Blind-Sided – 9 – Amber?

Ellen Barkin


What’s that about?

She picked you up in a club, let you drive her home,  you’ve gone through all the pretences and platitudes of politeness and probity, drinking tea and getting to know each other better.

When all the time you both known what you’re really here for.

She lets her suck her tits, in fact she enjoys you sucking her tits, but then just when you go for third base she says “Stop!”?

What is that all about?

No is no … Right?

Or is it?

Does NO sometimes mean ..

A – Not now?
B – Maybe later?
C – I’m not ready yet?
D – All of the above?

Does she need a little more foreplay before she is prepared to let you go any further?

Is it a physical thing or is it a moral good-girls-don’t kinda thing?

Does she need to be further aroused or morally encouraged?

Does it matter?

Should it?

Guys are programmed to push their luck, if they didn’t then we would all be drinking coffee and charting for hours and remain just good friends.

Someone has to make a move.

I generalise,  thats most of the time, but there are others.

Is this one of them?

All through ths evenings events she has led the way,  you’ve waited on her giving you clear green lights and you’ve proceeeded until a moment ago and the light has suddenly turned red.

Or is it amber?

Are you an amber-gambler or do you stop because its no longer safe to proceed?





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