The Unheard Voice … 

It’s General Election Day in the U.K.     

This one has been called pretty soon after the previous one when David Cameron won in May 2015. 

Because the current prime minister Theresa May didn’t have an overall majority and was riding high in the polls so called the election to increase her number of seats. 

But here’s my issue ..

Who would you vote for?

Personally none of them,   It pains me to support any of these weak conniving agenda driven loathsome parties. 

Maybe we should look at each party’s manifesto and choose the one most aligned with our own viewpoint.  

But what happens when none of them do? 

For example,  Labour seem strong on social justice but are weak on immigration and will continue to allow the country to be flooded with people on the take without a proper immigration policy.  

Conservative … ha .. liars, weak,  say one thing and do another.  Ruined communities all over the UK. 

SNP … agenda driven manipulatiors.  Only want independence even although Scotland can’t afford it. 

Lib Dem … who?  

Minor parties … might as well not bother. 

So you understand my apathy.    

But I’m not alone.   Have a look at the following stats.

The Conservatives won the last election with only 24% of the people registered to vote,  Labour were second with 20%. 

But look at the non-voters like me,  34% of people who are registered to vote choose not to. 

We choose not to be part of party politics because they don’t represent us. 

You might say that’s weak,  that wasting our vote allows the winning party to ride roughshod over us. 

And you’d be half right,   It does allow people we find disdainful to run the country.  But it isn’t weak. 

Compare these stats with high number of people who voted for single decision votes like BREXIT or Scottish Independence. 

On those the voting turnout was high.    

 The people including those apathetic to party politics turned out in high volumes and voiced their opinion. 

Now imagine you could harness that vote,  capture that unheard voice and let it speak on the issues,  not the parties. 

Why not?

We all have unique National Insurance numbers and Passport numbers,   We have internet access. 

So why not let the people vote on all of the big issues directly not let these be decided by the parties. 

Let the existing parties present their agenda based arguments but let the people decide,  not the MPs controlled by the whips and your individual vote is lost.     
This isn’t democracy.  It’s an illusion of it.    

It’s a choice between a poke in the eye or a kick in the balls and I refuse to take part in their game. 

Let’s kill off agenda driven party politics and deal with the issues. 

You might say I’m a dreamer,  but I’m not the only one. 

For the people, by the people?



What a week eh?

Trump elected as President of the USA, despite receiving slightly less actual votes than Clinton.

Seems that he won not on the Popular Vote, but on the Electoral Colleges, picking up wins in the swing states.

I’m neither a Trump or a Clinton fan, as far as I’m concerned most politicians are corrupt to one degree or another and these two are right up at the top of the food chain.

Seems to me though, that I’d be pissed off if I was Clinton and won the peoples vote yet lost out because of the electoral colleges.

Government for the people by the people?

Nah .. didn’t think so.

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Underdogs and Politics! 

What a game that was last night!

Celtic hosting and at times outplaying Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.  

The 3-3 draw with last years EPL runners-up was as exciting as it was unexpected.  

I think it’s fair to say that most fans were expecting a defeat and will be happy with the result. 

It’s the group of death, were Barcelona and Man City are expected to take first and second and Celtic are expected to fight for third place with Borrusia Monchengladbagh. 

Comparing Celtic’s and Borrusias results against Barcelona, 7-1 and 2-1 defeats respectively,  probability is that Celtic will finish bottom of the group and exit all European competitions before Christmas. 

But at Celtic Park anything can happen. 

Yesterday Celtic were fined 10,000 Euros by UEFA for the display of “illicit” banners.   The display largely from the Green Brigade fans group. 

Ten grand out whilst earning a 500 grand payment for the draw against Man City.  

Some might say what was the point of the fine?

But like playing the game itself there are rules and they need to be enforced. 

I think the club was lucky that the fine was so low,  but the point being we wouldn’t have been fined at all if the Green Brigade had kept their political agenda to themselves. 

Yes the Green Brigade did campaign for various Palestinian charities,  admirably raising 170k and the visibility of the plight of the Palestine people. 

I agree with their stance,  I contributed to their fund.

But will they pay the fine which they brought to the club. 

No .. didn’t think so. 

Seems to me that the Green Brigade are using the club as a vehicle to serve their attention seeking political agenda whilst taking  absolutely no responsibility for their actions. 

If they weren’t,  they would have organised their campaign, raised their funds but left the politics and flags outside the stadium. 

