Wolf – 8 – Whodunnit?

How do you go about killing someone?

Well that kinda depends if you want to get caught or not.

Let’s imagine for a moment .. or as long as it takes to read this .. that you wanted to murder your ex wife or former partner.  


We aren’t talking reasons. .. that’s up to you .. let’s talk practicalities. 

Statistically most murders of women are stabbings committed by their partner or former partner in the women’s home or partners home.

So in most cases Miss Scarlet does gets murdered by Mr Green in the Living Room with the dagger.

The implication of these statistics is that regardless if you consciously plan to murder or in a moment of passion react violently and kill your partner then no matter how you try and hide it, Inspector Cluedo will already have a good inkling that it was you and it’s just a matter of collating the evidence.

Do you remember all those old episodes of Colombo, still being broadcast on satellite channels?

Typically some woman is killed, usually in glamorous locations in unglamorous circumstances.

The inspector turns up like a bad smell in his grubby raincoat. He’s the little guy, the underrated underdog that nobody wants hanging around embarrassing them in their perfectly imperfect lifestyles.

He takes one look at the scene, It’s not obvious who killed the poor woman but Colombo knows a liar when he sees one.

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So Who Killed Maddy?


An interesting read on the disappearance of Madeline McCann and detailing evidence that has been suppressed, but can now be published.

Personally, I’ve always thought this case stank to high heavens and wondered why the McCanns were never charged with neglect at the very least

In addition to JJ’s post,    please find the translation of the book by the Portuguese lead investigating officer Goncalo Amaral.   This is not available in English as an injunction was taken about by the McCanns preventing its publication in 2008.

However a Portuguese court overturned the injunction in 2015 allowing details to be published.

The most chilling facts are the police sniffer dogs found evidence of a cadaver in the apartment rented by the McCanns and that the cadaver was hidden behinf the sofa and in the McCanns rental car.

I’ve also included the interview details published in the Telegraph from Kate McCann where she refused to answer any questions on the disappearance or murder of her daughter.

Question 48 is particularly damning

48- Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?

In my opinion,  her lack of response is clear sign of involvement or knowledge that she does not want to divulge.

Would you agree that any parent who had no involvement would respond accordingly and openly?

It stinks.

So who did kill Maddy?

Train Stories – Basic Instincts?

She’s a very attractive woman.

Particularly when you look past her subtle make-up and realise what age she is.

I’d guess that she’s late 40s, her long dark hair tied back showing her pretty features although the lines under her eyes give the game away.

She’s dressed to thrill, classic rather than trendy. Her dress reminds me of the one that Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman, only this has black polka-dots and is fitted rather than flouncy and accentuates her shapely figure.

She sits with her legs crossed, the increased tension and her recent fake-tan, emphasises the muscle tone in her legs.

Those are great legs.

She is directly opposite me ten feet away with the entrance foyer between us.

We are both sitting on the aisle side of a bank of three seats and as the train is relatively quiet we have an unencumbered view of each other and it’s difficult not to get caught looking never mind making eye contact.

Occasionally our eyes meet as we both look up and forward at the same time then just as quickly we look away.

I mean, we are on a train, what’s going to happen?

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Changing The Future For The Better?


A friend of mine was recently telling me about the depression he suffers,   how it is always there even when he puts a brave face on it.

I would never judge him,  how someone feels is how they feel .. they can’t help that, even if things are better than they percieve,   it’s a mind-set and difficult to break out of.

It’s too simple to say to someone that they need to look around and appreciate how lucky they are .. good home,  great job,  a decent regular income.

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Train Stories – Unwanted Attention


It’s Friday night and I’ve been out after work with some colleagues, a few drinks to celebrate the end of my project and people moving on elsewhere.

By 1030pm, I’ve had enough Peroni that safety my switch kicks in and it’s time to head for home.

I wander down to Argyle Street station heading back to Cambuslang.

The train arrives almost immediately and I board and notice that although it’s sparsely populated each booth is full apart from one at the end.

That will do for me!

As I get to the booth, I notice on the opposite booth a guy about 30,  dark cropped hair,  quite tall,  just a little bit chubby.

I take my seat and face forward,  pulling out my phone to check any messages.

Someone says “How was your night?”  and I look round and the guy is looking at me waiting for a response.

It seemed rude not to reply.

“It was fine mate” and I look back at my phone.

Note the use of the word “mate” .. courtesous, friendly even although the context was brief and dismissive .. i.e. I’ll be friendly but I don’t want to talk.

“Did you do anything special?”

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Blind-Sided – 10 – Red?


She said, pulling your hand away, preventing it from entering her underwear in less time than it took me to write the last chapter!

She bites her lip .. “I’m having my period”. Just to emphasise the matter. 

You let her pull your hand away, holding her eyes for a moment trying to figure if she’s challenging you or waiting for you to challenge her decision. 

You don’t. 

Why would you?

The girls already said stop and now you have a clear red flag, to push ahead would be wrong never mind messy. 

You kiss her on the cheek then tuck her breast back into her bra, pull up the strap on her dress, then step back to lean on the opposite kitchen worktop. 

Admiring the view. 

She’s looking at you her face almost expressionless, she says nothing to give her thoughts away.

She’s hard to read, she almost looks disappointed. 

But is that for you or her?

You’ve been there before, the time of the month putting its red flag on proceedings. 

But there are alternatives. 

You just don’t know if she’d be up for them?

What alternatives are you thinking about?

A hand-job?



Hmmm .. that’s really up to you. 

The alternative that you chose first only really exists in your head, the rest is imaginary. 

That’s the thing about sex, one mans perversion is another’s reality. 

Something that one woman abhors is another woman’s preference. 

Is that apostrophe right? 🙂  

Time of the month .. It used to be a clear red flag, is it still the same?     

Have a look at pornhub.com, its the most popular pornsite in the world, It has everything you would most likely choose to view apart from the obvious illegal and immoral exceptions. 


Can you define that please?

Check out those most popular categories. Straight vanilla sex isn’t one of them. 
Does that indicate the death of plain good old love making?   

Or is there a gulf between what most of us do with a partner and what we watch on our own? 

Maybe a bit of both?   

We don’t expect pornstar performances every time, but the missionary position is dull. 

Or is it?

Personally I’ve found that it gets results as long as you’re doing it right!   

Coital alignment has the desired effect and much better than slavishly banging in and out with little results.  

Haven’t you learned anything? 

She takes two steps forward, her face close to yours, she puts her arms around your neck pulling your face to hers and kisses you hard on the mouth.  

A long lingering kisses,  your faces turning sideways, mouths open, hungry for each other. 

You’re pleased but slightly confused that after the red flag she’s still as full on. 

She pulls back,  your foreheads touching, her eyes holding yours. 

“Let’s go to bed”. She says.