Back on the Train Gang!

A new day, a new chapter. No more working in Livingston with a 3 hour daily commute.

I’m back working in central Glasgow … Yay!!

Back to that horrible ugly city I love so well.

Horrible? Ugly?

Well by comparison with Rome, Florence, Barcelona etc.

But I guess even those cities have their dark seedy sides.

That’s not to say that Glasgow doesn’t have its beauty, of course it does.

The Kelvingrove art galleries, Peoples Palace, Gallery of Modern Art, Burrell Collection, House for an Art Lover, Science Museum, Transport Museum.

But enough of the culture!

Glasgow is a people city, great shopping streets full of bars and restaurants. Many many music venues including 3 large arenas, the Hydro, Exhibition Centre and Clyde Auditorium within stepping distance of each other.

Then there’s the football. Celtic Park, Ibrox and Hampden.

Glasgow is also the gateway to the beautiful Loch Lomond and the highlands.

So it might not be the prettiest city .. but what’s not to love?

It’s like going out with a fat girl she might not be the best looking but she has inner beauty and nice tits! 🙂

Anyway, I’m back on the train, a 10 minutes train ride to the city centre and back writing again.

Spending The Night With Marlon Brando.



A true story ..

Marlon Brando,  winner of two Academy Awards for On The Waterfront and The Godfather,   the latter of which he refused in protest against the film industry’s treatment of American Indians,    is a movie icon whose most famous screen outings took place largely before my time.

I have vague memories of my dad watching On The Waterfront,  late at night and raving about what a great actor he was.    I can remember dad reading The Godfather and Last Tango In Paris.    These battered paperbacks sitting around the house or poking out from the pocket of the jacket he wore to work.

As a kid I was unaware of the latters notoriety and although I’ve seen the movie now,   its still pretty unfathomable.

The Godfather.  however is undoubtedly on of my favourite films,  not just for his part of the aging Don but the juxtaposition of family values against external ruthlessness.

Which is best .. Godfather 1 or 2?

We would be here all day discussing the relative merits.

I was first aware of Marlon in the late 70s in his roles as Supermans dad Jo-rel and for the mystical Colonel Walter E Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

I was a teenager then and although happy with his role in Superman,  I  wondered what the fuss was about and how he could command so much money for so little work, $3.7 million for 2 weeks worth and very little on screen time.

Apocalypse Now,  sneaking into the ABC Cinema on  Sauchiehall Street to see the big movie everyone was talking about and again wondering what the fuss was all about.   Apart from the obvious scenes of the helicopter dropping napalm on the Vietnam with the theme of Ride of The Valkyries blaring,  again I wondered what the fuss was.

Would it be different if I watched this now?    Would I recognise it as an anti-war statement?  Or would it still appear as drug-fuelled nonsense to my adult mind?

Brando was known for his tumultuous personal life and his large number of wives and lovers including a long-term affair with Marilyn Munro.

He was the father to sixteen known children, three of whom were adopted. Some sources claim he fathered as many as 17 children or more

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Keeping The Customers Satisfied… 

Gee but its great to be back home …

Home is where I want to be bhoy!

Hoidays,  schmolidays .. who needs holidays?

The sun is shining in Glasgow,  my back garden is lit up green and white by that big yellow ball in the sky.

It’s good to be home.

Particularly when the famous Glasgow Celtic are playing in the Glasgow derby against that other long-established team from Glasgow .. Partick Thistle.

It will be good to catch up with my son, my pals and at least one of my brothers.

Isnt that what lifes all about?

And no matter how good the holiday is,  home is always best.

In other news,  good news on the job fronts,  2 new contract in,  both offering more money than my last contract in Edinburgh, but one is in edinburgh and the other in Perth.

Still waiting on news from the Glasgow job,  but should I take one of the current offers or wait?

It’s the same old story,  everywhere i go ..

Keeping The Customer Satisfied

What I hate about holidays …

Sitting by the pool feeling a bit bored,  just had a snooze in the sunshine,  apparently I was snoring …

As if??

But with little to do I decided to make a list of two ..just to remind me at some point in the future. 

What I like about holidays …



Meeting new people

Seeing new places

Chilling out by pool listening to music

Eyeing up the talent … What?


Walks along the prom or beach 

Getting dressed up for dinner

Wearing my shades and cowboy hat

More sunshine 

Reminding people back home that I’m on holiday. 

What I hate about holidays …

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Dog eat Dog by the pool. 

Are holidays not meant to be relaxing?

Lying by the pool, soaking up the sun admiring the talent on show with a cocktail or a cold beer at your side.

Sounds perfect to me!

And this holiday has been like that most of the time until today

Yesterday the place got busier, more arrivals for the Easter break filling the restraints and bars last night.

Today’s melee was predictable as the pool area doesn’t seem to have enough beds or mats to go round.

The usual early birds are up and left their towels then pissed off to wherever.

Don’t you just hate those fuckers.
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Irish my erse!

745 on Friday nigh, the famous Glasgow Celtic are playing St Mirren. 

It’s on tv,  so I try to find a stream but with no joy on the hotel wifi. 

On they mention O’Neils in Playa De La Americas as a Celtic pub. 

I thought I’ll pop round there and watch the game before heading out for dinner. 

So I’m sitting here now, on my own,  the bar is completely empty apart from the English bar manager and two polish bar staff. 

I asked if they could put the game in tv?

Who’s playing?  Was the response. 

Oneils,  not Irish and not Celtic either.

Nothing worse than a plastic paddy I’d rather go drinking with an honest Hun.