#Amazon Echo Dot Review #AmazonEcho #EchoDot


Last week,  Amazon launched its new Echo and Echo Dot products in the UK.

The Echo is basically a voice activated control point for either streaming music or for controlling devices in a connected home.

The Echo ( £150) or Echo Dot ( $50) ,  basically do the same things.  They can get information from the internet such as weather or traffic reports, stream music from Amazon, Spotify or TuneIn and interact with the connected devices in your home.

The only difference between the devices is that the Echo has a better speaker    Which for me was unnecessary as my home is already wired for sound and the last thing I need is another stand-alone independent speaker.

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Wolf – 1 – Free!


It was just sex!

No really I swear to you, it meant absolutely nothing.

Well maybe a bit of ego scratching on my part but it was all just a bit of fun and I never meant to hurt anybody.

Yes I know I was married at the time, but you know all about that, I was frustrated and felt neglected, she was always tired and spent more time with the kids than me.

Because sex never happened, or when it did it was dull and functional rather than exciting.

So I took my desires elsewhere.

I honestly didn’t mean to hurt anyone or break up the marriage.

The videos?

They were just souvenirs, harmless bits of fun, for a bit of solo ego-scratching at a future date .. no harm done, it wasn’t as if I was going to broadcast them.

Yes I was wrong to take them secretly, well most of them, some of the girls were quite happy to perform in front of camera. Take Susie for example, she loves it, in fact she has copies of her own.


Of course Moira doesn’t know … what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you .. right?

I mean what’s the point in raking up old news now?

I’ve already said that I was wrong .. I accept that, I’ve already apologised, I don’t know why people are still making such a big fuss about it.

It wasn’t as if anyone was actually hurt.

Was it?

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Stepping Stones – Education, Investment, Careers, Family.


18 Months ago  I wrote the following about my son and his journey through education,  getting a 2:1 degree in Cell Biology from Glasgow University and his frustration at being unable to get a job and I could see that it was getting him down that all his efforts hadn’t produced a result but some of his friends who had chosen other paths were starting to make a decent living as police officers,  joiners, etc.

As his dad,  I was worried about him,  particularly as the 18-25 year age group is the highest suicide rate for males.   Possibly because at that point in their life they realise that it hasn’t quite turned out the way they expected or that it looks on tv.

So I funded him through his Masters degree at Strathclyde Business school and we were both delighted at the volume of jobs that were waiting for him as a result.


When he was given a few offers,   we talked them over and decided on a job in Edinburgh with less money than one in Glasgow but with better long term prospects.

Frankly the job at Barclays Bank in Glasgow might have paid a few grand more but it was a dead end,  mopping up and investigating claims but not using the business analysis skills that he learned in his masters.

So he started at a software company in Edinburgh on a lower salary of 20k and has been involved in the design,  analysis and testing of their products.  Becoming a project lead for some of their key products.

Ironically he has picked up some more technical skills like database design and SQL as part of his role.   I say ironic, as that kind of technology and IT bored him when he was younger and he wasn’t interested in learning them .. but now he sees their value,  not only in the work-place,  but also as a means to making a decent living.

After a year,  they had bumped him to 25k,   more than he would have had with Barclays.

Unfortunately 2 weeks ago,   RBS closed down their separation and sell-off of their brand Williams And Glyn as a separate business,  causing his company to lose a lot of work and he was given his redundancy notice.

As expected,  he was worried,   he stopped in at mine after work for a chat and a bit of advice and perspective.

I told him that he should view this as a stepping stone,  that he had been making progress,  that he was investing in himself,  learning to talk the talk and walk the walk and that he now had sellable skills and experience.

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Shadow Memories?

Shadow Memories?

How can I capture your beauty and energy in a photograph. 
It’s a flat, lifeless, 2d representation of your 3D perfection.

There’s no twinkle in your eyes 

No spring in your step. 

No magic when you sing or dance. 

Its merely a shadow of who you are. 

But I hold it and think of you. 

