The Brother Necessities?

Do you ever think that life has a strange way of throwing coincidences at you?

Yesterday my closest brother Duncan contacted me to arrange dinner and a few drinks.

I had just blogged about him and was thinking about my other brothers all day.

Last night my 3rd brother Mark contacted me to tell me 2nd brother John was on the radio,  an hour long local radio special with the music of his life.

I smiled at his first choice of The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book,  a film that we loved as kids and he was saying that his 3 young kids love now.

It seemed too coincidental not to have significance,  so I contacted my youngest brother Stuart in Holland just to say hello and make sure all was well with him and the family.

All well in their worlds.

Now I wonder,   wy should I feel the need to know they are all okay?

Is it normal and natural for brothers?

Or there an enhanced need because I’m the eldest and always looked after them as kids when our parents were working shifts?

Back in our childhood,  we lived in poverty,  no bathroom,  an outside toilet shared with three other families.    Mum and Dad slept in a pull-down bed in the alcove of the kitchen and us 5 boys slept in the one bedroom,  2 sets of bunk-beds and a cot.

In the winter mornings,  there was ice on the inside of the windows and our breathes blew white as we spoke and struggled to get warm round the fire.

The thing is,  we didn’t know that we lived in poverty,  everyone in my street was the same.

No moaning about ir,  life is what it is.

But compare that upbringing with my three kids,  large detached houses, en-suite bathrooms,  central heating, private gardens,  university for all three and private school for the munchkin.

I’ve brought all three of mine up to be independent,  they will never need to rely on anyone else for moiney,  that gives them the freedom of choice to change their lifes if they find themselves unhappy in their future circumstances.

They are very close,  as thick as thieves actually and I know that occasionally they lie to me,   thats part of growing up and not telling the parents.

But I look at them,  the three of them sitting on the sofa comfortable in each others space,  laughing at whatever crap is on yourube or facebook and it makes me proud.

They might have a better start in life than I did and have huge material differences in their surroundings,  but the good thing is that the love between my lot is as strong as that between my brothers and I.

Love, affection and time spent together is what binds us regardless of environment.

Hopefully it is the same for you.


And No Religion Too?



You say …. X

I say … Y

And so it goes on …

We have fundemental cultural differences which neither of us are going to drop.

So we continue on our stupid time and resource wasting loop indefintely.

Take this example

Will either side ever move on?

I’m all for personal freedom and freedom of expression.

But that freedom stops when you invade someone else.

Orange Walks,  Hibernean Walks, any other walk which is offensive should be banned,  not tolerated or even partially funded by the public purse.

No argument,  no debate.

Personally I think and hope that one day there will be no religion,   if you are relgious then you are clinging to out-dated idealogy from days when people lived in and were controlled and manipulated by fear.

Thankfully most of the educated world has moved on.

All religion is man-made,  it’s inherently flawed.

Take Catholic priests not being allowed to marry and have children,   its flawed because it goes against the most natural of human behaviour and bound to cause internal turmoil for an individual when they are expected to deny what they are.

No wonder the Catholic Church is struggling to find priests in the West and largely relies on missionarys from Africa and other third-world countries.

Eventually even that will fail as the word becomes smaller and more ediucated.

But in the meantime,  if you are religious then you cling on to that,  I genuinely hope it brings you peace,  hope and solace.

Just don’t push your views, parades and hatred on to everyone else.


Did you see the fantastic final episode of the current series of Game Of Thrones last night?

Cersie’s face when the Sept and the High Sparrow was blown to pieces?

Shame .. shame!  🙂


Bye, Bye Europe!

So “we” voted to stay in the UK and out of Europe

The predictable moans on tv, much finger pointing and blame being passed round. Scotland voted to Remain .. Blah blah. 

Well here it is … Scotland voted to remain in the UK and the UK voted out of Europe. 

Not happy with that?  

Get over yourself. 

That’s democracy for you. 

Personally I didn’t vote,  I like Europe,  I as a socialist like the protection offered to  ordinary working people.  

But don’t want my country flooded with migrants even more than it is.   That is EU and nonEU migrants. 

I don’t trust anything said by any political party.     

But the people have spoken.   That has to be accepted. 

Hopefully Cameron resigns but I fear the new boss would be the same or worse than the old boss. 

