No Mean City?

Hey you

I’ve been struggling for inspiration, but I started writing another chapter to my story on the train into work today.

I reckon that I want to add in some more sex and getting to know each
other between

Part 11 – Beneath Your Beautiful

Where they make love at the front door and he appreciates her for who she is.


Part 12 – Nightswimming

Which starts off where months have passed and it’s about their dilemmas.

I was thinking about it and I reckon the diary entry about my 3 concert weekend , ( Van Morrison, Bowie Tribute and Marc Almond ) will give
me enough inspiration to fill a chapter or two.

But I was also thinking about speaking a little more about the changes
affecting Glasgow in our lifetime and how is changed from No Mean City
to the City of Architecture, music and culture it is today.

But has it really changed?

Have a read below and feel free to suggest .. I’ll keep you posted as it grows



Title – No Mean City?

What a weekend that was!!

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

A weekend “away” but spent in my hometown with 3 very different concerts in 3 very different nights but which one was the most fun?

I love Glasgow. It’s my city of birth and the place I love best.

You have to hand it to the city fathers making so many improvements to the city in my lifetime. From its notorious reputation famously portrayed in the book No Mean City. A place of slums, gangs and violence to its modern façade of designer shops, culture, architecture and the arts.

Of course the keyword there is facade. For all the differences that they’ve made to the city. The improvements in social housing and educational and recreational facilities. The people are still largely the same.

The violence is still just a thin layer below the gloss if you go looking for it in the housing schemes or the pretentious bars in the West End or The Merchant City where the former NED’s ( Non Educated Delinquents) now wear suits or designer clothing but they remain NED’s none-the-less. Their behaviour remains the same.

These chameleons have adopted the same facade as the city.

Having been a child if the 60s and growing up in the 70s and 80s. That deprivation was all around me but I didn’t appreciate that then. How can you when it’s the only thing you know?

Mum, dad and 5 boys in a one bedroom flat with an outside toilet shared between us and two other families on the communal landing. Its amazing what you can assume is normal when you don’t know any different.

On the occasional bus ride from home in Govan to the city centre the only housing we would see was the soot-blackened walls of the tenements looming over us. Mum pointing out the Angel at Paisley Road Toll and telling us stories of her growing up, pushing prams full of clothing to the local washhouse, colloquially known as “The Steamie”

I love that play, It has such memories for me, watching it on tv with mum. It captured the humanity all around us kids back then. Mrs Gilfether failing to understand why her husband loved the mince when she bought the tatties from Galbraiths .. “its no the mince it’s the

Peter Mullen you are a genius in my eyes.

What I do appreciate now, is that back then movies, music and alcohol were forms of escapism that my parents and their friends used to take them from their worlds of greys and blacks to the glamorous places that Hollywood portrayed were dad and his friends would swing like Sinatra swing or croon like Crosby.

Not to be outdone, mum and my aunts would be dressed in long gowns of
60s chic, multi-coloured long dresses which are now fashionably retro. Their
hair up or feathered. Aunt Rose having hers in a Cilla Black bob and singing Ella Fitzgerald’s Someone To Watch Over Me.

All that for a Saturday night out at the Rolls Royce, Fairfield or Ashfield clubs depending on who had the biggest act on that weekend.

With hindsight, music and fashion meant so much to them then and I
only appreciate how much now.

But I wonder – Are we the same?

Pretty much?

If so, then what is it that we are escaping?

Fuck, that’s far too heavy a thought for a Wednesday morning sitting writing this on the train into work!

As I said, our weekend was fantastic.

More to follow.

Friday – The Box!


that was a week that was!!

Don’t ask!!

No really don’t!!

Anyways .. news .. I’ve put in 2 entries to Lorraine Kelly’s search for a new author .. not that I’m expecting anything but some positive feedback would be good.

Racy Reads!

The 2 entries are a modified version of my introduction and Chapter 1 and secondly a short story based on Chapter 18 now called The Box.

Last weekend .. I had a fab time .. played piano in Champagne Central for an hour .. pissed but totally enjoyed the experience.

Last night .. a curry in Shawlands with my mate ,, a bit hungover today.

Tonight,  taking Claire through to a family Burns night,  my kilt is all packed and ready .. I really love getting the kilt on .. expect a pic sometime soon!

Tomorrow,  going to see my team play Saint Mirren in the cup .. c’mon the hoops!!

Whatever you are doing .. have fun!


Is It This Dancing Juice?

Hey you!!

What a weekend that was ..

Now is it the look in your eyes .. or is it this dancing juice?

How fab is this video .. made me smile .. completely loved it!

Of course the gal was going to say Yes ..

