earlier work. David Bowie’s Lets Dance was the end of an era where he went from rock to pop and chasing commercial success. 

Shortly after the album was released, I went to see him play Murrayfield in August 1983 and it was a fantastic concert. A good mix of the new and classic Bowie songs. 

More about it here. 


I’m still a fan, always will be, the Bowie tribute I regularly go to see are fantastic. They were in great form last  night at The Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow. 

But Bowies next album Tonight released 1984 with the cringeable Loving The Alien was the end for me until the reality tour in 2003. 

A Slimmer Denzel Washington … @cheyshakurr

I was on twitter recently and commented on a post by a @cheyshakurr, she’d posted a pic of her grandfather Gil Heron when he played football for Glasgow Celtic.

I’d commented that he was a handsome man and reminded me of a slimmer Denzel Washington. 

Gil was the first black professional player to play in Scotland and the first to play for Celtic signing on 18 August 1951 and scoring on his debut, but only playing in 5 games before being released the following year, He played centre-fotrward and was known as The Black Flash due to his pace.

Gil is the father of the bluesoligist Gil Scott Heron, who’s most well known song The Bottle was frequently played in the jazz-funk clubs I went to as a kid in early 80s Glasgow .. that was when I could get in!

Last night, I was at my dads, watching Man United in the Champions League, the gulf between them and my team Celtic is vast these days, 10 years ago we could compete or at least hold our own, but we’ve went backwards, lack of investment and the investment that has been made has been poorly spent.

We were chatting during the game and I was asking my dad if he could remember Gil Heron, to my surprise dad said that he had met him personally.. 

Dad, aged 16, was a prefect in Saint Anthony’s Boys Guild in Govan, he played football for the school and they occasionally had visits from Celtic players or management. 

On the day in question, dad was was training at the Saint Ants pitch when there was a visit from Celtic players Sean Fallon, Joe Bailey and the new signing Gil Heron. 

Gil had recently scored on his debut for Celtic in a 2-0 win against Morton in the Scottish Cup. 

Sean was the Celtic goalkeeper in 1951 when Celtic won The Scottish Cup and went on to become Jock Steins right hand man, Stein of course was the manager when Celtic won the European Cup in 1967. 

The visitors joined my dad and his team on the pitch for a brief kick-about, then dad and the rest of the boys guild then went down to St Anthonys church halls and were given a talk by all three footballers.   

Gil was a bright funny man and happy to meet everyone, my dad was telling me that he did impressions and a particularly good Humphrey Bogart.

As the Celtic players left, he shook my dads hand.      

Small stuff, but I like it and my dad remembers it as if it was yesterday.

 Thought I’d share and pass on to @cheyshakur 

More on Gil here. 


And heres his son Gil Scott Heron playing The Bottle.  Love that song and it’s social message. 

Work Stories – Wage-Slaves?

Standing on a train packed with workers returning from work,  most dressed in various shades of grey with their faces in matching pallid winter colours.  

There aren’t many on this journey with the permatan of the well paid management staff that I often work with.  

It’s just after 5,  at the bank I’m now working back in Glasgow.  No more travelling for a while. 

A few minutes ago, the  clocked ticked one 60th of a revolution and there was a flurry as the majority started to put coats on and head for the door. 

Does that demonstrate lack of commitment?   Because their work is backed up or project running behind?

Absolutely not.  

It demonstrates a sense of priority and commitment to family rather than employers who would have them working  24/7 if there wasn’t contract law dictating working conditions. 

It’s a balance,  you give what you have to to get the wage you need or the best wage you can get for your efforts. But it’s a job nothing else. 

Wage-slaves some smart ass once called them,  probably someone without a real job or a family to support,  a Tory or a champagne socialist up his own arse with his political ideals but completely forgetting that people have families to feed. 

Seems to me that the real wage-slaves are the management who stay late or work extra hours in the evening to catch up with stuff that they manage but don’t actually do. 

You know the type, management by spreadsheet,  sitting there in his nice suit colouring in the cells to highlight what’s complete and what’s outstanding.  

Like a professional monkey,  to him,  it’s a numbers game,  he barely knows the detail or the difference between the simple issues and more complex ones,  he just sees that he has so many green red and amber and they all need to be green. 

He completely relies on his staff to deal with the details. 

So why does he work these extra hours when he can’t actually deal with any of the issues or change anything in the spreadsheet?   

Let me tell you?

