London – Song For Europe!

Sometimes, you see something that puts you in your place.

Sometimes, you see things and you think, I could do better than that, so you should get out there and do it.

Sometimes you see things that you think .. Wow .. I could never do that, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Last week I was at the Bryan Ferry gig at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, it was a stunning concert and so much better than the Depeche Mode concert the night before which was also very enjoyable but Ferry is a diffferent class.

As you might know, I’ve been learning piano for over 10 years, the piano on the live version of this was stunning, I really wish I could play like that.

What a fantastic night!

Mr Ferry played the Edinburgh Usher Hall the following evening which unfortunately I couldn’t make due to family commitments.

So when the tickets came up last week for an additional gig in London in support of the Phillipines Tragedy, I just had to go.

A night out in London, no plans on where to go, who knows what the future brings ..

I love the sadness and poignancy of this song, it’s melancholic piano and even the pretentiousness of the lyrics where he sings the English verses set in Paris and Venice again in French and Italian . .

Yeah totally cheesy .. but I like cheesy!

Here as I sit at this empty cafe thinking of you
I remember, all those moments, lost in wonder
That we’ll never find again

Though the world is my oyster
It’s only a shell full of memories

And here by the Seine,
Notre-Dame casts a long lonely shadow
Now – only sorrow
No tomorrow
There’s no today for us
Nothing is there
For us to share
But yesterday

Love it!!

The Platform Lovers – 20 – Brains!

Alex, paused for a moment, imagining what he would do with Fiona when he got to hers later. Would he be nice and gentle,, would he ravage her or would he blindfold her and tie her hands together then play with her?

He enjoyed having someone so willing to please him, but he knew that Fiona only let him play with her because she knew that he liked to pleasure her, that he enjoyed having that power over her and that he would never hurt her.

They had spoken about it previously, lying in bed together. She said that he seemed comfortable to talk about sex rather than his emotions. They’d agreed that there must be some clever reverse psychology involved, she enjoyed being tied up and completely at his mercy, he enjoyed tying her up, but instead of using her he would tease her and pleasure her, making her come repeatedly then fuck her gently until they came together.

Sometimes, like the last time that she came to his, it was just a basic need, he called her because he was free and he was hoping she was. He liked her as a person and enjoyed her company but he wasn’t looking for a relationship, he just enjoyed having someone to fuck now and then who seemed to enjoy it as much as he did.

He smiled as the image of her invaded his thought for a moment and decided that he’d take along his some silk ties and a blindfold, but whether he used them or not he’d decide at the time. He might even let her decide, no scratch that, this is going to be about me.

The ping of the text snapped him out of his daydream and he switched off his personal phone, picked up his work mobile. Read the message from Monica and got back on the clock. All the preliminary work was done, the equipment was double-checked for readiness, backups were charged and ready and he’d called in two operational assistants to perform the physical monitoring process.

It was important that he wasn’t on the site and that Monica didn’t know the assistants, there had to be no risk of eye contact, nothing to taint the evidence, Charles had to walk into this of his own free will and compromise his position without outright entrapment on their part, they just had to be there to capture it.

He had met Monica earlier, a brief meeting in Central Station where he passed her a HD pinhole camera which she would wear as a pin on the label of her coat. The recording equipment would sit in her inside pocket and was barely larger than the micro-sd card on which it recorded everything in front of her in full 1080p video and audio.

He also gave her a duplicate phone, this one was slightly altered to provide remote audio for the operational team to ensure they caught action on audio as well as the video.

Monica’s had used the equipment on many occasion and knew how to use them to best advantage, she was glad that he did the technical side and agreed that she should text him the details of their lunch “date” when Charles had arranged it.

“We’re meeting at 1pm, he’s picking me up around the corner from the office and we are going for lunch at Mar Hall, let me know you are there and that there aren’t any issues”

So that was the location, Alex had heard of the place but had never been there, but checking it online told him everything he needed to know, expensive, discreet and a good 15 minute drive outside the city in the opposite direction to where Charles lived, he was obviously doing his best to make sure that there was no-one there that knew him.

