Oh No Not My Baby – COVID-19.


The old adage that if you play with fire,  you will get burned has always beeen true.

But never more apt than for our NHS and care workers on the front-line dealing with patients who have the virus.

My daughter Laura has been working on the front-line since people started being hospitalised with the symptoms in early March.

She texted me a few weeks ago to tell me that she had tested positive for the virus and sent me a copy of the positive test.

Obviously I called her immediately.

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You Win Again …

So it’s Election Day in the UK.

Who do you vote for?

There’s hardly an outstanding candidate is there?

Cameron?  The public face of the Tory party,  snivelling, lying,  telling us anything to stay in power.  Meanwhile covertly privatising the NHS which is unacceptable.

As a working class guy from shipbuilding,  now in banking and doing okay for myself,  kids at private school blah blah blah.

Some people have said,  I’m middle class but I’d rather cut my penis off than vote Tory.

Never forget your roots where this lot destroyed communities during the miners strike or sold of the national silver by privatising all that we as a nation owned such as BP, BT and the utility companies?

Where did that small fraction that was mine go?  I didn’t get my share to sell it off.

No, they sold it to their own,  now they charge us plenty for the privilege.


Clegg?  The liberals had some decent policies but blew it when they got into bed with the Tories.  No amount of backtracking by Clegg makes up for that.


Miliband – Well intentioned but just not charismatic and can he back up the pledges now carved in stone?

Labour list the last election because Gordon Brown was a good chancellor but not charismatic enough to be a leader.


Sturgeon – I’ve never liked her,  never liked the way she put her arguments across constantly nodding her head insisting she was right as if disagreement wasn’t allowed and not accepting a different opinion.

Add in the fact that I’ve never really trusted the SNP and their legacy of being Scottish Tories.

But it has to be said,  apart from that sexist “Woman’s Pledge” policy,  wee Nicola has been the outstanding debater of the campaign trail.
Green – A joke party who’s polices are idealistic but don’t work.

Their campaigning to get road lanes turned into cycle lanes has really pissed me off with there tailbacks all over the place.


UKIP – Lets not go there.

Okay let’s!

A racist party?

To be fair to them, I disagree with that argument.

I don’t think they care what colour or creed anyone is,  they just want to stop the country becoming overrun by migrants regardless of their origin.

But what other policies do they have?


Besides I can’t help feeling they are just Tories in disguise.
So who do I vote for?

A kick in the balls or a poke in the eye?

The choice of lesser evils?
It’s easy to say who I wouldn’t vote for but putting an X in a box means I lend my support,  which I don’t because I don’t believe in any of them.

Sad to hear about the death of Errol Flynn of Hot Chocolate yesterday,  I remember his music well as a kid with his white flares on Top Of The Pops.

My favourite of theirs …  You Win Again

Anyone but the Tories please!



Scotland’s Sickest City? — #NHS

My daughter Laura was working nightshift at her hospital Saturday night and last night.

Last night, Sunday, I had dinner ready for her before she left, but she wasn’t in the best of moods, so I asked why.

The reason was that the night before and last night of the 20 nursing staff that cover her ward, 6 were on holiday and 7 are on long term sick, siting reasons of stress.

That leaves 7 to cover her ward of 60 people over a 24 hour period on 12 hour shifts.

She wasn’t happy at the situation and as she hadn’t had a break or anything to eat the night before.

Now that my friends, whether you are a nurse or a patient is just unacceptable.

To further exacerbate the issue, the nursing sister who controls the staffing levels and can bring in agency staff to supply short term demand chose not to.

Not providing correct levels of patient care just isn’t acceptable on any basis.

But 7 people off ill with stress from 20 is far too high a statistic,  verging on abuse of their employment terms and  wonder how rife this is throughout the NHS.

I’m intending to raise a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request to get the necessary details.  While I was researching this I found that all NHS FOI requests are logged and disclosed to the public.

See the link below, lots of interesting reading there, for example which Dentists have made the most money from the NHS .. always open to abuse.


Or how about the following, showing the Pharmacies which dispensed the most NHS prescriptions in the past year.


I’m going to do a little further analysis of this data by postcode and we really will see Scotland’s sickest city.