Because your shadow is the only part of you that remains. 

That and my memories. 

Boak!! 🙂

Who writes shit like that? 

Actually,  it was sent to me by a girl I used to know after the relationship ended. 

I’d already deleted her texts, emails, Facebook posts and blocked her. 

Then I receive that by text from her other number. 

We had only had 2 dates FFS!  🙂

Bet she sends that to everyone!


Role Reversal?


One day around this time of year,   only 20 years ago I was helping my son to his first day at school.     He had just turned 5 and couldn’t tie his laces yet.

So we bought him shoes with Velcro fasteners as recommended by the school.

The last thing they want to do is spend time with pupils teaching them how to do stupid things like tie their laces.   That would be individual tuition and detrimental to the group so they say.

This is diametrically opposite to the fact that they have to accept and include all sorts these days,   disabled kids,  kids with personality disorders.

Are they not more detrimental to the group as a whole?

Yet they are foisted upon our kids,    the former necessitating more than their share of the teachers attention,  the latter creating disruption at every opportunity,  mostly because they don’t want to be there and aren’t getting what they want.

These days it’s all about inclusion.


“An inclusive approach reflects a move away from a deficit model which focuses on aspects of the learner as the problem, where the learner is viewed as deficient in some way. A deficit model also pays inadequate attention to factors such as social expectations, or aspects of the education system or learning environment that could be changed to enable diverse learners to participate and learn. Also, categorising an individual or a group by a single or a few characteristics may be misleading and doesn’t recognise the whole person.”

Don’t you hate that shit?

Well maybe you don’t .. in that case you are most likely a bit of a hopeless case and incapable of functioning at a high level,   where rewards are based on merit and the best excel.

A bit strong .. maybe? … Honest .. totally.

Why should my kids education suffer because someone else kids aren’t as capable?

Shouldn’t less fortunate kids with physical or mental issues be educated separately to the level they can achieve and allow the majority of kids to receive their education as expected rather than splitting the available resources on a bunch of no-hopers?

Not exactly PC .. huh?

Well fuck off if you don’t like it,   but I’m fed up including everyone,  thats not how life works.

The fact is  this small nation that we live in doesn’t have the resources to include everyone and lines need to be drawn.

I’m sick of listening to Nicola Sturgeon and her like telling us about social inclusion,  yet the reality is Scotland does not have the money to pay for this and the social systems will collapse if we leave the UK.

Seems to me that allowing everyone a vote,  has given the mediocre more of a voice than they should have and the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Anyway .. I digress from my original subject ..

My son is well out of school and university and has started a career in IT ,  even my youngest daughter is now at university and on her career path.

The point of this story was that at lunchtime,  I was out buying shoes for my dad,   81 years young and still out and about every day.

But he had the stroke 10 years ago and can’t bend down to tie his laces,   but he can just about manage Velcro fasteners.

There’s a certain irony of being at the level where you can’t tie your laces,  where the roles are reversed from father to son.

That’s my definition of middle age,  when your kids are grown up and no longer need you, but your parents are on the decline and need you more than ever.










Train Stories – Basic Instincts?

She’s a very attractive woman.

Particularly when you look past her subtle make-up and realise what age she is.

I’d guess that she’s late 40s, her long dark hair tied back showing her pretty features although the lines under her eyes give the game away.

She’s dressed to thrill, classic rather than trendy. Her dress reminds me of the one that Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman, only this has black polka-dots and is fitted rather than flouncy and accentuates her shapely figure.

She sits with her legs crossed, the increased tension and her recent fake-tan, emphasises the muscle tone in her legs.

Those are great legs.

She is directly opposite me ten feet away with the entrance foyer between us.

We are both sitting on the aisle side of a bank of three seats and as the train is relatively quiet we have an unencumbered view of each other and it’s difficult not to get caught looking never mind making eye contact.

Occasionally our eyes meet as we both look up and forward at the same time then just as quickly we look away.

I mean, we are on a train, what’s going to happen?

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