Blind-Sided – 10 – Red?


She said, pulling your hand away, preventing it from entering her underwear in less time than it took me to write the last chapter!

She bites her lip .. “I’m having my period”. Just to emphasise the matter. 

You let her pull your hand away, holding her eyes for a moment trying to figure if she’s challenging you or waiting for you to challenge her decision. 

You don’t. 

Why would you?

The girls already said stop and now you have a clear red flag, to push ahead would be wrong never mind messy. 

You kiss her on the cheek then tuck her breast back into her bra, pull up the strap on her dress, then step back to lean on the opposite kitchen worktop. 

Admiring the view. 

She’s looking at you her face almost expressionless, she says nothing to give her thoughts away.

She’s hard to read, she almost looks disappointed. 

But is that for you or her?

You’ve been there before, the time of the month putting its red flag on proceedings. 

But there are alternatives. 

You just don’t know if she’d be up for them?

What alternatives are you thinking about?

A hand-job?



Hmmm .. that’s really up to you. 

The alternative that you chose first only really exists in your head, the rest is imaginary. 

That’s the thing about sex, one mans perversion is another’s reality. 

Something that one woman abhors is another woman’s preference. 

Is that apostrophe right? 🙂  

Time of the month .. It used to be a clear red flag, is it still the same?     

Have a look at, its the most popular pornsite in the world, It has everything you would most likely choose to view apart from the obvious illegal and immoral exceptions. 


Can you define that please?

Check out those most popular categories. Straight vanilla sex isn’t one of them. 
Does that indicate the death of plain good old love making?   

Or is there a gulf between what most of us do with a partner and what we watch on our own? 

Maybe a bit of both?   

We don’t expect pornstar performances every time, but the missionary position is dull. 

Or is it?

Personally I’ve found that it gets results as long as you’re doing it right!   

Coital alignment has the desired effect and much better than slavishly banging in and out with little results.  

Haven’t you learned anything? 

She takes two steps forward, her face close to yours, she puts her arms around your neck pulling your face to hers and kisses you hard on the mouth.  

A long lingering kisses,  your faces turning sideways, mouths open, hungry for each other. 

You’re pleased but slightly confused that after the red flag she’s still as full on. 

She pulls back,  your foreheads touching, her eyes holding yours. 

“Let’s go to bed”. She says. 

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