Keeping Politics Out Of Paradise?


Where do you stand on the Israel / Palestinian conflict?

Do you believe that Israel are bullies and the Palestinians are being suppressed?


Do you believe that Israel is fully within it’s rights to occupy the Gaza strip and to defend itself from Palestinian terrorists?

I expect that if you have an allegiance to either group then you’re views are already entrenched and no amount of discussion will change your view.

Personally, I believe that in most discussions, if you say black and I say white, then the answer is some form of grey, a dark grey or a light grey is in the detail but grey none-the-less as there are few absolutes.

The only absolute I subscribe to is that violence is not acceptable at anytime, by either side.

The counter-points being the right to defend yourself, which either side will obviously utilise to justify their attacks on the other.

Pathetic really .. I would like to believe that only a political solution can resolve this issue, however this is unlikely with both sides so ingrained in their point of view.

It’s like kids, fighting, sometimes, you need to be the adult, take away their toys, skelp their arse and tell them to behave.

My hope is that the UN eventually recognise Palestine as a full state, prevent Israel from controlling it’s borders and we all move along together.

Tonight Celtic play Hapoel Beer Sheva of Israel in the UEFA Champions League.

Traditionally Celtic are the under-dog of Scottish Football , we were historically the anti-establishment team.

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Out Of Europe?


Tonight Celtic play a home tie against Lincoln Red Imps of Gibraltar and are already trailing by a 1-0 defeat in the first leg.

If Celtic fail to overcome the “minnows”,  thats it,  game over,  no parachute into the Europa League.and the end of the Europe Adventure for another year.

Pretty degrading for former winners of the European Cup?

Not really .. thats the reality of how far we have declined.

Who is to blame for that decline?

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And No Religion Too?



You say …. X

I say … Y

And so it goes on …

We have fundemental cultural differences which neither of us are going to drop.

So we continue on our stupid time and resource wasting loop indefintely.

Take this example

Will either side ever move on?

I’m all for personal freedom and freedom of expression.

But that freedom stops when you invade someone else.

Orange Walks,  Hibernean Walks, any other walk which is offensive should be banned,  not tolerated or even partially funded by the public purse.

No argument,  no debate.

Personally I think and hope that one day there will be no religion,   if you are relgious then you are clinging to out-dated idealogy from days when people lived in and were controlled and manipulated by fear.

Thankfully most of the educated world has moved on.

All religion is man-made,  it’s inherently flawed.

Take Catholic priests not being allowed to marry and have children,   its flawed because it goes against the most natural of human behaviour and bound to cause internal turmoil for an individual when they are expected to deny what they are.

No wonder the Catholic Church is struggling to find priests in the West and largely relies on missionarys from Africa and other third-world countries.

Eventually even that will fail as the word becomes smaller and more ediucated.

But in the meantime,  if you are religious then you cling on to that,  I genuinely hope it brings you peace,  hope and solace.

Just don’t push your views, parades and hatred on to everyone else.


Did you see the fantastic final episode of the current series of Game Of Thrones last night?

Cersie’s face when the Sept and the High Sparrow was blown to pieces?

Shame .. shame!  🙂


Bye, Bye Europe!

So “we” voted to stay in the UK and out of Europe

The predictable moans on tv, much finger pointing and blame being passed round. Scotland voted to Remain .. Blah blah. 

Well here it is … Scotland voted to remain in the UK and the UK voted out of Europe. 

Not happy with that?  

Get over yourself. 

That’s democracy for you. 

Personally I didn’t vote,  I like Europe,  I as a socialist like the protection offered to  ordinary working people.  

But don’t want my country flooded with migrants even more than it is.   That is EU and nonEU migrants. 

I don’t trust anything said by any political party.     

But the people have spoken.   That has to be accepted. 

Hopefully Cameron resigns but I fear the new boss would be the same or worse than the old boss. 

Leibster Award Nomination. #Humour

Dear Zebrakat,

Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster blogger awards.

I really do appreciate the nomination and the kind words.

These awards only have a few rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.

Answer the questions asked by the nominator.

Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers.

Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.

Simple as that!
Here are the questions given to me:

If you could change career, what would it be?

I’d be a lawyer or politician,  not your money grabbing career type,  more interested in standing up for people against unfairness or the power of corporations for example zero hour contracts should be illegal,  avoiding corporate taxes should be curtailed and be a direct relationship to turnover.