Alex called the operators Billy and Susanne to let them know the location and to book a table and be in location for 12:30. He didn’t need to tell them to dress appropriately, he’d already briefed them that Charles was out to impress and they knew that they would have to be dressed smart casual for the day.

Billy and Susanne had already studied photographs of Monica and knew that she would be wearing a red coat, so picking up the target would be simple.

Alex liked to maintain a separation between Monica and the operational team, it was something he had picked up on in his time in the services where everything was on a need to know basis and Monica didn’t need to know.

He sent Monica a text “All set, text me if there are any late developments and call me when you’re clear”

Then he turned on the kettle and thought how much he would love to fuck her brains out, whether that was professional or not.

Champions League – Celtic V AC Milan!

Tonight …

The world famous Glasgow Celtic Football Club play some bunch of wannabe Italian amateurs from Milan.

Cannae remember if its Inter or AC Milan, but we’ll send them home with their tail between their legs anyway.

Actually, I’m being flippant, its AC Milan tonight and although the currenly have some difficulties winning only 3 of their last 13 games, these are professionals with world class players incluidng Kaka and Ballotelli.

I worked as a consultant at Augusta Helicopters in Milan back in the 90s for a month. Milan is a wonderful vibrant city, working class in the outskirts and with some fantastic architecture in the city and not too far a drive to the Italian Lakes for the weekend.

I have some fond memories of the place and not least because it was the first time I drank Peroni and having had a chat with an IBM sales guy it was what spurred me on the become self-employed and I’ve enver looked back.

My prediction, Celtic to win 2-1 .. similar result to our game against Inter back in 67.

C’mon The Hoops!!

The Platform Lovers – 19 – Big!

19 – Big!

Fiona sat at her desk thinking of him and the last time they fucked, thinking of him always made her wet and her pussy ached for him causing her to push her thighs together, squeezing the lips of her labia causing a little bit of pressure to be applied to her clit and appeasing her need to be touched a little .. but just a little.

She thought of his rugged face and his naked manliness. He was taller than her but only by an inch or two, but much broader in the chest and narrow in the waist, the way a man should be.

Her friends often referred to her as “big” which she hated, it made her feel like a heifer, just because she was taller than them didn’t mean that she was any less of a woman and she always cringed when someone referred to her as “Big” in public.

She only rarely wore heels because of it, except for when she was with him, he said that he liked her being tall and he liked that she was as tall as him with her heels on, he said that she looked fantastic particularly when she wore a dress to go with her heels as it showed off her shapely figure rather than her usual jeans and flat shoes.

She liked that about him, he just told it exactly as he saw it, there was a serene solemnity about him and she knew that he wasn’t flattering her or giving her bullshit. She didn’t think he ever lied, there was something about him that said this is how it is, this is how I am, I tell it as it is and if you don’t like it then tough.

The surprising thing was that you couldn’t tell looking at him, but he was the undoubtedly the sexiest horniest man she had ever met, he was subtle, but firm, he had the most delicate touch and was strong, hard and fast when she needed it.

She’d fucked better looking guys, lots of them, you don’t get to be single in this city for so long and not meet your fair share of liars, cheats and chancers. Guys who tell you anything to get you naked and sometimes you go along with that because it feels right at the time and you have your needs too. So sometimes you go play along even although you know its bullshit.

But he had something about him, an intense look in his eye that she knew he was genuine, then he’d laugh and compliment her saying that he wanted nothing from her and if nothing came from their relationship he at least wanted her to value herself more than she did.

She liked that about him, he seemed to sense her low self-esteem even although she had never discussed it.

She knew roughly when Alex would arrive but no definite ETA, just that he would be over whenever he had finished with his work-related duties and she knew he was working on a case although he would never discussed it.