What a weekend that was .. dancing .. prancing .. playing piano at 2am in some bar in town with an audience .. loved it again!!

I’ve played in the pub once or twice before, but only when it was quiet and never for so long and even half-scooped it was great fun!

Of course, I played that Bruno MArs song and had just learned Labrinth – Beneath You’re Beautiful which actually had a few people singing and got a bit of applause.


Saturday was football with my son, 4 brothers and cousins .. the hoops won 4-1 and a curry and a few beers with the boys later.

Yesterday recovering, a long lie, drinking tea, playing piano, seeing my dad

Then back to reality .. food shopping for the week and collecting the wee one from her mums.

Life is good!


Friday – Story Telling And Surviving!


friday again..

Guess what I’ve been doing ..

I’ve been putting my story together from blog form into book form. I’ve rewritten a few parts, checked all the spelling and grammar mistakes .. well most of them.

Then .. for fun, I’ve had a look over the context of each story and added in a few lines of lyrics from a relevant song at the start of each chapter.

Joy Divison – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Patti Smith – Because The Night
David Bowie – Heroes

You know the kind of thing!

I’ve also added in an foreword, an introduction and an epilogue.

Did you know the difference between a preface, foreword and an introduction? Neither did I.

In short the preface is written by the author about the story … the foreword is generally by someone else and the introduction is writtien by the guy in the story about the story.

As that guy is more or less me .. how much of a mind feck is that?

You have to be able to separate reality from the imagined reality of the story… Some of the readers do too apparently!! 🙂

So the story is more or less finished .. although there is room for a few parts to be inserted at various points .. maybe a bit more sex .. just for fun.

And theres also lots of scope for a sequel .. But what next?

Next .. I’ve been looking at self publishing .. there is a goal here .. a learning experience.

There are variouus places where if you pay anything between 2k and 20k they will re-master your script for you, publish it for you.

But bugger that!

I’ll just follow the guidelines set down by Apple and Amazon about getting it published in the iBooks and the Kindle online book stores.

I might also consider using a service such as Smashwords as they have distribution links on both Apple and Amazon.

Wish me luck!

Right back to the fun …

Last weekend … I went into this club, it was full of these ugly, fat horrible 50 year old women dancing to 70s disco music ….

At first I was afraid, I was petrified ….!!! 🙂

Love it!

This weekend .. taking the wee one over to her mums.

Tonight .. hopefully going dancing in Glasgow .. getting my glad-rags on going for a few drinks .. no curries tonight.

Tomorrow .. busy day .. Going to see my fitba team with my son and my 4 brothers .. then drinking with them and my dad and uncles in my dads club.

Sunday .. I want to see Django and Les Mis .. which one to see first … I’m in the mood for action rather than a weepy.

Sunday night – gett my munchkin back .. and retreat back into dad mode.

In other news .. I did a job interview last week.

Being self employed you have to keep up with current trends and I’d spent a lot of time over the holiday period learning this new system design tool.

So I studied hard for this technincal test and nailed it. They went from speaking in terms of “If” to “When” .. always a good sign.

But still not heard a word!

At least its not been a “No” .. that’s an easy decision to make. No news is good news .. I attempt to convince myself.

Whatever you are doing .. Have fun!!!


At First I Was Afraid I Was Petrified!

Dilemma – Trust Is Like A Butterfly?

Right ..

So …

Last night a really good friend of mine comes on the phone, he’s upset, very upset.

He’s breaking his heart upset and also pretty angry. He’s been up all night the night before and his mind is in turmoil.

I’d only spoke to him the day before and he was all loved up and looking to the their holiday and future together and talking about getting married again.

So whats changed?

I was happy to let him speak and not jump in and offer an opinion without getting the facts.

Well he’s been seeing this girl .. for over a year now .. they’ve had their moments but its all being going well recently and he’s a happy boy.

But the other night she was at his and she had to look on to her email on his laptop to get the booking references for the holiday they have coming up next week.

She went to sleep early and he was still kicking around and laptop was still on ..

So he did something wrong .. but lets be honest what a lot of people would do .. he read her email.

All fine .. he’s never had any doubts about her and he’s been happy.

But the he wonderd what she’d been buying .. and he searched for the word receipt in her email.

So there was all the usual stuff, shopping, ebay, paypal receipts but something stood out “Phone Detective”

Hhhhmmmm he thought .. whats that all about?

Turns out its an internet detective agency which can provide details such as reverse phone numbers, personal histories etc.

So with that in mind he took a note of the details and searched her email again this time for “Detective”

There were some emails in from Phone Detective. Which he also read.

So to cut a long story short .. It would appear that the week after they met, She had went to Krakow with her friends and met some guy.

