Take That Glasgow!!

Right .. So …

At the risk of destroying all musical credibility …

Maybe it’s best if I just blurt this out and get it over with?

My names Michael and I’m a Take That fan ..,

And relax!!  🙂

Right,  I’m glad that I’ve got that out there ..

I wasn’t really a fan until I saw them last night,  but it has to be said these guys know how to put on a show.

As for the music ..  It would be hard not to admit that I knew every tune even if I didn’t know it was them!!

That’s apart from the ones I already play on piano ..  Ssssshhhhh!!!

Had a fantastic day out, arrived at the gig and had tickets for the golden circle.  We were  standing front and centre of the stage and inside the walkway which was full of dancers, acrobats, trapeze artists and all sorts of other circus shenanigans.

If was magical.

Then there was Gary Barlow too .. Screams!!!  🙂

Can I have my pants back now Gary!!



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Why does “Over The Rainbow” make me cry?

I’m sure that like me you have songs that make you cry.

Sometimes this is because of the lyrical content,  the emotion expressed,  the empathy that you feel for a situation that you’ve personally experienced.

Sometimes,  even although the lyrical content doesn’t have any particularly sad connotations,  you end up with a tear in your eye.

The song “Over The Rainbow” often referred to as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the Wizard OF Oz always has that effect on me.

It’s not exactly a sad song,  more about hope,  of being in a sad place and wanting to be somewhere better.

But it always makes me cry,  I dare say that’s why it’s often used at funerals,  it conveys the notion that our loved ones are going somewhere better.

But I’ve listened to it at home,  in a good mood and it really isn’t a sad song,  so I’ve wondered why it still puts a tear in my eye.

I’m sure that you have your songs like that too.

Here’s why I reckon that this song puts a tear in my eye regardless of the lyrical content.

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