Dumbarton football fan admits running on to pitch during Scottish Cup Final

Cup Final

The headline above caught my eye on my Newsnow feed.

A Dumbarton fan in a cup final?

When did that happen?

It didn’t.


What did happen is the individual named in the report, amongt others,  admitted not just running on to the field during the Scottish Cup Final but assaulting two opposing fans and a security guard.

Another case of that corrupt and despicable rag The Daily Record obfuscating the facts.

They just seem incapable of saying anything against The Rangers  or the violent and bitter individuals that follow that poisonous brand.

Wonder why?

I really can’t wait for this rag with its falling sales to finally go out of business.







Train Stories – Einstein?


I see him every day .. well every working day for the past 6 months .. on the 8:39 from Cambuslang to Argyll Street.

People really are creatures of habit.

When I get on at the left hand side of the carriage,  he’s always standing guard on the closed right hand doors.

He’s oblivious to the world,  headphones on and staring at his smart phone.

But he’s guarding the doors on that side because he likes to be first off the train at Argyll Street then rushes to the stairs and the ticket barriers before any of the crowd gets there.

If anyone gets in his way he jostles past them,  then rushes out and off up Miller Street.

He never smiles.

Mid-40s,  quite a fit looking guy,  bald on top and shaved at the sides to finish the look.

Better than than being bald on top and a comb over .. right guys?

Ask any women if you are in doubt,  get it shaved,  don’t be a bald top, hairy sides.

I wonder if his baldness is why he never smiles?

Better grey hair than nay hair?

I usually sit on the first bank of seats,   on the aisle as the windows seats are taken.

I’m a creature of habit too.

But what I’ve noticed about this guy is that he wears the same suit every single day.

I mean every single day .. isn”t that just bizarre?

Not even a dress down Friday like today were most of the office punters are wearing jeans.

His suit is showing fair signs of creasage ..  he’s defintely been wearing it all week.

Do you think he is doing that thing Einstein that did?

According to the urban legend,  he bought all his suits to be the same and didn’t wear socks,   so that he didn’t waste valuable brain-power thinking about what to wear and his socks only got holes anyway?

Nah can’t be .. he’s wearing socks .. I wonder if these are the same ones too?

It’s Friday,  thank feck .. meeting the boys after work .. they want to watch the football.

I’m a Celtic fan,  I really couldn’t care less about the Euros.



Blind-Sided – 9 – Amber?

Ellen Barkin


What’s that about?

She picked you up in a club, let you drive her home,  you’ve gone through all the pretences and platitudes of politeness and probity, drinking tea and getting to know each other better.

When all the time you both known what you’re really here for.

She lets her suck her tits, in fact she enjoys you sucking her tits, but then just when you go for third base she says “Stop!”?

What is that all about?

No is no … Right?

Or is it?

Does NO sometimes mean ..

A – Not now?
B – Maybe later?
C – I’m not ready yet?
D – All of the above?

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Talking Fast, Thinking Slow!

He sits directly across from me at my bank of 6 desks.

He looks the part,  always dressed sharply, fashionable hair and fuzz.

But my God,  does he talk one load of shit.

Not only does he talk shit,  but he does it at the top of his voice.

I’m sure that his patter and fast talking impresses the young girls,  but not this “old” dude ..  the guy is all talk .. he opens his mouth before engaging his brain .. talking fast,  but thinking slow.

He never ever thinks things through,  always jumps to the obvious conclusion and never considers the wider implication that changing one thing may have on another.

Listening to him most days gives me a headache, dealing with him is painful.

The guy that sits beside him isn’t much better.

Both of them in their late-20s think they know it all,  couple of wide-boys that either start or finish each sentence with “man”.

Call me old-fashioned but their bad diction and lack of vocabulary is an indication of insufficient education and abilities both in and out the work-place.

There is the proof that having a university degree does not make you clever.

Its been a while since I’ve wrote a blog entry,  at least two weeks,  the system I’ve been been brought in to get up and working is now fully operational.

The guys sitting across from me are part of the team who were working on it for over almost two years before I started.

When I started the project was over a year late and 5m over budget at 20% complete.

Now that its live,  the team I’m working within are moving to a support model rather than development.

There’s going to be job losses … . 2 from 12.

Guess who?