Underdogs and Politics! 

What a game that was last night!

Celtic hosting and at times outplaying Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.  

The 3-3 draw with last years EPL runners-up was as exciting as it was unexpected.  

I think it’s fair to say that most fans were expecting a defeat and will be happy with the result. 

It’s the group of death, were Barcelona and Man City are expected to take first and second and Celtic are expected to fight for third place with Borrusia Monchengladbagh. 

Comparing Celtic’s and Borrusias results against Barcelona, 7-1 and 2-1 defeats respectively,  probability is that Celtic will finish bottom of the group and exit all European competitions before Christmas. 

But at Celtic Park anything can happen. 

Yesterday Celtic were fined 10,000 Euros by UEFA for the display of “illicit” banners.   The display largely from the Green Brigade fans group. 

Ten grand out whilst earning a 500 grand payment for the draw against Man City.  

Some might say what was the point of the fine?

But like playing the game itself there are rules and they need to be enforced. 

I think the club was lucky that the fine was so low,  but the point being we wouldn’t have been fined at all if the Green Brigade had kept their political agenda to themselves. 

Yes the Green Brigade did campaign for various Palestinian charities,  admirably raising 170k and the visibility of the plight of the Palestine people. 

I agree with their stance,  I contributed to their fund.

But will they pay the fine which they brought to the club. 

No .. didn’t think so. 

Seems to me that the Green Brigade are using the club as a vehicle to serve their attention seeking political agenda whilst taking  absolutely no responsibility for their actions. 

If they weren’t,  they would have organised their campaign, raised their funds but left the politics and flags outside the stadium. 

Losing your marbles?



Getting old is awful, watching the people that you love lose their mental or physical faculties and suffer has to be one of the hardest things to take, the only exception that I can think of is the death of a child.

I was over at my wee dads last night, 81 years young and sharp as a tack, but he suffers paralysis on one-side due the stroke he had 10 years ago.

It doesn’t stop him tho,  he’s at his bowling club most days organising things.

He’s got this never-give-up attitude like a lot of people from his generation,  who have faced much more hardship than we our children ever will.

I love and find him inspirational.

I consider myself lucky that he’s still with us, particularly as over the past few days a friend has lost their dad and another family member is badly losing their physical faculties whilst still all there mentally.

It brings our own mortality closer to home and I can empathise as my mum had went through a similar experience before she passed away a few years ago.

Either case is awful for the people left behind.

God knows that no-one wants to be that person sitting in a chair by the window defecating yourself unable to walk to the loo or clean yourself up.

It’s degrading for the individual involved, they lose their dignity and its awful for the people who love them as they don’t deserve to see their parent or loved one in that state.

In that situation, of course you love them, you do what you can, even although you both feel embarrassed by the situation.

Getting old, your body failing is a horrible situation.

You’re mind failing is worse, when you are no longer you and you can’t remember your loved ones.

Mind or Body failing .. which would you choose?

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Who’s That Team They Call The Rangers?


Who’s that team they call the Rangers?
Who’s that team they all adore?

One of the good old fashioned non-bigoted Rangers songs that used to be sung in support of their team.

I have absolutely no problem in that,   in fact I’m all for people supporting their team and all for a bit of rivalry and wind-up .. just leave the hatred / politics / whatever out of it.

To be fair to the 8000 or so Rangers fans who turned up at Celtic Park on Saturday,  I didn’t hear any of the usual bigoted singing from my seat in The Jock Stein Stand.

Possibly a few opening bars of The Billy Boys before it was over-taken by the Celtic response of mimicking the tune with Ha-ha’s.

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I Don’t Hate Rangers?


I don’t hate Rangers
I don’t hate Rangers
I want to shoo-oooo-oot
The new club down.

Where do you stand on the oldco / newco Rangers debate?

There is no debate .. the old club/company are in liquidation .. FACT.


The new club joined the 4th tier of Scottish football and have been grinding their way back to the top league, with an unexpected stumble last year when the new club ran second to Hearts in the championship and the new club failed to beat Motherwell in the SPFL play-offs.

And how we laughed!

Now the new club are in the SPFL and face Celtic on Saturday for the first time in league football.

The last outing in the Scottish Cup where the new club beat Celtic after extra time and penalties was mighty embarrassing for the hoops and the death knell for Ronnie Delia.

I watched the game with a bunch of Rangers supporting mates in The Kames Hotel near Tighnabruigh .. it was an exciting game and Celtic were beat fair and square.

In contrast to what is often portrayed by the media as hatred between Celtic and Rangers fans ( old or new ) , the atmosphere in the pub was friendly.

When Rangers scored first and a loud cheer went up, my mate Jim said to me that I was in the wrong pub.

But when Celtic scored .. it was clear that he had mis-judged the crowd and there were more of us than them .. even although I was the only Tim in my company of 12 guys + 6 kids.

Well me and one of the kids .. clearly the most intelligent one!  🙂

No point in going into all the details of the game, but when it was over there were handshakes all round and big smiles on the faces of my mates .. they knew they’d got away with it, due a poor Celtic performance on the field and by the management.

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Celtic to Win the SPFL? – The Money’s Safe!

Bettnig Graph

Comparative returns on £1 bet on Celtic or newco-Rangers as league progressed

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the probability of Celtic win this years SPFL title and compared the numbers from the various book-makers against their nearest contenders newco Rangers.


At the point before the League commenced, Celtic were odds on favourites at 1/3 and The Rangers at 7/2.

A 10k bet on Celtic would pay approx 3.5k, where a 10k bet on The Rangers returns 35k .. ie a ten-fold ratio of returns and Celtic look a pretty safe bet.

What I like about bookies is the numbers don’t lie .. any arse can talk crap all day about the likelihood of who s going to win .. but bookies put their money on the line and reflect reality rather than pointless emotionally based rhetoric of idiots in the pub.

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The Sweeter The Tune?


She was a babe in her day
But that day isn’t today
Or even yesterday
Not even 10 years ago
When she was 40

She’s a cougar
A slinky sexy cat on heat
Who looks at me
Like I’m fresh meat
She smiles her perfect smile
But I was only joking
Looking for some fun

She touches my arm
As she tells me of
All the things she likes
That I like too

Then licks her lips as I reply
Holding my eye
I wonder what else
She’d like to hold

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