Blind-Sided – 8 – Green?

Ellen Barkin
It’s green for go and you move your hand from her breast, keeping her nipple gently but firmly locked between tongue and tooth.

Like some lust-crazed bull-terrier, She’d need to hit your head with a blunt instrument to pull it away now!

But that’s not going to happen.

You’re left hand is at the small of her back just in case.

She’s moaning as you squeeze her breast putting pressure against the C4 nerve that transmits sensory pressure from her nipple to the pleasure centre of her brain.

All girls are different, nipples and breasts are certainly different, like cars, built to a general framework, but some are bigger or smaller than others, more responsive, dynamic, highly performing or just plain dull.

Did I really say that?

Breasts being dull?

Yes sir, you betcha, maybe you’re interested in seeing some girls massive boobs that she keeps on display because … Well quite frankly she’s kinda proud of them and knows they get her make attention.

Yours too.

The problem is that once you’ve seen them unstrapped, hanging, the weight of them pulling and stretching her skin, then you may lose interest because those smaller handfuls are much perkier fun and more pleasing on the naked eye.

That’s before we even talk about such things as inverted nipples ..

Someone once told me that “the fun is teasing them out”

Can I stop you right there?

It’s not.

The fun is in getting an immediate reaction, not spending all day teasing this thing out only for it to pop back in the moment you turn your attentions elsewhere.

But when you’re in the moment, once you’ve got to that point, you’re hardly going to stop, put your coat on and go home?

Fortunately this evening, that’s not the case, you’ve not really had the chance to look fully, but there’s nothing wrong with these dark pink bullets that magically stiffen and grow in your mouth.

Your left hand is pressing aging the small of her back, gently pushing her towards you, she isn’t getting away easy!

You move your right hand to her bottom, holding her cheek for the moment, further testing the water, waiting for a few moments to determine if she’ll stop you now.

She doesn’t.

Of course she doesn’t, she didn’t bring you here at 2am to just suck her tits.

Or did she?

You should never presume?

Does she even know why she brought you here?

Is it a combination of alcohol, passion and striking out against her ex-husband who has obviously hurt her deeper than she will admit.

Maybe she thinks that fucking you will really show him?

Fecking some stranger that she met in a club a few hours ago who’s name she doesn’t know will really show him?

Funny how the mind works, the egotistical games of self righteousness and the self-deception that somehow two wrongs can make a right.

If it’s good enough for the goose …

Quite a simplistic approach really, the outcome of which is nothing except regret in selling yourself short.

But maybe that’s what you needed at the time?

You move your hand to her thigh, she’s taller than you and wearing heels, so you’re well above her knee running your hand up her thighs to feel the start of the material then  sliding your hand underneath.

You move your hand back to where it was a moment ago squeezing her bottom but now your inside her dress,   a last minute sanity check on that green-light before you go any further.

As you squeeze her cheek,  she moans,  pulling your face up to hers and kisses you just that little bit more passionately.

I guess that we are still on track ?

You move your hand from her bottom to her hips,  sliding a finger inside her thong then slowly tracing the line of material,  appreciating the curve of her waist as your hand moves around her body from back to front.

Somewhere in your head almost subconsciously,  you’re deciding whether to dive straight in sliding your hand inside her panties,  or play it out a little,  placing your fingers on her mound,  feeling for her opening through the matierial,  then slowly rubbbing,  judging the affect it has,  making sure she’s ready before going any further.

The decison is made without any thinking,  you’re far too hungry to wait any longer and its time to step up a gear and really get things going.

Isn’t that what she brought you here for?

You move the flat of your palm to her tummy then slide lower,  the tips of your fingers just reaching inside the material of her thong.

“Stop” she says.






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