Shadow Memories?

Shadow Memories?

How can I capture your beauty and energy in a photograph. 
It’s a flat, lifeless, 2d representation of your 3D perfection.

There’s no twinkle in your eyes 

No spring in your step. 

No magic when you sing or dance. 

Its merely a shadow of who you are. 

But I hold it and think of you. 

Because your shadow is the only part of you that remains. 

That and my memories. 

Boak!! 🙂

Who writes shit like that? 

Actually,  it was sent to me by a girl I used to know after the relationship ended. 

I’d already deleted her texts, emails, Facebook posts and blocked her. 

Then I receive that by text from her other number. 

We had only had 2 dates FFS!  🙂

Bet she sends that to everyone!



The Sweeter The Tune?


She was a babe in her day
But that day isn’t today
Or even yesterday
Not even 10 years ago
When she was 40

She’s a cougar
A slinky sexy cat on heat
Who looks at me
Like I’m fresh meat
She smiles her perfect smile
But I was only joking
Looking for some fun

She touches my arm
As she tells me of
All the things she likes
That I like too

Then licks her lips as I reply
Holding my eye
I wonder what else
She’d like to hold

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The Way I Was?

I can’t get back to the way I was
No matter how I try
I just need to get used to the way I am
Until the day I die

Whatever happened to my skinny waist?
My arms of bulging muscle?
I used to carry my wife right up the stairs
And it wasn’t any trouble

Now I look in the mirror and sigh each day
At my sagging eyes and hair of grey
And I ask myself what happened to me
But know this is the only way

Sometimes I think back
To the way I was
Of broken hearts and chances lost
And I wonder if it was woth the cost
But its far too late to change

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Kissing Like Strangers? … #poetry


Lets just kiss like strangers
Like we used to once before
When we were young and nervous
And I walked you to your door

Lets just kiss like strangers
And smile each time we meet
I’ll hold your hand and open doors
When we are walking down the street

I used to bring you flowers
And I used to drive you home
Then in my dreams I’d kiss you
Although I was sleeping all alone

You used to make me dinner
And you used to pour my beer
But it seems like something’s changed
And I’m losing you I fear

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Not Getting Any Younger? #poetry #humour

Oh God please hear my silent plea
And bring my princess here to me
Shes good and kind for all to see
And I’m not getting any younger

Her long dark hair and smile wide
Her touch that thrills me deep inside
I think I’d let her be my bride
Cos I’m not getting any younger

But alas my God he didn’t hear
And now I’m stuck with you I fear
I think I’ll cry a pool of tears
Cos you’re not getting any younger

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The Game Changer?

Beautiful blue blonde new
Face Eyes Hair You
Warm Soft Tender Skin
With your smile my life begins

Your shiny face looks up at me
No words express your silent plea
I promise to give you all you need
A warm bed, a midnight feed

My life before seemed overflowing
Now I spent it watch you growing
new born tears when in your bath
but how I love it when we laugh

Now you’re tall dark and handsome
For you I’d give a kings ransom
Having you wasn’t in my plan
Yet you have made me a better man

The game changer .. everything changes when you have kids,  the games stop, family becomes the focus.

Now my 3 are all grown up and new games begin.

Catching up with Game Of Thrones,  just finished Season 2 and loving it .. bloody box-sets take over when I should be getting on with things!!

The Lannister song,  The Rains of Castamere is particularly haunting.