She sent him a text “How would sir like me to greet you? Xxx”

Fiona wasn’t expecting a reply so she was surprised when it arrived within moments .

“Your door open, you lying naked on the bed, your pussy trimmed, your hands above your head and your legs wide open. Don’t open your eyes or say a word when I arrive, you’ll know its me. I’ll text when I’m on my way. Xxx”

To be continued ….

Blog For Whoever ?

Sing with me …

I love you from the bottom of my shallow mind
I love you in the stories, I make up
Love you because you come round to my place
And I love the blog hits that you give

Deep, not very deep?
I’ll talk rubbish til your asleep
And when you’re gone upstairs I’ll creep
And type it all in ….

Oh Deborah, Oh Alison, Oh Julie, Oh Jane,
I wrote so many stories about you
that I forget your name
I forget your name …

Please excuse my flippancy, just keeping the song in the flavour of Song For Whoever by The Beautiful South.

I’ve always loved that song, such clever lyrics from that man Mr Paul Heaton and typical of the thoughtful but cynical lyrics that he wrote as part of TBS with his co-writer Dave Hemingway.

Tonight The South, stil beautiful, but without Mr Heaton play Glasgows ABC.

I’m looking forward to all of those old favourites I Need A Little Time, Perfect 10, Rotterdam and of course Don’t Marry Her ( Fuck Me )

I love the guitar riff intro to Perfect 10. makes a great ringtone!

Love the lyrics too ..

If he’s extra large then I’m in charge
I can work this thing on top
and if he’s XXL, then what the hell
Every penny don’t fit the slot!

Anorexic chics and model six
They don’t hold no weight with me
About 8 or 9, then thats just fine
But I like to hold something that I can see

Cos we love our love in different sizes ..
I love her body especially the lines
Time takes its toll but not on the eyes
Promise me, this take me tonight ..

What about the twist in I Need a little time, he wants to go and do his thing .. and does .. but when he’s had his fill and wants to come home, she tells him that he’s not the only one to have a little time .. good for her!!

As for Don’t Marry Her ..

And the kitchen’s always tidy and bathrooms always clean
She’s a royal marine in hiding tings
you’ve a first in low esteem
Well your socks smell of angels
But your life smells of Brie
Don’t marry her fuck me ..

Love it!

Should be a great night, even although its an early start so that the venue can turn into a club for the youngsters later.


Tomorrow – collecting for charity before the Celtic Aberdeen with the bhoys from CelticQuickNews then going for a drink with my brother.

Sunday – The Hunger Games with my daughter then Argentinan Tango lesson in the evening.

Should be a great weekend.

Love the twist in the extended version of Song For Whoever

Let me tell you about Mary?
A sad story
She turned her grief into glory
Late at night
by the typewriter light
She smashed his laptop to bits!

There’s definitely something about Mary … 🙂

The Platform Lovers – 18 – Ego!

Graeme’s stood staring across the carriageway, anyone looking at him would think that he was gazing out the window on the other side, but his mind was still on last night.

This was the first time that Mari had been to his, the kids at their grand-parents for a few days over the October week holiday.

The moment she arrived they’d kissed passionately, he had planned to make her dinner and give her the tour, but all notions of chivalry were forgotten the moment that he glimpsed her cleavage peeping over the edges of her sweet-heart top.

He already knew that her sweet smile and innocent look hid a temptress beneath and that she had worn this deliberately to tease him, it had the desired effect and he wanted her naked as soon as possible.

She offered encouragement rather than resistance, rubbing her hand against his cock making the first move to change this from a passionate snog to a fucking session.

Within minutes they were in bed, clothes tossed asunder as they kissed and she led him by the hand upstairs even although she didn’t know where she was going.

He smiled even although the memory was vague, lost in the passionate haze, but he did remember seeing her socks when she kicked her boots off and laughing at the vulgar inappropriateness of being naked with socks on even for a moment.

