Wolf – Red Card?


It didn’t take much, it was the smallest of small things, or so I thought at the time, but then she was gone.

Was it me?

Was my understanding so different to hers that what I perceived as trivial, she perceived as a sacking offence?

A straight red-card, sent off the field of play for ungentlemanly conduct without as much as a goodnight kiss.

I thought about it later, obviously not that night as I was drunk at the time, chatting to someone on the last train home and driving up the short journey from the station because the normal laws that apply to everyone else don’t apply to me.


Does that offend you?

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A Harbour In The Tempest?

She tossed him away like a used condom
Last nights love still oozing in its head
Then she stepped on it
His head full of love now wasted
Splattered around her feet

Why?  .. he pleaded
But the answer didn’t come
Only the blinking dots showing
She was considering a reply
But didn’t
Why should she?

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What I hate about holidays …

Sitting by the pool feeling a bit bored,  just had a snooze in the sunshine,  apparently I was snoring …

As if??

But with little to do I decided to make a list of two ..just to remind me at some point in the future. 

What I like about holidays …



Meeting new people

Seeing new places

Chilling out by pool listening to music

Eyeing up the talent … What?


Walks along the prom or beach 

Getting dressed up for dinner

Wearing my shades and cowboy hat

More sunshine 

Reminding people back home that I’m on holiday. 

What I hate about holidays …

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The Platform Lovers – Raspberry Toast!

Carol Ann had enjoyed a fantastic night with Graeme. He had been the complete gentleman, insisting that he paid for dinner, the cocktails before and the drinks in the club after.

It was fortunate that they lived close to each other and he dropped her off in the taxi on his way home.

They’d had a very hot snog in the back of the cab, kisses leading to tongues, his hand reaching across to pull her towards him, then staying there, moving up her side almost cupping her breast, but stopping short, staying away from the bikini zone.

She could tell that he was thinking about it, that all he needed was the slightest encouragement from her.

She was thinking about it too, well it had been a while.
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The Man Who Sold The World! #DavidBowie

Tonight Toni Visconti and Woody Woodmansey play the ABC Glasgow.

A Bowie festival with two of the original Spiders From Mars, Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 on vocals and Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet on sax and guitar.

They are playing Bowies early and most underrated albums The Man Who Sold The World from start to finish then finishing on a load if hits from the Ziggy period.

Check the setlist below.



Cruising – You Can’t Go Back!

Back again ..

Sitting at my desk on a grey Glasgow Monday, looking out my window over Blytheswood Square as dark clouds envelop the city, it’s not raining yet, but it’s on its way.

?The Deacon Blue song Raintown is playing in my head ..

“It’s a rain dirt town job hurts but it don’t pay”

I’m sitting here wishing that I was back cruising the Med, visiting interesting places and lying in the sun all day.

Let me start with .. Royal Caribean cruises are fantastic .. Full stop!

My 3 kids ( 24, 22 and 15) and I had the most amazing time, we were looked after from start to finish, fantastic food, all the cocktails or beers you ever imagined and fabulous entertainment.

But you could get all that with a 5 star hotel too?

The difference is, that you don’t get to see all the exotic places that you only ever heard of in history books or glossy magazines.

Rome, Sicily, Athens, Kusidasi, Ephesus, Crete.

All those places from the ancient world steeped in history and legend, wandering round crowded ancient streets, The Vatican, Colliseum, Pantheon, The Acropolis, Temple of Zeus far too many to name.

Then back onto your 5 star haven, watching the ship depart, lying in the sun with the waiter bringing cocktails .. magic.

Dressing up for silver service 4-course dinners, my son in I wearing hired tuxedos for the formal nights.

The entertainment at night was first class, everything from salsa dancing, nightclubs, piano bars and broadway shows .. then heading to the all night cafe and filling up on pizza slices .. cos we were somehow hungry!!

I’ve never had all of that in any 5 star hotel I’ve ever been to.

The only downside to the holiday … No freely available internet access, it was expensive and only available in certain areas.

But .. that turned out to be a good thing too as it meant my kids and I spent time together rather than them disappearing to chat with their friends on messenger or facebook etc.

The other downside .. we are now spoiled for any hotel based holiday .. it just wouldn’t be the same.

As we visitied the various ports along the way, seeing other cruise lines and speaking to a few travellers about their experiences, Royal Caribean are definitely the best, with the most modern ships and best service.

I am totally delighted with my holiday experience and cannot fault it in the slightest.

Right, serious diet starts today .. that weight I lost beforehand has all reappeared .. somehow!! 🙂

The Platform Lovers – 3

He sits there, his face red in the June sunshine, but there is much more to his face than this weekends sunburn.

His gnarled nose, criss-crossed by scarlet veins prominent against the otherwise ruddy pink of his skin gives his history away.

He’s frowning, but for no reason, because that’s what he does, his right arm balanced on the frame of the window as he watches the world pass him by.

And it does pass him by, no-one even gives him a second glance as he sits there watching people come and go around him. They all appear to be busy but no one wants his business.

He can’t hide his bitterness, it sucks the life from him, it’s darkness is more obvious than the alcohol damaged nose.

