Should Alcohol Be Allowed At Scottish Football? #SFA

So the Scottish Football Association and various football clubs want to allow alcohol to be consumed at football stadiums?

I hate to tell them .. but alcohol is already allowed at Scottish football games .. as long as you are in the posh seats.

That implies that if you’re in the hospitality suites,  then you’re deemed to be better behaved than us punters in the ordinary seat.

That because you’re on some corporate jolly and wearing a tie,  you act responsibly and have a few beers without causing any trouble   … hmmmm .. debatable.

Yesterday,  Scotland played rugby against Wales at Murrayfield,  putting on a brave display but narrowly losing.   Before and during the game,  even the ordinary punters were able to have a few drinks.  If they chose to.

That implies that rugger fans are deemed to be better behaved than fitba fans … and that’s  .. gamist?   .. A generalism based on the perceived demographic that supports each game.

So tell me?

Why shouldn’t ordinary football fans be allowed to have a couple of drinks in their seats while they watch the game if they chose to?

Go on .. tell me?

Is it possibly because,  some low percentage of Neanderthals can’t behave themselves?

But officer .. you already have laws to deal with that!

Have a read at the following article ..

So yeah,  I’m all for alcohol at football stadiums ..

Just don’t let the wummin have any!   🙂

Stay classy Glasgow!

PS –  I’m kidding of course ..

So being serious for a moment.   Football supports are full of bam-pots,   some of which already turn up out of their heads.

Even a small percentage of these idiots are likely to cause damage out of proportion to their number to their own support never mind the away fans.

There’s no way that Scottish Football is ready for alcohol to be generally available in stadiums .. sad but true.

To change that,  the heart of what makes the game so passionate, aggressive and exciting,   and all that we loved us boys to men would have to be ripped out.

Then we’d be like that bunch of pussies that support rugby!

What?  🙂