Stranger To My Happiness!

6am and wide awake …

Don’t you just hate that on a Saturday morning when there’s no need to get up and do the rush to work?

Mind active so can’t sleep, chilling listening to music on Spotify.

Isn’t it great how browsing the web or in this case Spotify can take you to places or music that you’ve never heard of?

I was listening to the new Waterboys album, very bluesy, love November Tale as yesterday’s blog, tells a story that I can relate to.

Then browsing the Waterboys back catalogue took me to their version of This Land Is Your Land. An American Civil Rights protest song written by Woodie Guthrie in response to Irving Berlin’s God Bless America.

Being a Celtic fan, I know the song very well as its often sang at Celtic Park in response the vile and racist Famine Song sang by some other teams support.

So I was browsing the various different versions of the song, Spotify is fantastic for that, it’s like having all the music in the world at your fingertips.

I came across versions by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and a great soulful version by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

What a rich soulful voice that lady has.

Next stop was browsing Sharon Jones albums and came across this belter.

Love that sound, her voice, the sax, and pulsing beat makes me want dance and it’s just turned 7am … Feck!! 🙂

The Harlequin And The Clown? #poetry #waterboys

In the great November tale she was older yet still alluring
Her hair grey and longer than it ever had been during
The days that we loved and slept
In her bed of faded wood
In that little place she kept
In a crumbling neighbourhood

We walked along a while
Like we were old companions
But I could feel the gap between us
Yawning like a canyon
She with her church and code
Her extravagant believes
Me a creature of the road
A child of dust and grief

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Train Stories – I Think I’ve Pulled!

On my train home, sitting in my preferred 4 seat booth. The one with the small table to lean the iPad on while I type.

I was first to arrive and took the forward facing window seat, but the booth filled fast as the train was busiest than usual on its rush hour run from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

A lady sat opposite me, early 40s, slim to average build, pretty features, functional hairstyle. Attractive but more than a little mumsie.

No harm in that. She’s more than likely a mum holding down her job then going home to the kids. Good for her.

No wedding ring I notice, but why was I looking? Is that important or just art of observing people?

A guy joins me, pushing in beside me, late 30s, quite well built so it’s a bit of a push for two grown men sitting together and I’m sure that he’s as much aware of my shoulders as I’m aware of his.

Fortunately after a few minutes of pressure he relents, well there is more space aisle side and I had the carriage wall to push against so I wasn’t going anywhere.

The small games we play on public transport.

I love it.

A few minutes later he’d pulled out his phone, stuck his headphones on, surreptitiously pulling sweets from his aisle side pocket and sneaking then into his mouth as if he was a naughty schoolboy and no one would notice.

Well we all noticed, but why would we care?

But it was my final journey-friend that caught my attention.

Well more than the other two, but I’m an observant guy and curious.

I like people watching.

You may have noticed. 🙂

I’d seen this person a few times over the past few weeks and she did catch my eye, but this is the first time I’ve had a look at her up close.

The wide chin, broad shoulders, 5pm stubble, Adam’s apple

She is a he.

Does it matter? Not to me it doesn’t.

But sitting looking at these two *women” sitting directly in front of me the differences just couldn’t be more exaggerated.

Contrast and compare … A very feminine woman, dressed down, mumsie vs A man in a dress.

I’ve no idea if this person is transvestite, transsexual or pre-op.

If it’s the simple case that she likes wearing a dress and living as a woman .. Fine no problem.

Do what you like.

No really, if it makes her or you feel good to slap on some makeup and pull on a dress then go for it.

Although I do reserve the right to have an opinion.

Which for this particular case is … Regardless of gender .. You looking fucking ridiculous!

For fucks sake can’t you see that dress doesn’t go with those shoes and your make ups a disaster.

I don’t mean to be unkind but if I looked like that I’d like one of my friends to have a word.

The second and more interesting aspect is if she’s transgender – now that’s a real head fuck.

I have a friend who did the op, we used to play football together. Good player it has to be said and was a bit of a surprise when one Friday he announced that he’d always wanted to be a woman.

Now he’s had the op and is in a commuted settled relationship with a woman.

Beats the hell out of me.

I wonder if this lady opposite me is the same?

If he woke up one day and decided that he wanted to be a woman or that they’d always felt differently.

As a guy, I’m a guy, no doubts of who I am. I couldn’t imagine waking up one day realising that I didn’t live up to the perception of what men did and deciding that I was a woman trapped Una mans body.