He searched his memories but couldn’t remember any foreplay, no delayed kissing, no putting off the moment building up the anticipation, no oral sex.

She was on the bed naked before him, pushing off the extra pillows and lying back as he pulled off his jeans, then taking his hand and pulling him on top of her.

They’d spoke of this the last time they’d made love.

He always liked to go down on her, get her going and hopefully make her come before he had even taken his boxers off, he liked pleasing his partner, he liked them to know that he was pleasing them. He knew some psycho-analyst would tell him it was his male ego, but he didn’t know why?

Mari appreciated the effort he made and told him that although most of the time she likes it slow, lots of foreplay, building up the passion.

Sometimes, she just wants it hard and as fast as possible, even if she doesn’t come, she’ll still enjoy it and there’s always time for more after the initial desire has been fulfilled.

He thought about this as he leaned to her left side, holding his weight on his right arm and touched her, feeling how wet she was.

She moaned softly, her arms reaching around his neck to pull him towards her and telling him to fuck her hard .. now!

Never been one to resist a command from an attractive woman, he entered her, feeling her tightness opening up as he slowly pushed himself deep inside her.

“That feels so good” she murmured, kissing him on the mouth and tilting her pelvis towards him to take him deeper inside her.

Graeme pushed himself inside her as far as he could. “I want to be the best fuck you ever hard” he breathed in her ear as he held himself against her feeling the pulse of his cock throbbing inside her as she gripped him tightly.

Then they were lost, he had no real memory of the next few minutes as the passion flew and he fucked her hard as he could.

She had her arms on his back and his ass as she pulled him closer inciting him “Fuck me harder” she demanded in a whisper.

His face was inches from hers, nuzzled into the side of hers, he could see her eyes staring intently ahead focused on some point in the distance above them as she edged closer to climax.

She’d been there already on a number of occasions with him and she knew that he would make every effort to please her.

He always did, it was his male ego wanting to please, knowing he would cum anyway but wanting to be her best.

He pushed himself up on his right arm as he adjusted his position slightly, his left leg over her right, the coital alignment position where the top of his shaft stimulated her clit and his knob hit her G-spot.

He knew that it wasn’t all about force and that its much better to hit the spot softly than miss it hard.

Short strokes always seemed to work, short but firm until she was having her orgasm and then he really would fuck her hard until he came inside her.

Some people would call it missionary and boring, but he knew that it worked and that it always worked. Well it had always work for the few encounters he had had in the past and his wife always insisted they did it that way as she never came in any other position.

He’d save the acrobatics for later once they’d recovered and grabbed something to drink.

Her breathing shortened, pulling him closer “I fucking love your cock” she stated, no doubt that this was fact, she loved his cock and had told him every time he fucked her.

He smiled at this, knowing how good he was, even although due to his circumstances, he’d been celibate for years before they met, he was pleased that he still had it and that the old tricks still worked.

Even now standing here now on the 8:45 to work the memory put a smile on his face and his cock throbbed underneath his winter coat.

But then he remembered in the heat of passion, making the mistake of asking her if he was the best fuck she had ever had.

When things calmed down Mari told him how good he was.

Graeme learned that sometimes when you ask a question, you don’t always get the answer you want to hear!

Lorraine often saw him on the train, she’d been taking this journey for all of her adult life except for the two gaps when she’d been on maternity leave.

Now the kids were growing up rapidly, Martin in his last year at high school and Angela only a few years behind. She was proud of both of them and the achievements they had already made in sports and drama. She didn’t mind that she did most of the running around after them as her ex only cherry picked the parts that he wanted to do.

Most of the time she hadn’t gave anyone a second thought and was happy to sit with her train-friends, that group of women that she met at Newton platform every morning. Jane the accountant, Liz the PA and a few others that she’d spoken to but didn’t know their names. It seemed rude to ask after having conversed for so long.

