Dog eat Dog by the pool. 

Are holidays not meant to be relaxing?

Lying by the pool, soaking up the sun admiring the talent on show with a cocktail or a cold beer at your side.

Sounds perfect to me!

And this holiday has been like that most of the time until today

Yesterday the place got busier, more arrivals for the Easter break filling the restraints and bars last night.

Today’s melee was predictable as the pool area doesn’t seem to have enough beds or mats to go round.

The usual early birds are up and left their towels then pissed off to wherever.

Don’t you just hate those fuckers.
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The Work Life Balance .. A guilty confession!

Dilemma Time ..

I’ve been on this contract in Edinburgh for almost 6 months with an expiry date in 2 weeks’ time.

I actually quite like the work, but the management regime leads quite a lot to be desired.

The place is full of graduates with a few more experienced heads ( like me!   🙂  ) to keep things ticking along.

The management here like graduates, because they come cheap,  their keen and are easily moulded.

In contrast, they view contractors as expensive resources that they would rather do without.

It’s about attitude, the grads will just say yes and will work all the hours extra for no pay. ..  but if I don’t like something I tell it as it is .. in as diplomatic terms as possible .. even if that makes me unpopular .. then I do my work and go home and sleep without giving a shit.

But I get the job done. 3 separate pieces of work here with different banks all in and running.  The proof is in the proverbial.

Now they’ve started to hint about offering a contract extensions.

No actual extension offered as yet, more a chat asking if I would be interested.

Contract negotiations are often a case of .. who blinks first  ..

If you want to talk it up and improve the deal,  then don’t make it obvious that you are interested or they will play it hard-ball.

Of course the answer was yes .. always tell them what they want to hear in the early stages of negotiation .. let’s see what they come back with.

But now the dilemma starts .. do I want this job?

Do I need it?

I’ve made enough money that I don’t need the hassle, but as a working class boy with a sensible head, it’s hard for me to leave a well-paying job when I don’t have anything else set up yet and I have 3 kids and a decent social life burning it at the other end.

Then there’s the travelling time .. add on 3 hours travelling from Glasgow to a 9 hour day and what do you get?

Too long a day.

Remember this is work, it’s not life, you need to keep it in context and when work starts impacting on your real life then you have to change it .. right?

C’mon .. go with me here .. I need to change it.

What I really should do is get my CV updated and get it out there.

What I really want to do is have a holiday and lie on a beach!

You know what would be perfect .. finishing here in 2 weeks time .. having a week on the beach and then starting a new contract back in Glasgow.

I’ve just heard the following song Mirror Man by Ella Henderson on Radio2 .. she really is a talent .. and gorgeous too!

I had a look at her tour dates and she’s due to play Glasgow with Take That soon …

Oh dear, I have a bit of a guilty confession ..

I like a few Take That songs and often play them on piano .. . A Million Love Songs, Back For Good, Could It Be Magic.

But would I really want to embarrass myself by being in a concert full of screaming women out to enjoy themselves on a Saturday night?

Too right baby!