Free Fallin’. #TomPetty

He’s gonna free fall

Out into nothing

Gonna leave this world

For a while

Now he’s free, free fallin’

Sad to hear of the sudden death of Tom Petty today. I can’t honestly say I was his biggest fan as he was a little before my time.

But good music lives forever, it’s melody and message touches people in ways they never expected.

Take me and the boys playing Free Fallin’, such a simple tune to play, repetitive but mesmerising.

It’s the kind of song that you get lost in and when you find your groove you never want to end and we’d play on well past any reasonable duration just because it feels good, looking at each other and knowing we’ve overdone it but don’t want to stop.

To create that magic so simply takes a special kind of talent.

Free, free fallin’.


Glasgow Memories – RainTown

I’ve got a love that I cling on to
And I’ll stay there til the end
Just you laugh
Cos you’re loaded
Things look different from there

My favourite Deacon Blue song,  happy memories of growing up in Glasgow in the 80s.

Christmas 1988 and I listened to that album RainTown on repeat sitting in my flat on my own while a few miles away a family party was in full swing.

Sometimes you just need to be alone.  Continue reading “Glasgow Memories – RainTown”

The Wild Wild Wood?


High tide,  mid-afternoon
People fly by in the traffic boom
Knowing just where you’re blowing
Getting to where you should be going

Last night,  Celtic made the Champions League Group Stages by the skin on their rinny-chin-chin.

After the 5-2 home win last week,  last night turned out to be a tense affair.

Essentially last weeks victory is a 2.5 goal win,  if our opponents had scored 2,  then we are through but if they had scored 3 to bring the tie to 5-5 on aggregate then Hapoel go through on the away goals rule.

I had the boys round last night,  wee practice session for an upcoming gig.

The football was on the telly,  but not-a-one of my fine church-going,  god-fearing friends showed the slightest interest until the game was nearly over.

Funny that.

Last night was our Cup Final,  most likely the biggest game of our season,  worth 30 million not including any extra money for points scored.

We played Wild Wood by Paul Weller as the game played in the background,  I’m glad it didn’t have my complete focus,  but with minutes to go,  we were all standing watching the tv and I’m certain that I was the only person praying that Hapoel didn’t score.

But we held on,  battled through 4 qualifying stages,  8 games in total, which is an absolute disgrace when this competition is called the Champions League and the 4th team in England, Spain and Germany get automatic entry.

The draw for the group stages is on Friday and I’m hoping to get one of the Madrid teams as I’ve never been and I’m due some holidays.

Celtic have found their way out of the wild wild wood.


Who’s the Campest Of Them All?

She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour  9 am
And I’m going to be high ….
As kite by then

I miss the Earth so much
I miss my wife …


Right Elton,  can I stop you right there … Naw .. I don’t miss my wife!

What are you singing about wifes for anyway? 🙂

I’ve always loved that song .. but somehow when it gets to that part I just can’t help myself.

My best pal as a kid was Jim,  his big brother Tommy was an Elton fan and beng a few years older he had money to buy albums when we didn’t,  it influences your thoughts in your formative years.

When I started working in the shipyards,  it was a rude awakening for this quiet wee guy from Govan.

That first week in the training school,   the “bigger” boys were all talking about the music they loved … Freddie Mercury of Queen was a favourite and they asked what I liked ..

“Elton John” .. I innocently replied.

“He’s a fucking poof” came the reply .. “you must be a poof too .. ”

If only they knew then that Freddie was the campest of them all.

Anyway .. Jim and Tommy and I are still good pals and after years of not seeing each other we now see each other every few months for our camping trips and  every few weeks for band practice … more so as we have a wee charity gig coming up soon .. and you can tell we need the practice!

Nothing quite like being on public display to make you raise your game.

Heres my version of Rocket Man.

Changing The Future For The Better?


A friend of mine was recently telling me about the depression he suffers,   how it is always there even when he puts a brave face on it.

I would never judge him,  how someone feels is how they feel .. they can’t help that, even if things are better than they percieve,   it’s a mind-set and difficult to break out of.

It’s too simple to say to someone that they need to look around and appreciate how lucky they are .. good home,  great job,  a decent regular income.

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Making Changes Sooner Than Later? 

Do you know that how your life turns out is really all down to you?

Good choices and bad choices at various stages all contribute to who and what we are today. 

I’m a big fan of education and hard work. 

Neither of these did anyone any harm and personally made a difference for me from working as an engineer in shipbuilding to designing systems for a bank   

This brought financial rewards,  but as I’m sure you know life isn’t all about work and money. 

In fact never be a slave to either of these fake gods. 

Spending too much time at work is to the detriment of your real life and time with friends and family. 

Similarly focusing on money causes people to lose perspective of what’s really important in life. 

A couple of people I know are caught in this trap,  they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.   

Their life’s are as shallow as this weeks fashion item or must-have gadget. 

Quite sad really. 

The only things we have that are really important is our love and our time and both should be spent wisely. 

My advice,  love people not things and spent time with people you love, who love you back and enhance your life.   

Don’t spent your valuable time with losers,  or people who drain the life out of you.  

What you learn with experience is even if it’s painful,  with hindsight the sooner you make the break the better and the less valuable time you waste on something that’s already fucked. 

That may be  a little idealistic,  as the problem is often that people in a damaging one-sided relationship are too close to see that it’s destructive and holding onto it is only hurting themselves further. 

It’s not necessarily even a love relationship, but any friendship which has became one-sided should be dropped. 

Why did I mention this?

I was with friends at the weekend,  a very one sided relationship,  were he has a great life and she sucks the life out of him and has become steadily worse over the years.  

After the weekends happening I’ve decided that I won’t be in her company again.    That means I won’t be inviting them for dinner at mine. Nothing. I don’t have wasters in my life,  not even by association. 

A bit harsh?

I dont think so.  Read on. 

Truth is I’ve never liked this person and always wondered what she brings to the relationship.  She doesn’t work,  smokes at least 30 a day, drinks heavily and is a walking medicine cabinet,  constantly depressed and moody,  making a scene of herself and adding nothing if any value to their relationship. 

Why would anyone want to hang around with someone like that?

Personally I think it’s a weakness not to have the balls to cut the garbage from your life. 

I’ve been there,  married to an alcoholic and stayed in the relationship longer than I should have for the sake of the children and hoping it would change. 

When somewhere deep down I knew that it wouldn’t.  That they would continue in their spiral of self destruction and drag me down with them until eventually I had to let go. 

That hurts,  divorce is a world of pain emotionally and financially. Even if you are the one who chooses it. 

But hindsight is a wonderful thing and the one thing I know for absolute certainty is the sooner you make the change the better. 

Get your life back,  get your time back and spend it with people who make you happy. 


Not long now til the new series of Game Of Thrones hits the screens. 

What was I saying about getting your life back?   Or death by BoxSet!  🙂