The Platform Lovers

I had a look back over my blog the other day and realised that I’ve been working on the story The Platform Lovers for over a year, I’ve spoke to a few people about in recent months and although they enjoy reading it, they have mentioned that they are .. well .. losing the plot!

So maybe a synopsis is in order.

Probably a good thing for me too as until now the plot only exists in my head.

The story started when I was looking for something else to write about after more or less finishing For Lovers ( see the menu bar above) , it probably needs a bit of fluffing up but its pulp and is big enough and detailed enough in that context.

I was standing at Cambuslang station waiting on my train into Glasgow as I do most mornings, seeing the same people every day, noticing their mannerisms, what they wear, my brain filling in the gaps, who works in an office, who doesn’t, who is single or married, the usual kind of stuff.

Then Rock-Chic, or as I call her Aileen, passed me smoking her cigarette and stopped just a few feet in front of me.

I could see the anxiety on her face, her partner Rock-guy or as I call him John, wasn’t there as she had expected.

She turned around looking up and down the platform for him, then started looking at her phone for missed calls or messages but there was nothing.

The thing I found interesting is that she didn’t call him and she didn’t get on the train.

For months later she was there every morning looking forlorn, but he had disappeared off the face of the earth.

What I found interesting was that this relationship which I had presumed was a partnership, was clearly an affair and she was afraid to contact him in case his wife was there.

That gave me John and Aileen with their illicit affair.

It also gave me the idea to look around the train for the characters I see and write a back-story for them.

John and Aileen are work colleagues who had an affair and broke it off as John still loves his wife Carol Ann, but on a drunken night they have a one off re-union which results in Aileen being unexpectedly pregnant.

John loves his wife and childhood partner Carol Ann, but the relationship is stale and Aileen was fun, but he broke it off as he knew it was wrong.

Aileen being pregnant, causes john the dilemma of loving his wife who can’t have kids, and having the opportunity to be a dad which he has always wanted.

Graeme, the tall, slim rather boring looking lawyer type, is actually a widow with 2 young kids and is a nice guy who has had his cross to bear, the point is you can never really tell looking at people what their life is, what hurt they’ve had, how they really feel.

Graeme uses online dating on recommendation of his PA Fiona who also uses online dating, despite her already having a relationship with Alex, more in a moment.

Graeme meets the gorgeous Mari online, his first relationship since his wife passed away, a very hot affair, until Mari calls it off because she still wants her ex Mark

Mark isn’t interested and has moved on but doesn’t share any details with Mari until she sees him out in Glasgow with his new girlfriend.

Dilemma, should Mari try to get back with Graeme or not? Should Graeme accept or tell her to feck off?

Meantime, Fiona is seeing Alex, she wants him, but he’s distant and non committal which is why she is on the dating site. That changes.

Alex is a PI, ex military intelligence and working on a complex investigation / divorce case with his colleague Monica.

He had a difficult divorce and has a son that he doesn’t see, but has hit a reflective period in his life and makes contact.

Monica, the glamorous woman in red, is playing their target Charles along to determine what he is up to on behalf of their client Michelle.

Monica herself has a daughter, but I haven’t really discussed her sexuality. I had the notion for her to go on the online dating site and meet Graeme but that would be too simple .. I’m swithering on making her lesbian, going online and chatting to people then you find that they are other women. Just so that it goes against the expectation of this highly desirable feminine woman not being interested in men.

Charles is the bad guy of the story, a dirty sleazy but intelligent and devious bastard.

He married Michelle for her money and family business but he’s slowly setting up his own, taking her profits and stealing her contacts. He uses online dating as means to meet vulnerable woman who he can play along for his own devices as apart from them having children together his relationship with Michelle is largely dead.

Michelle, allowed Charles to run her business while she brought up the kids. But now she is aware that he is cheating on her sexually as well as defrauding her business and has involved the PI company of Alex and Monica to investigate and quantify what he’s up to.

Charles is a player, currently trying to get in Monica’s pants and also chatting to various woman including Carol Ann, rock-johns ex-wife online.

He has set himself up with an apartment where he has his affairs but heads home to Michelle afterwards.

His ex-Pa Geraldine, that he sacked after their affair got to close to home and she wanted him to leave Michelle, has been interviewed by the PIs and wants him to get his comeuppance.

Carol Ann has struggled through the depths of her relationship with john breaking up and is moving on, She’s created an online dating profile and surprised and flattered by the amount of contacts she has including Graeme and Charles ( posing as Gordon ) .. will she meet Charles, be pumped and dumped to use his expression .. or will she meet Graeme, the genuine guy with the 2 kids ?

Like most stories, you probably worked out the ending, it’s the journey of getting there that makes it interesting.

But I like a twist, I don’t always want the bad guy to lose or the good guy to win .. so don’t count on it.

Isn’t that the same as life?

We know the ending .. it’s on its way sooner or later .. so enjoy the journey is what I say.

Somewhere along the way I’ve chucked in some other random train stories, largely based on fact, for example Ma-garet the glamorous tourist who is all style and no substance, the fat woman who think she knew me, this was a story on making assumptions and passing judgement on people who are overweight, the old lady with the beautiful features who had the problem with banks, the white girl married into a Moslem family and the mixed treatment from her in-laws, the sad fecker that spoke to me coming back from town last week.

There is probably enough of these to take them out into a separate book.

All of the above from just a little people watching?

Don’t you just love that, sitting in a street cafe, watching people go by, making up stories about their life.

Or watching couples in a bar or restaurant, the married ones barely speaking and the new relationships or affairs full of life and gestures.

As an aside, I don’t condone affairs, they are wrong on so many levels, but isn’t it important to be happy rather than miserable?

If something is making you miserable, my advice is change it.

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