But his attitude remains defiant in defeat “Don’t talk to me, I don’t want to know, I’m not interested in anyone except me and fuck you for asking.”

The thought is only in his head and no-one does care about him, not one soul in the world.

He has destroyed all that he once had, he knows it himself. He had his chances at love and redemption and he fucked up like the loser he has always known himself to be.

He looks at the apathetic confusion all around him and asks himself, What has happened to my city?

What has happened to the world that I grew up in?

Why is it that every second face or voice is now a foreigner, Why do they all come here?

Where did it all go wrong?

It wasn’t his fault that he had his illness, that it had got out of control, that was no reason for her to leave him.

Was it?

Not to take the kids and move away to another part if the country. He wasn’t that bad was he?

But he was, he knew he was, he’d bullied her physically and emotionally.

He’d destroyed her confidence and the love she had for him and eventually she left never to be seen again.

For a time he’d enjoyed the freedom, the wine, women and song until the house was repossessed and no-one wanted to know.

Then he lived in hostels, drinking with people who had once called the scum of the earth sinking lower in his pit if self loathing until the angel with the metallic burgundy hair had saved him.

She’d spoke to him like he mattered, that he had some value, she convinced him that he could live again

But for all her positivity, for all her reassurances in the classes he had attended, when he returns to his one bedroom flat, alone and empty, the only person he blames for his situation is himself.

The women with red dress has had a productive day, her presentation was successful and she is pretty sure that the board will give her the funding for the project she has recently began leading through its early development stages.

In fact, she’s certain of it, absolutely certain of it, her post-work drinks with the Finance Director had gave her that assurance.

They had sat there in the cocktail bar at Central Station for the past hour, chatting over work and talking about their families.

He was married with kids and he loved his wife, but wasn’t in love with her any more and was beginning to think about leaving her.

She had told him that she was divorced and was happily single, but that it would be nice to have some male company to do all kind of nice things when her daughter was over at her ex-husbands a few nights each week.

Charles had smiled at this and put his hand on her knee. He told her that the feeling within the board-room after the meeting had been very positive and all it would take was the momentum of having a few key people on board to ensure the boxes were ticked to have the right amount of funding ear-marked for the project,

The implication was clear, she wasn’t so naive to miss out on his obvious posturing.

But she wasn’t as stupid to be so easily bought either.

She smiled and allowed him to leave his hand where it was for a few moment, then made her excuses to go to the bathroom.

When she returned, she stayed for another few minutes, then finished her drink telling him that she would have to get home to make dinner for for her daughter and to help with homework.

Charles said he would have to be home himself soon, daddy duties and all that. Then he paid the bill on the company credit card and walked her to the taxi rank. He was a gentleman, he was always a gentleman, well that’s what he would have you believe.

The rank was quiet and there were lots of cabs waiting opposite the train station. Most people don’t need cabs in the summer sunshine and there were no customers waiting in the queue.

Charles opened the door for her and as she steadied herself to climb into the back of the cab, he kissed her on the cheek.

She smiled at him and blew him a kiss as he closed the door and waved as the cab pulled away from the rank

“Where to?” asks the man with the ruddy alcoholic nose.

“Can you take me to Cambuslang station, I’ve left my car parked there”

“No problem” he turns to the front and starts the meter running.

She’s opening her handbag and removes the small set of headphones and pushes the plug into the clever little pen that had been lying beside her notepad throughout her meeting with Charles.

Then she smiles to herself as she listens back to their conversation in full.


For Part 1 click the link below

Friday – Lady Grinning Soul?

Friday .. First blog in a week .. very unusual for me.

It’s been a very busy week, I had some fantastically amazing news .. far too early to share .. and quite incredible and totally unexpected.

Things are going fantastically well with my new Partner In Fun .. what else should I call her ..

Girlfriend? .We are too old for that!

Partner .. It’s too new for that!

I’m happy with Partner In Fun .. someone who thinks like me, loves doing what I do, gets me.

We were chattiing on the phone last night and realised that 30 years ago we were both in the same place at the same time?

Woud you believe that we were both at the David Bowie Serious Moonlight concert at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh in June 1983.

Is that Serendipidity? Accidental good fortune?

There we were 30 years ago .. we were both kids at the time .. so near yet so far.

Not that it made any difference we were kids at the time and both have had our own paths until this point.

Just look at that set-list it sounds fantastic even now.

Serious Moonlight

Tomorrow, we are going to see Celtic play Hibernian at Celtic Park .. She also happens to be a Celtic supporter .. Bonus.

Straight after the football we’re going to see my favourite Bowie tribute band in the west end of Glasgow,.

I’m showing my age here, but it is now 40 years since the release of Aladdin Sane and the band are playing the complete album from start to finish.

I was too young to notice at the time and only got into it later, but I love that album and can’t wait to hear them play Lady Grining Soul as its one of my favourite Bowie songs and there are many, it is jus so incredibly haunting.

Whatever you are doing .. Enjoy yourself.


Monday – Time Warping at 3am

Monday again … Feck!

Actually Monday 3am,  wide awake and will need to be up for work at 7am .. Feck!