Because this manager has another manager and they spend most of the day talking high level bullshit that never really happens because to them it’s all about ticking boxes, not dealing with technicalities or dynamically changing issues. 

The boss manager,  he definitely has a permatan,  you know the type,  sharp suit,  grey hair,  always talking positive, but really doesn’t have a clue. 

Every Friday on dress down day, he thinks he’s Steve Jobs or designer man,  every item of clothing has a label from his Gucci shoes to his Marco Polo polo shirt. 

It’s designer,  it has to be,  it’s the mark that  he believes separates him from the masses, the ordinary workers who can’t afford to wear designer to work and are struggling to make ends meet enough as it is. 

But here’s the thing,   these management guys or gals are just like everyone else only they’ve sold out the time with their families for the corporate dollar. 

So what if they earn more, bigger house, bigger commitment, bigger divorce settlement or estate to leave to their kids that they barely know particularly if they’ve divorced and work too much to spend time with the kids. 

At the end of the day the most important thing a person has or can give you is their time. 

5pm and that clock ticks and I’ve got my coat on like everybody else. 

So should you!

Blind-Sided … Part 2

Ellen Barkin

Would you dance with me?

She asked, an almost pleading look in her eye as they meet mine waiting on a response. I studied her face as I took a moment to consider …

Would you dance with me .. not will you dance with me .. not hello, how are you?

This tall good looking red-headed woman stands before me, she’s elegantly dressed, trendy but tasteful and 15 years younger than I am.

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Work Stories – Jiggle?

She’s walking towards me now. 

5’4, shapely, fitted dress, long dark blonde hair and mid 40s.

I’m lost in thought gazing into space and sorting out some logical problem in my head, but something about her catches my attention, draws me back to earth.

She sees me change focus and for a moment our eyes meet. 

But it wasn’t her eyes that I was looking at, it was her breasts jiggling as she walked towards me. 

I’ve never been a breast man, or a butt man, or a leg man .. Everyone’s different and everyone has their individual merits in the attraction game. 

I like to think that I consider the overall package, how it fits together, but there are a few must haves ,, a few well if you’ve not got that well I’m not really interested. 

Take b00bs, since we are on the subject …

What’s the point in going out with a girl that doesn’t have any? 

You’ve been there . getting rib-cage in your face when what you want is your face filled with feminine softness. 

Or for that matter, what if what she has isn’t actually very nice .. inverted n1pples or breasts sagging like spaniels ears .. no thank you. 

The problem is that it’s one thing looking, but you never know that until you’re half way down that road, paradise by the dashboard light and at that point who is going to “stop right there” for a trivial variation from your ideal? 

I reckon a perky jiggle is a good decider without getting naked. 

Not small, but with enough volume to bounce a little as she walks, and not too big, not massive as there’s no way that the undulations of her walk are overcoming gravity. 

What guy doesn’t like breasts?   

We are made to, it’s in our genetic programming, these sources of nourishment and femininity are very comforting to have in your face. 

Anyway, she passed, I’ve never spoke to her, but there was a moment. 

For some reasons, she’s stopped short behind me and instead of going where she was going, she has about faced and heading for her desk. 

She walks past me, wiggling, that little piece of extra weight on her hips .. love handles, the bit that we like to grab hold off. 

But make no mistake, she has a waist even although she’s carrying a few extra pounds. 

It’s about balance, excessive fat is bad, but who wants a skinny mini? 

Personally I reckon that a few extra pounds in all the right places is what God made women to be. 


Just a thought about Jiggle or Wiggle .. never thought of it before .. but jiggle is for breasts and their up and down movement, wiggle is for butts and their sideways movement as she walks. 

Interesting read here some research linking breast size to lifespan. 


There’s also a science in gaming developed to model the dynamics of the jiggling breast. 

Who would believe it!!  

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to you whether you’re in a relationship or not. 

If you’re in a relationship and you’re happy then you’re lucky.  Stay with it, cherish it,  do something random to make  them feel special and not just today. 

If you’re single and happy then more power to you.  Sometimes it takes strength to fly solo. 

If you’re single and looking then good luck,  but you need to buy a ticket to win the lottery.   So think positive and get back in the game. 

If you’re in a relationship and unhappy. .. time to change it.   Change can be painful all that emotional and financial heartache but there’s a brighter future on the distant horizon.  You need to stay focussed on that when the pain gets too much. 

Sometimes you really are better off alone.