What Type Of Person Are You?

Like me,  you probably were aware that the online systems, google, amazon, ad-aware etc are collecting statistics on what kind of people we are.

Of course they do,  they know where we shop,  what we buy etc.   They then use this information so they can target us with ads for products we may be interested in.

Unfortunately, we don’t usually get to see the data that they’ve collected.

However, the following site shows the figures that they have collected and are providing to marketing companies on the demographics of what foods we eat,  what type of music you like if you shop in Tesco instead of Sainsbury’s.

It makes interesting reading.

For example most Celtic supporters are 40-49, are based in Central Scotland,  are politically on the left,  like Rod Stewart and Modern Family.


Compare that with the UKIP who are aged 60+, live on the south coast of England, are politically right wing and enjoy Cliff Richard and Dads Army


Who would have thunk it?!!

Have a play!



Tonight Erasure play The O2 Academy Glasgow,  got tickets but not sure if I’m going.

Although playing this now and remembering the last time I saw them,  why not!!