And the reason for this insomnia?

I’m actually completely knackered,   but the wee one is unwell,  burning up and has flu like symptoms.  So I’m in dad-mode giving her plenty of fluids and occasional paracetemol.

She’s been ill since I picked her up from her mums earlier this evening .. yesterday evening.

Apart from that,  I’ve had a lovely weekend,  the right balance of family and fun.

The family party on Friday was fantastic,  dad, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins .. I’m so blessed.

My day out in Edinburgh on Saturday was superb,  again I find myself enjoying myself more on the east coast than the west . and hating that admission.

We arrived at 2 and had a tour of the pubs,  from Waverley Station to The Usher Hall.

Cafe Royal – Great pub for the over 40s,  very like Glasgow’s Horseshoe Bar,  the food looked good too.

The Voodoo Rooms –  Cocktails to die for,  my choices Mother Earth and a Benzini .. and Corona on the side of course!!

By then time was burning ..

A quick drink in Le Monde – nice place,  slightly pretentious .. not as much atmosphere as the previous two bars.

The Standing Order – Walked in, walked out again,  Its neds-ville and a real dump of a place .. Witherspoon’s get it sorted.

By contrast,  The Alexander Graham Bell another Witherspoon’s pub at the far end of George Street,  great pub,  A bottle of Prosecco, 2 pints of Stella and a plate of Chilli Cheesy Nachos all for 25 quid .. hard to argue with that business model.

What a great way to go to the Australian Pink Floyd concert ,  just the right amount of happiness infused.

The show, like the Glasgow gig a fortnight ago was fantastic,  these guys fill The Usher Hall and The Clyde Auditorium,  an amazingly atmospheric experience,  they have obviously invested in the light and visual effects and as musicians they are outstanding.

Later, back up to George Street,  Fingers Piano Bar,  I was impressed with the vocals of the pianist and my only complaint is that the prices are a bit OTT,  maybe we were getting used to Witherspoon’s value!    But then it was free to get in and you get nothing for nothing these days.

We had been intending to run for the last train,  but were having too much fun to leave so early.  So it was a late night bite form sub-way and the last bus at 2am,  bit of a sing song  with some other guys who had been to the gig .. now that is a weird experience .. singing Pink Floyd songs on a bus with a group of strangers.

So folks, especially you Glasgow folk, if you can,  get to Edinburgh,  try a few of the places listed above .. you won’t regret it.

As coincidence has it,  I’m back out east over the next few weekends.   I am really looking forward to Priscilla Queen Of The Desert  next weekend and The Rocky Horror Show the week after .. outfit already bought and a classy little boutique hotel already booked .. there is no way I’m coming back on a bus dressed like Doctor Frank N Furter!

Now its 3:30am and I still can’t sleep!

Tomorrow,  today,   work at 9 .. oh no .. Lets do the Time Warp Again!!


Friday – Call Me Maybe?

Hey you!!

Friday again!!

I love Fridays .. today I get to escape the mundanity of reality!

Last job before I left the house this moring was a quick tidy up before the cleaner arrives .. barking myself again .. woof!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my homelife too, I don’t know what I’d do without my daughter Claire being around, keeping me on my toes, giving me a sense of purpose.

I don’t think I’d actually like to be on my own 24/7, it would be lonely and even if I filed it up with friends and concerts, I’d still miss just being a dad.

Tonight, I have a family party, my beautiful cousin Kathleen’s husband is 50 and my dad, brothers, uncles, aunts and cousins will all be there,

It will be great fun .. particularly if you know from my previous posts that he doesn’t dance and Kathleen and I will no doubt be on the floor boppping about like we used to when we were kids. I love being part of a BIG family.

Tomorrow … going to see The Australian Pink Floyd again, in Edinburgh this time. They were fantastic when I saw them in Glasgow a few eeks ago. I was never a big Floyd fan and maybe you associate them with hippies on dope, but my tastes have broadened over the years and they have some amazing songs .. see my previous posts for some links.

The female vocal in The Great Gig In The Sky just does it for me.

It is very erotic, uplifting and a great contrast to the melancholy of the piano.

I recently taught myself how to play this on piano a few weeks ago, I was playing it again this mornng, up to the part where the female sings, then wow .. What I would do to have someone standing beside me who could sing like that!!

This is definitely one of my funeral songs .. no doubt .. someday I’m going to The Great Gig In The Sky .. but until then .. Live it.

But what to do?

Tomorrow .. Edinburgh, we’re going through in the afternoon, a tour of George Street, maybe grab a late lunch, a few drinks and down to the Usher Hall for the show to start at 7:30. They have a fantastic light show and its a totally trippy experience.

The show finishes around 10:30 . what to do .. go dancing .. or the last train?

If dancing, book a hotel or go for the late night bus at 2am?l


I heard a couple of new songs this week, or new to me, I love Ben Howards version of Call Me Maybe and looking forward to seeing Lana Del Rey in Glasgow in May.

I still can’t get Bat For Lashes out my head.

But if you watch one video below then watch the bottom one and you’ll know why I love it so much.

Have fun ..