He wasn’t a bad looking guy,, quite handsome in a clean-cut way and definitely not a pretty boy. She had often thought that he would be more attractive he smiled now and then.

She wondered what he was smiling at now?

Monica also noticed him but her interests where elsewhere.

Today she was meeting Charles for lunch, playing him along and hoping she’d get the evidence they needed on Alex’s covert recording equipment.

Monica left the technical side of the recordings to Alex, she didn’t need to know how it worked, just that all conversations would be captured on video and audio with a suitable time-coding that would be irrefutable in a court of law and not breaching either the Data Protection or Privacy legislation.

Of course, she didn’t think that it would come to that. It never did.

Usually the lawyers would short-circuit the process with a pre-court meeting where the evidence of deceit would be put in front of their target and their defence would crumble.

Alex and Monica were a good operational team and had done this on many occasions, usually for clients who could afford their fees as it takes time to learn the background, infiltrate the target business and create a honey-pot for someone who may already be on guard and suspicious of new faces.

Monica often felt pangs of guilt for leading men on, playing them along so far and then bringing them down to earth with a meteoric fall.

But she consoled herself, Charles was a cad, a cheat and a liar and he deserves everything he gets. She knew that his arrogance and his ego would destroy him.

It was inevitable, guys like him just can’t help themselves.


To read more on this story, key platform in the search box on the right hand side of this page.

Netflix Or Lovefilm? – Part 2


An update to you on my recent comparison with Netflix and Lovefilm, see the initial article below.

At this point, I had compared both Netflix and Lovefilm on my home setup using my Appletv and Samsung Media Streamer, compared content and usability and had just set up a VPN which changed things quite dramatically .. well as far as Netflix is cconcerned.

The VPN allows you to shield your IP address and you are able to switch your profile to appear that you are anywhere else in the world.

As a result of this, I was able to access US content on Netflix which is dramatically better than the content available in the UK including latest releases ( eg The Flight ) and golden films ( Reservoir Dogs) which are not available in the UK.

On Monday night, I logged on to the USA version of LoveFilm and found that there was no improement in content, everything appeared to be the same as that available in the UK and dated.

Additionally, I watched a few film to test the quality of the streaming service which was wooly at best and never reaching HD quality. The screen seemed to lose definition and look hazy and would pause to buffer the content every 5 minutes or so and thats with my 60Mb fast broadband.

In summary, Netflix wins this competition by a distance for streaming quality, no interruptions watching The Flight and fuull HD. It also has better content available particularly if you set up a VPN to access US rather than UK content.

My advice, only buy LoveFilm if there is something specific you want to watch and don’t mind the subscription which at £6pm isn’t too bad for unlimited streaming .. if you can find something you want to watch.

For more info have a read at the following artticle, which pretty much agrees with my experience.

Much less expensive than Sky or its Now TV
Slightly less expensive than Lovefilm
Much better picture/streaming quality than LoveFilm
Better content than Lovefilm,, particularly if you VPN to the US servers
Is available on most devices
No limit to the number of devices on your account
Easily accessible on my Appletv
My kids can watch it when their in their rooms
My kids can watch it when their at their mums

Take the free subscription and for £5 per month its well worth it.

Love this song, listening to it now .. such great sentiments!

Catfishing – Lovers Or Liars?

Have you ever heard of the term “Catfishing”?

I hadn’t either until last night when a friend of mine told me that she’d been scammed by some guy she met on an online dating site who was pretending that he was someone else.

I’d never heard of the term before, so she sent me the following link.

Interesting reading and they identify the needs and types of the catfish and their intentions fairly acccurately.

But for me, the final chapter about not blaming people is a bit niave and almost justifies their actions.

To be fair, I understand why people lie on online dating sites, they create a presence and want to appear interesting and attractive.

But in my experience theres a difference between putting on your best pic and accentuating the positive rather than putting on old pics and out and outright lying about your age, attractiveness and availability status.

