Always Take The Weather With You

Thank God it’s Friday!

Been a long long week. 

Long day too as been awake since 3am

Glasgow – Edinburgh – Glasgow – Ardlamont

Check that drive on Google maps.

Ardlamont is on the same latiitude as Glasgow and Edinburgh but to get there from Glasgow means a three hour drive heading north past Loch Lomond then along Loch Long to The Rest And Be Thankful,  then heading south passing the Kyles OF Bute and Tigbabruich.   

Finally reaching the single lanes tracks of Ardlamont and dropping down onto the beach. 

Hopefully the boys have already got the tents up and the fire roaring as it’s going be a cold one. 

But who cares!  

Wrapped up well,  drinks in hand, roaring fire, great company, guitars playing and a singsong. 

Hard to beat. 

Who cares about the weather ..

I take mine with me!! 🙂

A song from the darkest hour …

I’ll sing myself to sleep

A song from the darkest hour
Secrets I can keep
Inside all the day
Swing from high to deep
Extremes of sweet and sour
Hope that God exists

I hope I pray …
3am and wide awake …
Now 4am
Going to be a long day, working in Edinburgh then back west and heading to Tighnabruich with my best mates from childhood. 
Wish I could sleep ..
I’ll sing myself to sleep …
I can’t get no sleep ..

When I Was Your Man?

Isn’t it funny,  how you can hear a song and it affects you.

It strikes a chord,  makes you think,  makes you reflect on what you could have done better and realise what you miss,  what you want in your life that’s missing.

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

Such a talented guy and he nailed it with this one

I’ve been there previously,  the strange thing is,  when I hear it I don’t think about my last relationship but the one before that.

I wondered why?

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Going Gaga!

Did you happen to see Lady Gaga’s performance at The Academy Awards the other day?

She paid tribute to Julie Andrews and did a medley of songs from The Siund If Music. 

I got home the other night and my daughter Claire was playing it. 

She doesn’t have the vocal purity of Ms Andrews but I think she did fantastic. 

I’ve also attached the video of her playing an acoustic version of Poker Face from her BBC Live Lounge session. 

This is my particular favourite version of the song and .. Call me camp if you like but I do a pretty good version of it myself. 

Is that an embarrassing confession for a straight guy?

I was gutted when she didn’t do it when I seen her at Twickemham a few years ago.  

Too much talk and not enough music miss Gaga!

Coping with Change, Certainty and Uncertainty!

Yesterdays blog about my current dilemma about my contract extension in Edinburgh enjoying the work but hating the travel got me thinking about change and uncertainty.

I like to think that I’m a positive person.

I believe that even when life throws you a curve ball,    it’s how you deal with it that’s important.

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The Work Life Balance .. A guilty confession!

Dilemma Time ..

I’ve been on this contract in Edinburgh for almost 6 months with an expiry date in 2 weeks’ time.

I actually quite like the work, but the management regime leads quite a lot to be desired.

The place is full of graduates with a few more experienced heads ( like me!   🙂  ) to keep things ticking along.

The management here like graduates, because they come cheap,  their keen and are easily moulded.

In contrast, they view contractors as expensive resources that they would rather do without.

It’s about attitude, the grads will just say yes and will work all the hours extra for no pay. ..  but if I don’t like something I tell it as it is .. in as diplomatic terms as possible .. even if that makes me unpopular .. then I do my work and go home and sleep without giving a shit.

But I get the job done. 3 separate pieces of work here with different banks all in and running.  The proof is in the proverbial.

Now they’ve started to hint about offering a contract extensions.

No actual extension offered as yet, more a chat asking if I would be interested.

Contract negotiations are often a case of .. who blinks first  ..

If you want to talk it up and improve the deal,  then don’t make it obvious that you are interested or they will play it hard-ball.

Of course the answer was yes .. always tell them what they want to hear in the early stages of negotiation .. let’s see what they come back with.

But now the dilemma starts .. do I want this job?

Do I need it?

I’ve made enough money that I don’t need the hassle, but as a working class boy with a sensible head, it’s hard for me to leave a well-paying job when I don’t have anything else set up yet and I have 3 kids and a decent social life burning it at the other end.

Then there’s the travelling time .. add on 3 hours travelling from Glasgow to a 9 hour day and what do you get?

Too long a day.

Remember this is work, it’s not life, you need to keep it in context and when work starts impacting on your real life then you have to change it .. right?

C’mon .. go with me here .. I need to change it.

What I really should do is get my CV updated and get it out there.

What I really want to do is have a holiday and lie on a beach!

You know what would be perfect .. finishing here in 2 weeks time .. having a week on the beach and then starting a new contract back in Glasgow.

I’ve just heard the following song Mirror Man by Ella Henderson on Radio2 .. she really is a talent .. and gorgeous too!

I had a look at her tour dates and she’s due to play Glasgow with Take That soon …

Oh dear, I have a bit of a guilty confession ..

I like a few Take That songs and often play them on piano .. . A Million Love Songs, Back For Good, Could It Be Magic.

But would I really want to embarrass myself by being in a concert full of screaming women out to enjoy themselves on a Saturday night?

Too right baby!

And mama used to say .,,

Take your time young man
Don’t you rush to get old
Take it in your stride
Live your life

How many of the following sayings did your mum say to you and now you’ve used to your own kids?

I think my mum used all of them except for possibly 14 and 19 which I can’t remember her ever saying.

With 5 sons who were up to all sorts of shenanigans, the obviously missing phrase is. …

“just wait until your father gets home”

And we’d wait, scared but she barely ever told my dad, the threat was enough.

Good cop, bad cop was the rule.

As a divorced father to 3 kids, all of whom have lived with me and my 2 daughters still here robbing me blind I’ve used a few of the expressions myself particularly 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 12 and 20.

A few of them like the carrots, square eyes, wind changing etc are out-dated. My kids would make faces as if I was crazy if I said any of those to them.

But I still cringe when I remember the first time I used “because I say so”.

A phrase that I’d swore that I’d never use and right at that moment dealing with a relentlessly argumentative 5 year old I know that I’d become my parents.

Not a bad thing really!


Had a fantastic weekend for my dads 80th.

If you have a big close family like mine then you are truly blessed.