He has no idea of what occurred, but she had a phone number and whatever happened she felt enough to go online and check it out.

As it turns out, it was a hookey number .. probably a married guy on a boys weekend looking for a bit of fun.

There were no emails to her pal discussing this person .. he then presumed that its her and she not searching on behalf of the pal unlikely as that would be.

So he closed the laptop but couldn’t sleep.

At the pomt over a year ago when this had occurred, they had only met 2 weeks beforehand, had only one drink and one dinner date and not crossed any lines.

She’d went on holiday with her friend Diane, presumably met someone, he has no idea what went on but its driving him mad.

The reason why he is so upset is because she has always told him that she is the first guy she has been with since her and her husband broke up.

But now he’s no longer sure .. his mind is playing tricks and he’s fearing the worst .. that she’s some kind of tart.

Her friend Diane already has that reputation and is pretty open about it and he is judging her by association.

He never slept all night. She gets up in the morning and is all sweetness and light, but he gives her the silent treatment and she’s upset because shes wondering whats going on.

So now he’s on the phone to me and is very upset but doesn’t know how to resolve the situation.

Should he …

A- Confornt her about it .. All guns blazing .. but that will kill them.

B – Speak to her about .. but that opens the door .. of how did you know about Krakow and his big nose.

C – Shut up about it .. its in the past .. it was a year ago and what difference does it make .. but trust will be gone.

D – Stay the hell out of her emaiil in future and mind his own business

My advice, a bit of a combination was for him to shut-up about it and think himself lucky that she’s done nothing since.

But if its eating him up that much then speak to her about it but that might open doors that he doesn’t want to open.

Trust is a very delicate thing .. delicate like a butterfly .. if you don’t treat it gently it will break.

He’s still upset but he’s having a think about it and we will have to wait to see how things will develop.

If it was your friend .. What would your advise be?

Michael – Dancing With Angels!


hows it going??

If you saw my last couple of posts then you’ll know I was at Dirty Dancing with my daughters on Frday and had a great time.

Dance is such a powerful medium to express yourself .. I’m not claiming to be any great shakes .. but I do know how to enjoy myself and I love to lose myself in the music.

When I dance I can be on the floor for hours except for a quck drink now and then.

Theres nothing quite like the fun of interaction with a partner who is enjoying themselves as much as you.

Well there is but keep it clean!

My personal beliefs .. are that if you can’t dance .. if you don’t want to dance .. then you are losing out on so much of life.

Dancing is an echo of our former animalistic selfs, it’s a mating ritual and at its most basic level .. If you can’t dance .. you can’t express yourself in all other physical areas .. particularly where delicateness, subtlety, rhythm, timing and power are required.

You know what I mean!

Thats just my personal opinion of course .. you might know differently.

Would you believe .. and I kid you not .. that I also have a Guiness World Record medal for Salsa dancing back in 2002!

Check the link below .. I did that!!

Glasgow Salsa Guinness World Record

12 Lessons at Scotstoun Sports Centre with the most gorgeous Cuban female instructoir .. Boy did that gal know how to shake it?

Apparently she’s still out there doing her thing .. I only did the 12 lessons and left at that for various reasons.

Anyhoo .. the day of the GWR was fun, I wasn’t meant to be dancing as the girl I did the lessons with was on holiday that week.

But I took the kids along on the Saturday afternoon for fun.

Fortunately for me .. we bumped into 7 ladies from the class you’ll notice 2 into 7 don’t go and someone needed a partner.

So after a bit of encouragement from them and some feigned reticence from me .. I accepted the offer and was up there front and centre for the record attempt.

A 30 minute lesson and a 10 minute dance .. where my kids pointed and laughed the full time .. and we had the world record.

What a great day and I still have the medal tucked away safely!!

Anyhoo, my dad wasn’t well this weekend, so I spent Saturday night at his.

We were watching movies on tv and came across one of my favourites from the 90s. Michael featuring John Travolta.

He’s a fallen angel, on his last visit to earth where he has a mission to match up the cynical William Hurt and the lost Andie MacDowell.

I love this following scene .. it makes me smile and makes me want to dance more.

So my new New Years resolution is to get off my ass and join a dance class.

Chain Chain Chain …


Michael – John Travolta

Dirty Dancing With Beautiful Girls!

Hi there,

Dirty Dancing was fantastic. Those dancers are all so talented.

I loved the show my girls did too.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Sitting near the front in the gap to the left of stage and Johnny walks right past us before jumping up on the stage and doing the baby in the corner line.


My girls and I were up on our feet but they warned me not too take pics of them.

But I’m a proud dad so of course I did!!

I hope you’re having a great weekend.