The Catfish however takes this to a new level with a completely fake online profile with more altogether sinister intentions, from lonely people seeking attention, to people with revenge or sexual motives to financial scams.

That is just wrong in my book.

So online it pays to be street savvy, do not take anything at face value, there are people out there who will want to hurt you .. or at least take adfvantage of you for their own needs and will only play along with your needs until they have what they want.

The real world is a tough enough place and the online world is full of cheats and liars.

In fact its a condensed version of the real world where you don’t often stumble across liars or cheats in your normal daily routine.

But once you put your profile up on an online dating site then .. whoosh .. there you are, you’ve advertised that you are available and the contacts flow in thick and fast and not all of them are genuine.

So be careful!!

I did write an article a while ago called Dating Tips For Girls on how to identify cheats and liars online .. maybe I should put up on here?

I had a few more thoughts on this catfishing overnight and think that it would be intersting purely from a research point of view, to create a couple of online profiles and determine how many are genuine and how many are fakers.

Not that I’m interested in meeting people or scamming anyone, that would be wrong, but it would be fun to out the fakers.

My thoughts are that ..

1 – initially create a profile with no picture .. and with a simple introduction.
2 – add in the profile details of an an attractive outgoing woman .. still with no pic
3 – add in the pic and watch what difference it makes.

On second thoughts, it may be better to create the 3 profiles simultaneously so that the impact can be assessed in the same time period with the same people available and the players would be more visible as they’d be contacting both profiles.

It would be interesting to judge the number of contacts, overlapping contacts, amount of effort made, similarities in stories told and the differences in the stories told.

Don’t know if I can be bothered putting the time into this but if I do, I’ll let you know.

Just remembered .. in a previous job, the company I worked for took over support for a system which was a contact service for lonely people to send text messages to and pay £1.50 per text sent and received for the privilege of speaking to someone who didn’t actually exist.

You know the late night ads on tv, attractive people, gay or straight, lonely like you, send a text, they text you back, the conversation ensues .. ou exchange details .. they get logged .. you get a response .. but it goes nowhere.

Well, the next day do you know what happens?

The system will contact you again to keep the conversation going .. and it proceeds from there. Discussion about where you live and what you do, arranging a date .. but of course that date never happens because there’s no one there just a call centre in india who can only pick out the message from the set of templates available and add in your name as necessary.

I still have the message templates that the system or operators would use and fill in your details .. I’ll need to dig them out as you can see the progression in the conversation and this is worth a blog article in itself.

BTW .. I’m serious here .. no kidding .. these systems are fake and exploit the niave and gullible and this is is a system owned and operated by a global media operator although this particular system only operated within the UK.

Now there was catfishing at a national scale and I bet it happens elsewhere too .. so don’t do it.

Netflix or LoveFilm?

Greetings to you!

Hope your weekend was as good as mine, I had a lovely time, the right balance of fun, family and friends … music, dancing and luuuvvv! 🙂

Don’t ask, cos I never tell!

Anyhoo .. back to the point of the story.

At home, I’m with Virgin Media as my Broadband, TV and Telephone provider .. its a pretty good service at 60Mb download speeds for a pretty reasonable cost including a second set-top box, free landline calls that I never use, 200 tv channels which are largely shit apart from the Scottish Premier League on BT Sports .. and as I’m a Celtic fan thats what matters to me most sports wise.

You will know that the expensive part is when you add in a Sky subscription to either their movies (£27pm) or sports(£35pm) or combined at £41pm for their HD packages.

I used to have these until about a year and realised that I barely watched the movies and hardly watched the sports as most of the times I’m at the game or can get it on another feed such as Celtic TV without paying the cost of the SKY subscription.

Any movies that I really want to go and see, I’ll go and see at the cinema, and It doesmt matter to me if I’m watching other movies that aren’t brand spanking new on my tv because they are new to me .. or all my old favourites like Pulp Fiicion, Reservoir Dogs, Elf, Anchor Man etc that I have on DVD anyway.