I just don’t get it.

Even now, sitting opposite this person, if she has had the op, it doesn’t really make any difference, she’ll never be a real woman like the woman sitting beside her.

But hey ho each to their own. She’s not doing anyone any harm.

Over the course of the journey, I’ve had the odd glance at her as I write this story.

She’s been checking me out. I’m sure she’s wondering what I’ve been writing about over the past 30 minutes.

Now she’s smiling.

Hold tight guys .. I think I’ve pulled! 🙂

Sleeping On The Wet Spot? … #poetry #romance #humour

Sleeping on the wet spot with a smile on my face
I hope its dry by morning and doesn’t leave a trace
I’m sure that sounds disgusting but if you only knew
My cleaner comes tomorrow and she’s nosier than you

Sleeping on the wet spot,  I’m sure that it’s a disgrace
I’ll change the sheets in the morning to save a little face
My cleaner gets so jealous,  but if she only knew
That since we met last Friday,  I’ve only eyes for you
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Rangers Men Of A Bygone Era? #CelticFc

Loathe as I am to mention anything to do with the ongoing predicament at The Rangers Football Club.

I’ve just read the following fluff article massaging the ego of wannabe director Dave King.

Dodgy Dave is laying out his case, attempting to get any fans inside before the upcoming EGM where he wants the current Mike Ashley directors removed and himself and his cohorts installed.

I do wonder why it’s taken him to buy shares in this flawed business, probably because he’s the kind of guy who likes spending other people’s money and hesitant to use his own.

Now he’s gibbering on about getting “Real Rangers Men” back in the heart of the club .. on the face it, it makes sense to have people who care about the club in place.

But then he states that these new guys are like “The Rangers Directors of old” .. “Of a bygone era”

Really, .. why doesn’t that surprise me?

Is that when they had the Anti-Catholic signing policy for over 100 years?

Or does he mean when he was a director before Old Rangers went into liquidation because they didn’t pay their taxes?

I really hope that King and his ilk don’t succeed in their bid to take over The Rangers boardroom as it would be a backward step for the new club and there would be a reliance on and pandering to the bigot pound.

What next the open signing of their sectarian and racist bile?

Oh you mean like last Fridays and-board protest outside Ibrox, where the mob even attacked the clubs own employees and the away team fans?

Sundays game between Celtic and the new club will be a clear demonstration of the hatred that the supporters of the new club carry in their hearts.

This hatred will be compounded by their false victim mentality that they were hard done by and relegated rather accepting that the old club went out of business and the new club was fortunate to be given a start in the fourth tier of Scottish Football.

This game at Hampden on Sunday has been simmering for almost 3 years since Old Rangers went into administration and is set to be a hate-fest.

Sunday will see increased levels of violence, police incidents, domestic abuse and attendances in the Accident and Emergency wards.

Glasgow doesn’t need this.

If it was up to me, I’d ban it.

Why Didn’t We Have Teachers Like This?

Love this video by Maceo Smith New Tech High School

Back in my schooldays, guys dancing would have been .. Beaten up, laughed at, ostracised.

Would that still happen today?

Yep! 🙂

Until the “wise guys” wised up and realised that you want meet a girl you gotta make some moves.

5am .. I don’t want to go to work!

Why Can’t We Dance On Monday? ……. #poetry #humour

Why can’t we dance on Monday
The weekends seem so short
I’d love to wear my new shirt
And the slidey shoes i bought

Why can’t we dance on Monday
Does it matter that we’re busy
I love it when we tango
And it makes your head feel dizzy

Why can’t we dance on Monday
The weekend’s so far away
I can’t wait to see you moving
The way you salsa, groove and sway

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Mama’s Broken Heart!

Go and fix your make up, girl, it’s just a break up
Run and hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady
‘Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together
Even when you fall apart
But this ain’t my mama’s broken heart

Powder your nose, paint your toes
Line your lips and keep ’em closed
Cross your legs, dot your eyes
And never let ’em see you cry

Miranda Lambert

Sitting watching The Voice with my girls, Some young gorgeous Welsh chic comes on and does a fantastic gutsy version of Mama’s Broken Heart.

I’d never heard it before but love that sound

All 4 judges turned for her .. And no wonder as she was fab.

But I wonder if it’s in the rules that the Welsh contestants have got to choose Tom Jones?