I have an inbuilt healthy disdain for lawyers and politicians, lying money grabbing sharks,  but thats their job.

However, I’m older and wiser and have came to realise that if you want to change the world then you can’t be an onlooker,  you have to get in the game.

If the world was going to end in a month, where would you go?

I’d stay at home with family,  a couple of day trips up to Loch Lomond,  standing on the ridge of Conic Hill looking over the loch and admiring the beauty of the world.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A wolf,  smart, cunning,  family orientated, but lethal when necessary.

I think we are all animals,  underneath the pressures and conformance of modern life we were all put here to eat sleep and make babies.

Anything other than that ( work, money fashion, cars etc )  is to enhance our status and ability to complete the primary objective of furthering our own gene pool.

If you could have dinner with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Robin Williams,  a real shining star,  intelligent, funny with hidden depths of tragedy.  I’d like to talk to him, persuade him not to go.

A table of 4,  Robin Williams, Mick Jagger, Charlie Sheen and me would be a riot!
If you were given a free flight ticket to any destination, were would you go?

Japan,  such a different culture,  although probably more commercial these days and the old ways lost.  I don’t think there will be a Shaolin temple with Kwai Chang Caine waiting.

Alternatively an African Safari complete with MK74 assault rifle.

I’d be driving round the plains,  taking pics of the lions, giraffes, elephants etc and shooting any dentists or lawyers that happened to have a gun in their hands.

I’ve never liked dentists.  What kind of sadistic freak chooses a career pulling teeth and giving fillings for a living!! 🙂
If your house was on fire and you could save one item, what would it be?

Old family pics.   Invaluable memories.

Like me,  you’ve probably got a drawer full of them. I should scan these really and back them up somewhere.  Sharing them on Facebook would be a good idea.
What one appliance or piece of technology could you not live without?

My iPad or iPhone,  it’s like having the world in your hand being able to read the news,  see what’s happening in the world,  talk to friends and family and see the shit they put on Facebook. 🙂

It’s very reassuring when family are posting shit,   It gives a good indication that all is well in their world.

Pics of their dog, cat or fun nights out is much better than seeing those relationship posts .. how important is to feel valued etc.

Then you know they have trouble!
Are you a beer, wine or spirit drink person?

I’m not a huge drinker,  but mostly beer, Peroni or Stella,  occasionally cocktails preferably French Martinis and the odd bottle of Prosecco most weekend.

Did I mention that I’m not a big drinker?
Name your favourite sweet/candy and why?

Snickers, always loved them and love nuts. So easy choice.

Only downside is having contact with dentists!!  🙂
Which one would you be a candle or a light bulb and why?

Hhhhmmmm bit of a surreal question.

Err …I prefer the glow or scent of a candle but will choose light-bulb as I burn bright and can be turned on ( or off ) easily. 🙂

My nominations are :-

Zebrakat – As I enjoy her reading about her journey and admire her courage despite suffering from all the pain of having Cancer. Continue reading “Leibster Award Nomination. #Humour”

Naive, Incompetent or Corrupt? .. Buy VW?

Don’t you just love it when some big corporation gets caught cheating?

Volkswagen have been caught with their pants down in the USA  for using a “Defeat Device”  to cheat the normal exhaust emission texts that take place in the EPA Laboratory’s.

Apparently all VW diesel engine cars since 2009 have been fitted with this software which can detect when the car is in the laboratory and adjust the engine management controls to minimise NOx outputs but turns the cheat off during normal on-road conditions to improve performance.

Totally immoral obviously and poses a number of questions.

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The Actor, the Journalist and The Prime Minister? #piggate

What do you make of this #piggate fiasco?

In case you missed there have been recent revelations that during his days at Oxford University and long before he was the UK Prime Minister,  David Cameron put his private parts in the mouth of a dead pig.

Apparently this was part of the initiation ceremony for joining the Gaveson club for posh prats,   and quelle surprise the PM may have indulged in drugs too.

Maybe he’s not as straight-laced as he appears nowadays.

The reason this has come to light is in the biography written by Lord Ashcroft a wealthy Tory peer and party contributor who alleges that he knows someone who knows the deed was done and may have photographic evidence.

I’m no fan of the Tory party,  I’m certainly not a fan of David Cameron,  but everyone deserves to be treated fairly and to allege such outrageous claims based on hearsay stinks.

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