So you get the picture … 🙂

A year ago, I cut my costs dropped my Sky packages and took out subscriptions to both Netflix ( streaming only ) and Lovefiilm’s streaming service.

These are both relatively cheap compared with Sky’s subscription costs, the quality of picture is great , the only downside is the lack of current content, particularly for movies which seem to be a few years behind.

My experience until recently was that Lovefilm had more recent movies but Netflix had better tv content including broadcasting the latest episodes of Breaking Bad the day after they were broadcast in the US … Now I don’t watch a lot of tv but that is a fantastic series which I’ve raved about on these pages previously.

Over the past year, Netflix has done quite a bit of catching up with Lovefilm’s movie content and their movies has become more recent, now only lagging by a year whereas Lovefilms content has been relatively static.

I was on Loveflm for the first time in a while this weekend, looking at their latest releases and nothing seems to have changed over the past few months which is very disappointing. Their latest releases include Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes which is at least 2 years old, probably 3.

Obviously this will be part of their licencing agreement and I expect that this is hindered by the fact that its owned by Amazon and they;d rather attempt to make more money from selling us the movie than streaming it.

The other advantage for choosing these streaming services over Sky is that I can I give my kids my logon details and they can watch the movies in thier bedrooms without the need for additional set-top boxes or when they are staying at their mums.

For me, I like the fact that my Netflix subscription is available as an app on my Apple Tv and will stream full HD content without the need for any other devices.

Although I recently purchased a Samsung BD-6500 Blu-ray player which has all the catch up tv services and will stream both LoveFilm and Netflix, this is rather clunky in its interface compared with the Apple Tv. ( 75 quid from Amazon much cheaper than $99 from the Apple store )

So with the movie content being similiar, better tv shows and availability on apple tv, Netflix was coming out on top and I’m close to cancelling my Lovefilm subscription.

That however took a slight twist this weekend .. its still new so bear with me for a minute.

If you are an Apple user, you will know that if you have an iPad then you can stream the content from your iPad to your Apple Tv .. well you can with most things, but SKY blocks this somehow or other.

What I found yesterday, was that if you set up a VPN ( Virtual Private Network for those non-techies ) then with a little effort, download an app,, allow it to configure the settings and for a £10pa ( yes per annum ) subscription, then you can access Netflix or indeed any site as if you were in the USA .. nett results .. all of the latest content from the USA on your ipad no matter where you are in the world.

In my case, I have downloaded Hotspot Shield from the app store to my ipad ( could also work from my iphone) then starting Netflix as normal, it brings up the latest US content, then I can wither watch it on the iPad or airplay it to my Apple tv and tv in full HD.

My experience and its only been for a few hours watching Skyfall, Reservoir Dogs and Trainspotting, none of which are available on Netflix UK is that the quality is unaffected by the extra jump in using the VPN or the fact that I’m streaming from servers based in the USA rather than the UK.


Tonight ., I’ll give it a go with Lovefilm and determine if the content streamed from the USA is any better than the UK

But right now, Netflix looks like the clear winner for me.

A fex examples of the VPN set up below.

Good Old Fashioned Soul!

Friday again … what a week its been!!

Monday and Tuesday were fun .. But I wish that I’d seen Mr Ferry again on Wednesday.

Tonight .. The Soul Foundation play The Ferry in Glasgow.

I’m supposed to be meeting my mate for a curry but I’d rather be dancing!!

Its Friday, I had a couple of early nights and I’m feeeeeling good.

A bit of Soul is just what I need.

Funny how the first 2 songs below have such a similar theme .. I’ve Got A Woman by Ray Charles and 25 Miles by Edwinn Starr both about their woman that lives at a distance and how much they miss them

Similarly, the next two songs by the Bill Withers and the Undisputed Truth are about mistrust.

But you really can’t beat The Temptations and Get Ready for some good old fashioned lust!

I want to dance!